5 Best Telemedicine Apps

Best Telemedicine Apps – Overview

Telemedicine is a technique to contact doctors, psychiatrists, and nurses online using your phone or computer. These apps usually schedule appointments for health care services through video calls. Some apps also allow other features like email support, online chat messaging, and telephone calls.

The telemedicine industry is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to recent technological innovations, especially video-calling and conferencing.

These apps have proven incredibly efficient and effective in helping patients receive non-emergency medical and health care from the comfort of their homes.

Telemedicine can serve as both an alternative and a supplementary service to conventional healthcare, offering remote primary care and specialist consultations. People usually use telemedicine apps to:

  • Consult with a doctor and determine if they need a scheduled appointment
  • Renew or request certain medicinal prescriptions
  • Evaluate and treat minor health problems
  • Access therapy and other mental health care services

In this article, we have chosen the top telemedicine apps based on price, accessibility, ease of use, customer reviews and ratings.

5 Best Telemedicine Apps

Best Telemedicine Apps

5 Best Telemedicine Apps


MDLIVE is an insurance-friendly telemedicine app. Depending on your insurance coverage, you can access urgent care appointments for just $82, psychiatry appointments for around $284 and dermatology appointments for just $95.

The MDLIVE app lets you connect with pediatric and adult healthcare providers and receive behavioral therapy services, including psychiatry, whenever needed.

This telemedicine app offers easy, fast and convenient access to healthcare services for non-emergency issues, especially when your primary care physician is unavailable.

You can download MDLIVE for iOS phones.

Android users can download MDLIVE for their smartphones.

2 – Lemonaid

Lemonaid offers telehealth services in addition to its mail-order pharmacy, providing consultations with healthcare professionals for various conditions. It is not connected with your insurance coverage. Still, if you’d like to use your insurance benefits, you can confirm with your insurance provider and request Lemonaid to send your prescription to the local drug store.

This telemedicine app offers a simple way to get diagnosed and receive treatment. You only need to pay around $25 for a doctor’s consultation fee and access fast and free delivery of prescription medicine from the Lemonaid Pharmacy.

You need to select a service, answer a few basic questions related to your health, and pay the fee. Once you do this, you will receive a doctor’s review within 24 hours. In some states, you may need to attend a short video consultation with the doctor.

You can request that your prescription be sent to your local pharmacy or delivered directly to your doorstep. Lemonaid doctors are trained to prescribe medications for depression, birth control, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.

You can download the Lemonaid telemedicine app from this link if you are an Android user.

3 – LiveHealth

LiveHealth is another insurance-friendly telemedicine app on our list. You can even use this app without insurance coverage. If you don’t have health insurance, you can request low-priced health care services.

For instance, you can use LiveHealth to schedule an appointment with a doctor for around $59, pay $175 for an initial psychiatry appointment and pay only $75 for follow-ups.

LiveHealth Online provides access to board-certified doctors, therapists, and other healthcare professionals for virtual consultations. You only need to sign up, log in, and choose the type of doctor you need without making an appointment.

You can talk to a doctor using LiveHealth round-the-clock and choose whether to connect with the doctor using a private and secure video call for 10 minutes or less.

Using this telemedicine app, you can access multiple healthcare services, including lactation consultants, licensed therapists, registered dieticians, and others.

iOS users can download the LiveHealth telemedicine app directly from the Apple Store.

Android users can download the LiveHealth telemedicine app.

4 – PlushCare

PlushCare is noted for its comprehensive telemedicine services, offering access to primary care and mental health professionals. This is another insurance-friendly app that works with multiple major insurance carriers, including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Health Care PPO Plans.

Regardless, the app also works if you don’t have insurance coverage. For instance, you can use the PlushCare telemedicine app to book appointments for just US$119, plus a US$ 14.99 monthly charge, or you can pay US$ 99 to become a member for a year. Follow-up visits for non-members require paying US$ 59 every time.

PlushCare is designed to provide prescriptions and treatments for various non-emergency health care needs. You can choose an appointment time, add insurance information, and connect to the doctor or therapist as simply and efficiently as possible.

You can download the PlushCare telemedicine app for iOS devices.

If you are an Android user, you can download the PlushCare telemedicine app.

5 – Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is another top telemedicine app. This telemedicine app is compatible with most insurance carriers, but your exact service cost will depend on the plan.

However, if you don’t have insurance coverage, you will have to pay around US$ 75 for a medical consultation and around US$ 129 for a 25-minute mental health consultation.

Besides this, a 50-minute consultation with a psychologist is available for US$ 179, an initial psychiatry evaluation for US$ 299, and follow-up psychiatry appointments for US$ 129 only.

If you are an iOS user, you can download the Doctor on Demand telemedicine app.

For Android users, here is the download for the Doctor on Demand telemedicine app.


The best telemedicine apps are MDLIVE, Lemonaid, LiveHealth, PlushCare, and Doctor on Demand. These apps are selected over others owing to their efficiency and convenience.

Before using any telemedicine app, it is important to verify with your insurance provider to determine coverage for telemedicine services.

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