5 Physician Wellness Grants

Physician Wellness Grants

Physician wellness grants are offered for their well-being. The aim is to keep physicians healthy in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Physician wellness and health are critical to the long-term sustainability of the physician workforce and the health system.

However, it has been found that burnout and stress are escalating issues within the physician community.

Physician burnout can significantly affect health care access, quality, and cost in the United States.

Physician wellness grants focus on combating the primary drivers of burnout and improving physicians’ health by researching the best redesigning systems and practice environments.

Physician Wellness Grants – Overview

Physician wellness involves optimizing aspects that affect physicians’ psychological, physical, and social health.

It also refers to the prevention or treatment of chronic or acute diseases experienced by physicians resulting from occupational stress, work hazards, and burnout.

While physicians tend to adopt healthy habits, they are exposed to various stressful experiences and work injuries. The medical profession needs to identify and revise the practices and policies that have protective effects.

Besides, physicians have family obligations and may experience illness outside their professional lives, which must also be considered.

Physicians often delay their treatments because of confidentiality, as they are sensitive to external health expectations.

Therefore, they must be assured that, like any other patient, they should have the same right to confidentiality. The health care system should provide special arrangements for the care of physician-patients.

The evidence also says the physician’s well-being could positively impact patient care.

Therefore, physicians should have access to prevention, early assistance, and intervention to enhance and improve their overall health.

Physician Wellness Grants – Promoting Well-Being and Resilience

Several grants are available addressing the widespread burnout and professional dissatisfaction among physicians.

1. The Physicians Foundation

The Physicians Foundation is a leading grant funding source for physician wellness. The foundation launched various initiatives to protect the health and well-being of physicians.

Some of the organizations the Foundation has collaborated with:

  • Milbank Memorial Fund
  • The Health Initiative
  • American Medical Women’s Association
  • Connecticut State Medical Society
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital

This program explores actionable solutions to prevent physician burnout and promote well-being.

Besides this, the Foundation also launched Vital Signs. This campaign helps to raise greater awareness about the physician suicide epidemic and provides physicians with the required tools that can assist with their well-being.

Apart from this, to support physician well-being efforts across the United States, the foundation awards grants to medical societies, foundations, associations, health systems and research institutes.

American Academy of Pediatrics proposes to build on Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership (WEL) to improve the landscape for female physicians.

The grants are offered to support WEL graduates’ efforts in discussing successes and problems in solving barriers.

For more information, visit https://physiciansfoundation.org/grants/

2. Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association (POMA)

The POMA’s Committee on Physician Wellness encourages osteopathic family mental health/well-being through the POMA Foundation.

The grants are awarded to sponsor wellness events that promote and preserve the osteopathic tenets of mind, body, and spirit.

3. American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation

The AMA’s physician wellness program includes:

  1. Discussions and mentoring sessions
  2. Resources to identify and manage physician burnout
  3. Job satisfaction survey and reporting
  4. Practical and evidence-based solutions to improve physical health and happiness.

For more information, visit https://www.ama-assn.org/member-benefits/practice-benefits-discounts

4. United Health Foundation

The United Health Foundation offers grants to support healthcare improvements, including physician wellness.

These grants aim to identify causes of physician burnout and develop solutions to improve physician well-being, including operational improvements and change management tactics.

The AAFP will support physician participants through the physician wellness training program.

To learn more, visit https://www.aafpfoundation.org/grants-awards.html

5. NORCAL Group Foundation

The NORCAL Group Foundation grants funding awards to improve healthcare through health education, patient safety, patient care, and physician wellness.


Many physicians experience challenging times, with significant percentages reporting feelings of burnout.

Burnout has serious consequences for physicians, including decreased patient satisfaction, medical errors, loss of professionalism, depression and even suicidal attempts.

Physician wellness grants enable the development of reliable and valid wellness measures through effective programs.

The efforts are made to improve their professional fulfillment and reduce barriers to practicing a healthy lifestyle.

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