Top 5 Medical Apps for Doctors

Top Medical Apps for Doctors

Advances in communication technology have enhanced the efficiency and organization of healthcare services, though many healthcare settings still utilize patient charts and hard-copy records alongside digital solutions.

With comprehensive digitalization and remote communication, doctors can diagnose and treat patients remotely, but rehabilitation often requires some level of personal interaction.

Numerous medical apps have been launched for doctors ever since smartphones became popular.

Why Doctors Use Medical Apps

Increasing numbers of doctors and healthcare providers are turning to mobile apps to provide diagnostic and treatment services to patients.

The major reasons why doctors are increasingly choosing smartphone apps over conventional treatment techniques are:

  • Constant connectivity – Mobile apps provide doctors with the ability to connect and communicate with patients constantly.
  • Data Security – While many medical apps offer enhanced security features, the level of security can vary.
  • Compatibility – Numerous smartphone apps are available that can sync with advanced medical instruments which makes it extremely convenient for doctors to check the patient’s vital stats.
  • GPS – Some mobile health apps may use GPS features to help coordinate care for patients in emergency situations.
  • Quicker response – Most medical apps allow doctors to communicate promptly with patients using text or voice and video calls. This allows doctors to make an even more accurate diagnosis and thus ensure prompt and proper treatment for the patient on the other end.

Best Medical Apps for Doctors

Here’s our selection of the best medical apps for doctors:

1 – Epocrates

Epocrates is a clinical decision support tool (CDST). It can be used on a subscription basis and includes numerous useful features that make it an all-around mobile healthcare app.

Doctors can use this medical app on several internet-powered devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablet phones.

Highlighting Features of Epocrates

  • The app contains the latest medical innovations and a large variety of well-researched discoveries and verified sources.
  • The app is designed to work offline, so doctors can access important patient files without an internet connection.
  • The app included Athena Text, which lets doctors communicate with other doctors using Epocrates.
  • The app has numerous features, such as a Symptom Checker, Clinical Guidelines, Disease Database, Drug References, Medication Database, and Medicine-Specific Calculator.
  • The free version of Epocrates offers limited features; more advanced features require a subscription.
  • The paid Epocrates version, Essentials, includes advanced features, such as ICD-9, ICD-10, Lab References, Alternate Meds, etc.
  • Epocrates has over 1 million subscribers worldwide.

2 – VisualDX

Doctors don’t need to remember every symptom of every disease and disorder. With VisualDX, doctors can now use images of patients to perform a prompt and accurate diagnosis of any medical care.

VisualDX can be downloaded and used on iOS and Android-powered devices, including laptops, desktops, and smartphones. It aims to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Highlighting Features of VisualDX

  • App library stores and showcases over 32,000 digital images with variations of diseases.
  • Incredibly vast image database showing patient images in different categories, including age, skin type, by disease, etc.
  • Special sections for specific areas, such as nose, mouth, nails, hair, genitals, etc.
  • The app covers various specialties, such as pathology, dermatology, emergency medicine, radiology, infectious disease, oral medicine, ophthalmology, etc.

3 – Doximity

The makers of Epocrates have created Doximity. This healthcare app for doctors offers a private networking platform for doctors and surgeons. This free app can be downloaded and used on iOS, Android, and web-powered devices.

This app helps streamline and efficient communication between doctors and surgeons working on a common cause.

Doximity is a potent tool for doctors and surgeons to stay connected when working on patient care from different settings.

Highlighting Features of Doximity

  • The app allows searching for doctors based on specialty, clinical interests, locations, language, experience, publication, or hospital affiliation.
  • Users can create and edit their profiles for accurate information in the database.
  • Doctors can send secure faxes and encrypted texts related to medical issues that are on par with HIPAA regulations.
  • The app brings you closer to hospital employers, compares salaries, and finds new jobs in your field of expertise.


PEPID is a decision support and clinical reference app that helps doctors make accurate diagnoses and treat patients efficiently and effectively from a remote location. It is available for use worldwide and includes an offline mode for access without internet connectivity.

Highlighting Features of PEPID

  • App gives doctors access to descriptions and information for over 3,000 clinical conditions and disease profiles.
  • App provides high-definition radiographic images, medicine pill pictures, and detailed descriptive illustrations.
  • The app contains an enormous drug database.
  • It is easy to use and works when you enter a patient’s symptoms, lab results, and physical exam report. The app produces an accurate patient diagnosis.

5 – Case

The case offers doctors the best solution for staying current with the latest innovations in medicine, research, and discoveries.

However, doctors struggle to cope due to enormous work pressure and tight schedules. With Case, doctors have a mobile medical journal in their pockets.

Highlighting Features of Case

  • The app scans multiple medical journals worldwide to provide users with the latest reports on diseases, medicines, and preventive measures.
  • The app regularly publishes content for over 80 specialties.
  • The app suggests content based on your browsing history and your preferences.
  • The app offers article abstracts in more than 100 languages.


These are the top medical apps for doctors as they have incredibly efficiency-enhancing and highly useful features for physicians and surgeons alike.

Feel free to comment below and let us know which of the above-listed mobile apps for doctors proved the most effective and useful for you.

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