6 Best Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Best Apps for Healthcare Professionals Best Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Apps for Healthcare Professionals

The prevalence of smartphones in the medical industry has resulted in the Play Store getting a “Medical” category.

This is a clear indicator of how Android smartphones have become more than just day-to-day communication devices.

If you are a healthcare professional who wishes to stay a step ahead in efficiency then you need to get apps for healthcare workers.

Best Apps for Healthcare Professionals to Use in 2021

best apps for healthcare professionals to use in 2021

best apps for healthcare professionals to use in 2021

1 – Medscape

Medscape ranks first on our list of the best apps for healthcare professionals in 2021.

The app has an enormous database that is filled with over 7,000 drug references, more than 3,500 disease clinical references and over 2,500 clinical images, procedure videos, a strong drug interaction checker tool, CME activities and much more.

Medscape is considered to be the best drug reference app worldwide as it is practically a handbook packed with approved protocols for disease pathologies. This makes the app incredibly useful for a quick reference and refreshes your medical knowledge instantly.

Medscape is also called a Pocket Medicine Red Book as it offers accurate pathologies. Besides this, Medscape also contains a vast library of updated instructional procedure videos and images.

Medscape is highly recommended if you are a healthcare professional or a medical student.

2 – Epocrates

Epocrates ranks second on our list of the best apps for healthcare professionals in 2021. This app comes in a free version and has become the staple drug reference app for healthcare professionals worldwide.

This useful app is extremely easy to use and contains incredibly helpful features, such as different medical calculators, pill identifiers, and extensive drug interaction checker tools. Recently, the Epocrates Premium version was launched on the Play Store for Android users.

You can download and use Epocrates if you have a smartphone with Android 1.5 or later. This medical app is highly recommended for healthcare professionals.

3 – Evernote

Evernote is an impressive organizational tool that can be adapted for use by medical professionals and students alike.

This is one of the few handfuls of quality PDF organization apps on the Play Store and is even better than most of the paid organizational app on the Android market.

Using Evernote, you can access and read PDF documents, such as lab reports, diagnosis, medical history, etc. of patients while on the go.

Evernote also contains several other useful features, such as image capturing and notes to record uncommon disease pathology you may witness while practicing, all for a quick reference in the future.

Evernote mobile app is highly recommended for use by healthcare professionals who need to streamline PDF collection and capture uncommon pathology for future reference or further study and evaluation.

4 – Skyscape

Skyscape is another excellent app for healthcare workers. This is one of the best quality all-in-one apps available on the Android market.

This app provides healthcare professionals and medical students to access a huge repository of medical calculators (such as Archimedes), get regularly updated alerts for medical news, choose from several practice guidelines, receive paid textbooks (like Netter’s), have reliable drug references (with RxDrugs) and get disease monographs.

If you have an older version of the Android operating system on your smartphone and are unable to download and use other medical apps, such as Epocrates or Medscape, then Skyscape is the best solution for you.

5 – Medpage Today

Medpage Today is a simple yet comprehensive app that is designed to deliver the latest medical news and updates to your smartphone.

You can choose the specific fields and specializations from which you would like to receive news updates and articles.

This app has been designed in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine which makes it an incredibly legit and reliable medical app today.

Besides providing you with the latest medical news and articles, the Medpage Today app also presents CME activities in text, audio, or video form.

Once you specify your preferences and interests, the app will deliver you the latest medical news under the “My News” tab.

This app has a simplistic and easy-to-use design which makes it rank high on our list of the best apps for healthcare workers in 2021.

6 – Calculate (QxMD)

Calculate, from QxMD ranks high on our list of the best medical apps for healthcare professionals for its incredible aesthetic appeal and easy-to-use interface.

This app has a huge collection of varied medical calculators and is useful for healthcare practitioners and medical students alike.

Every calculator in this app has several different screens through which it progresses and often poses a question to the user to decide the value or score of interest. On the other hand, other medical calculator apps only have a single screen for several input fields.

You may need to tap more frequently on your mobile screen when using Calculate but it works towards enhancing your learning experience without slowing down your pace of progress.


This is our list of the top medical apps for healthcare professionals in 2021. We have chosen these apps for their incredible ease of use as well as a variety of functions and efficiency.

Feel free to drop in a comment to let us know which of the above-listed medical apps worked best for you.

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