Ranking the Best Apps for Resident Physicians

Best Apps for Resident Physicians

Thanks to smartphones’ ubiquitous nature, you can find an app for everything today. Most professional industries are increasingly relying on apps for social media networking and helpful tools.

The medical sector is one of the foremost in adapting to new technologies. Hence, there is a wide scope and benefit of apps for professionals in the healthcare sector.

Apps for resident physicians assist in three main ways. Firstly, they help enhance efficiency. Secondly, these apps are incredibly accurate regarding definitions, theories, and solutions.

Besides this, medical apps for resident physicians are also very convenient.

Best Apps for Resident Physicians

With these factors in mind, we have created a list of the best apps for resident physicians :

Best Apps for Resident Physicians

Best Apps for Resident Physicians

1 – Medscape

Medscape is a diverse medical reference app. It allows doctors to stay updated with the latest medical innovations and discoveries. This app has a vast storage of news, medical calculators, and drug details and helps to continue medical education.

Medscape provides a comprehensive suite of features, including medical news, drug information and tools, clinical case quizzes, and CME/CE activities, making it a versatile app for healthcare professionals:

  • News about relevant medical topics
  • Quick access to safety, prescription information and the latest medical guidelines for more than 8,000 medicinal drugs
  • Visual identification of medical pills
  • Results of mixing two different drugs
  • Over 600 dosing calculators
  • Access to the database with over 4,000 medical conditions and disorders with clear illustrations
  • Educational images, directives and videos on over 1,000 medical procedures
  • Formulary details

To download this top app for resident physicians, you can simply click on this link https://www.medscape.com/public/medscapeapp.

2 – Kareo

Kareo is another top app for resident physicians. It is a cloud-based EHR (Electronic Health Record) app. It is compatible with iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads.

This app provides numerous types of services that are essential for resident physicians to perform their duties. The app offers an extensive billing feature, a Smart Workflow feature, etc.

Some of the top features of Kareo include:

  • Electronic health records
  • Telehealth solutions
  • Adding and editing appointments
  • Practice management
  • Viewing patient history
  • Capturing, uploading and annotating documents live
  • Streamline administrative tasks and patient care for healthcare providers
  • Prescribing medications and lab tests
  • Keep track of billing and invoices

If you want to download Kareo, you can simply click this link https://www.kareo.com/mobile.

3 – Epocrates

Epocrates is one of the oldest yet popular apps, with millions of downloads. Epocrates is widely used by healthcare professionals for drug reference.

This is a reliable, time-saving tool that helps resident physicians to make the best clinical decisions. You can use this app to connect with fellow doctors through text using the athenaText feature. This is incredibly useful for consultation and referrals.

Some of the top features that make Epocrates one of the best apps for resident physicians include:

  • Information regarding prescription
  • OTC medicine details
  • Information on herbals and other supplements
  • Interaction/reaction of nearly 30 drugs at a time
  • Patient measurement calculator
  • Insurance coverage verification for prescription medicine

If you think Epocrates would suit your needs as a resident physician, you can download the app by clicking on this link https://www.epocrates.com/.

4 – UpToDate

UpToDate is another top app for resident physicians. This app gives easier access to a vast database of updated medical information. You can browse over 8,500 different medical topics and swiftly retrieve your recently viewed information.

UpToDate content is reviewed and updated by thousands of physician authors and peer reviewers, ensuring the information is current. This app is considered one of the best tools to make sound and effective medical decisions.

Let’s check out a few of the highlighting features of the UpToDate app:

  • Latest medical news alerts
  • Notifications for the latest information regarding recently-viewed topics
  • Updates anticipated changes in medical practice and offered specific recommendations
  • Search through medical details in multiple languages
  • Access to over 10,000 graphics
  • Medical calculators
  • Checks drug interactions

To download and install UpToDate, you can simply click on this link https://www.wolterskluwer.com/en/

5 – DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus is a medical reference app that provides updated, evidence-based information to help resident physicians make the best clinical decisions. It offers precise and direct content and lets you search for answers quickly.

Medical and healthcare experts review and update this app multiple times daily. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Some of the highlighting features that rank DynaMed Plus on our list of the best apps for resident physicians include:

  • Evidence-based clinical information
  • Easy navigation and quick search
  • Crystal-clear search feature
  • Offline access
  • Access to drug information from Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite
  • Create notes
  • Bookmark favorite articles and news
  • Send emails
  • Support healthcare professionals in clinical decision-making

To download and use the DynaMed Plus app, you can simply click the link https://www.dynamed.com/about/anytime-anywhere-access/.

6 – Lexicomp

Lexicomp provides drug information and clinical content for healthcare professionals, including detailed drug monographs, interaction checkers, and various medical calculators. This app lets you access a vast array of medical information easily. It contains an enormous library of references and information on oral diseases, infectious diseases, and toxicology.

The app also helps you retrieve prescription drug information and drug interactions. The app also has a vast medical dictionary and several medical calculators.

This app is designed for use with Android and iOS devices.

To download and use this app, you can simply click on this link https://www.wolterskluwer.com/en/solutions/

7 – Omnio

Omnio offers clinical reference information and tools for healthcare professionals, including drug guides, disease information, and medical calculators designed to support clinical decision-making. This app is the more advanced version of Skyscape, one of the earliest medical apps ever developed.

Using Omnio, you can retrieve and edit information. This app acts as one of the best and most handy medical resources.

Some of the highlighting features that get Omnio ranked on our list include:

  • Reviewing the Merck Manual
  • Accessing information from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, etc
  • Checking symptoms
  • Identifying pills
  • Determining drug dosage
  • Searching for prescription medication

To download Omnio, interested users should search for the app in their device’s app store.


These are the seven best apps for resident physicians to use. These apps provide a convenient, accurate and efficient way to identify symptoms, prescribe medications, check the dosage and do a host of other medical activities.

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Let’s hope that one or more of these apps will help alleviate the stress of your residency and make you an expert physician.

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