ARVO Foundation for Eye Research

ARVO Foundation for Eye Research – Overview

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) is an international community of researchers. ARVO is dedicated to promoting ophthalmology and other vision-related topics.

By 2019, the foundation had over 12,000 members spread across 75 countries globally.

The Association for Research in Ophthalmology, which later became ARVO, was established in 1928, but ARVO Foundation for Eye Research as a separate entity was established in 2001

However, the foundation was renamed as Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) in May 1970, once it started working on a broader scale.

The foundation is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.

ARVO publishes journals such as Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science and Journal of Vision, but the publishing responsibilities and affiliations of each journal should be verified directly with ARVO for accuracy.

ARVO Foundation for Eye Research

More recently, the ARVO Foundation for Eye Research was established in 2001. This non-profit charitable organization is aimed at funding novel research efforts.

It is committed to promoting the education and research initiatives of ARVO.

The mission of the foundation is to serve as a global leader for innovation, development and collaboration in the field of vision research.

The ARVO Foundation works to raise grants for several different purposes.

It holds enormous fundraising events to accumulate funds from generous ARVO members. The foundation aims to support the next generation of vision and eye researchers.

The ARVO Foundation supports scientists from all over the world who are working on sight-saving research. These include initiatives and programs such as:

#1. Leadership and career development opportunities

#2. Education and outreach

#3. Travel grants and fellowships

#4. Global collaboration

#5. Research awards and research grants

ARVO Foundation for Eye Research Grants and Fellowships

ARVO Foundation for Eye Research

ARVO Foundation for Eye Research – ARVO Foundation for Eye Research Grants and Fellowships

Here are some of the top research grants and fellowships awarded by the ARVO Foundation for Eye Research to eligible members throughout the year:

Developing Country Eye Researcher Travel Fellowship Program

The DCERF (Developing Country Eye Research Fellowship) program invites aspiring scientists from developing countries to the ARVO Annual Meeting.

The program aims to offer young researchers access to the latest development in vision science.

At the same time, the foundation also offers researchers the opportunity to network with colleagues, thought leaders and mentors. This way, the researcher can develop an efficient vision research program in their own countries.

Every recipient is assigned to an experienced ARVO member who serves as their mentor during and after the ARVO Annual Meeting.

ARVO Foundation Travel Grants

There are several different travel grants offered by the ARVO Foundation for Eye Research. The foundation awarded its first travel grant all the way back in 2002.

Till 2021, the Foundation has helped more than 2,000 young and aspiring researchers with travel expenses from around the world to report their efforts and achievements at the ARVO Annual Meeting.

Currently, the Foundation offers 34 named travel grants that help more than 185 researchers every year.

Some of the most popular ARVO Foundation Travel Grants include:

#1. American Macular Degeneration Foundation Travel Grants – Two awards are given annually to a US researcher working on macular degeneration.

#2. Elizabeth Anderson Travel Grants – In memory of Elizabeth Anderson, who was passionate about helping young researchers, these grants are awarded to researchers whose presentation has been accepted by ARVO in the areas of macular and retinal degeneration.

#3. Joanne G. Angle Travel Grant – This grant is offered in the memory of Joanne G. Angle, who was the executive director of the Foundation for 22 years.

Two travel grants are awarded under this, with one grant for US researchers while the second grant for researchers from a developing country.

ARVO/ALCON Early Career Clinician-Scientist Research Awards

The ARVO/ALCON Early Career Clinician-Scientist Research Awards support researchers towards a career as a clinician-scientist.

These awards are presented every year for the excellent presentation of research in vision care at the ARVO Annual Meeting.

Under this program, the awardee receives US$ 3,000, invitations to special events at the ARVO Annual Meeting and an inscribed award.


The ARVO Foundation for Eye Research is an America-based non-profit organization that is focused on promoting research and development in vision care.

The foundation awards numerous grants and fellowships that boost vision and eye research and development not only in the United States but in several developing countries all over the world.

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