Jobs for Ophthalmologists

Jobs for Ophthalmologists – Overview

As a certified ophthalmologist, you have the qualifications to work in clinical settings treating vision and eye problems, among other career paths. However, if you are looking for alternate job choices, then you have many.

There are numerous clinical job opportunities for ophthalmologists. Many graduating ophthalmologists choose to work in patient care, though preferences vary widely.

Still, there are several exciting alternate career paths that you can apply for, as a certified ophthalmologist.

In this article, we’ve listed the alternate jobs for ophthalmologists in the US.

Top 7 Alternate Jobs for Ophthalmologists

Jobs for Ophthalmologist

Jobs for Ophthalmologists – Top Alternate Jobs for Ophthalmologists

Here is a list of alternate job opportunities for certified ophthalmologists:

1 – Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration includes managing public health systems. These systems usually include healthcare professionals, healthcare centers and hospitals.

It also includes dealing with the inner workings of healthcare institutions in the healthcare delivery department.

Efficiency in healthcare administration can benefit from experience in healthcare management but is not limited to those with hospital or clinic management experience.

Having leadership experience in healthcare settings, including VA facilities, can be beneficial for a career in healthcare administration.

Apart from this, having experience in handling the business aspects of healthcare services, such as accounting and finance, is a great advantage.

2 – Freelance writer

Today, online resources, such as blogs, publications and academic journals, are extremely popular. If you are a passionate writer, then this is another great alternative job for an ophthalmologist.

If you can establish yourself in a particular niche, then it could result in a long, fruitful career as an expert freelance writer on that subject.

Building credibility as a freelance writer can stem from demonstrating expertise in your niche. Knowledge and experience in social media marketing is another added advantage for a career as a freelance medical writer.

3 – Practice management consultant

Practice management consultants use their knowledge and expertise to build and operate successful private practices.

This way, you can help budding practitioners flourish and achieve their individual medical practice goals.

Practice management consultants assist in understanding the business aspects of medical practice. This may include advising on billing, staffing, training, health insurance, layout, marketing strategies, etc.

4 – Medical science liaison

As a medical science liaison, you may often have to work for large companies. Medical science liaisons act as intermediaries between their employing companies and healthcare professionals.

They work to create and maintain relationships with other companies and individuals within the medical industry.

For this, it helps if you have advanced academic and clinical training and experience.

A passion for speaking and strong communication skills are also required to become a successful medical science liaison.

5 – CE Lecturer

Continuing education (CE) is a huge and popular industry today and works mainly towards license renewal for healthcare professionals.

If you are passionate about teaching and able to give presentations for academic lessons, then you may be eligible for this job.

You should also have significant expertise in a specific medical field to gain credibility in the industry.

Becoming a CE lecturer involves meeting accreditation requirements relevant to the specific educational field and topic.

6 – Pharmaceutical consultant

A pharmaceutical consultant should have years of clinical experience. There are marketing and research opportunities for jobs as pharma consultants.

You can become one if you are interested in representing pharmaceutical products and attesting to their success.

A major responsibility of pharma consultants includes educating colleagues and speaking on behalf of the pharmaceutical company they work for.

Pharmaceutical consultants benefit from experience in clinical trials, research, and an understanding of drug development processes, which may include advanced degrees in relevant sciences.

7 – Recruiter

Suppose you have in-depth knowledge of recognizing skill and talent, with the ability to find the right candidate. In that case, you can work as a recruiter for placement companies or healthcare centers.

Your work responsibility will normally include interviewing potential candidates and shortlisting them before identifying the best-suited candidates for a clinical job.

Apart from this, you may also have to educate successfully selected candidates on how to succeed in their particular job positions.


If you are tired of a clinical job and looking for an alternate career with your optometry or ophthalmology degree, then you can apply for any of the above-given career opportunities.

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