Best Nursing Schools in North Carolina

Best Nursing Schools in North Carolina – Overview

North Carolina is not just known for its incredibly scenic views but also one of the major centers for medical education. The Tar Heel State is slowly becoming a significant hub in healthcare training, especially when there is a lack of sufficient healthcare professionals.

Currently, some rural counties in NC are designated “medical deserts” – a term used to describe a community area that is over an hour’s drive from an acute-care hospital.

The growing demand for healthcare professionals has created incredible opportunities for licensed nursing staff. If you are too looking to pursue a career in nursing, then here are the best nursing schools in North Carolina:

5 Best Nursing Schools in North Carolina

1 – University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing is highly regarded. Regardless of whether you want to enter into research or clinical practice, the UNC School of Nursing teaches you all you need about patient care.

The school was one of the first academic centers in the country to pursue nursing research as a field of study. Currently, students here are engaged in numerous research studies, including maternal/newborn nursing care, health disparities in minority populations, and health literacy.

The UNC School of Nursing is located in Carrington Hall, in the Chapel Hill campus’s Health Education Center. Here, students are taught about clinical assessments and basic nursing skills in the advanced Education-Innovation-Simulation Learning Environment.

This allows nursing students to train in real-life hospital situations. You can do clinical rotations at hospitals, community agencies, ambulatory care clinics, and other Durham and Orange County healthcare facilities.

To learn more, including admission criteria and other details of the University of North Carolina’s School of Nursing, visit its official website at

2 – Duke University (Durham)

Duke University School of Nursing is highly ranked by US News & World Report among nursing schools, with current rankings available on its official website. It is the first nursing school in the country to receive three Center of Excellence designations simultaneously from the National League for Nursing. The school offers nursing aspirants the opportunity to pursue their interests in clinical research and patient care.

Duke University’s Center for Nursing Discovery is an innovative simulation system where nursing students get hands-on experience in a supportive and safe environment. In addition, you will have clinical rotations at some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities in the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area.

Students also work in public health nursing within the US and abroad. To learn more about the admission criteria and enrollment in Duke University’s School of Nursing, you can check their official website here

3 – East Carolina University (Greenville)

East Carolina University’s College of Nursing is another excellent choice for a nursing school in North Carolina. As part of its Health Science Division, nursing students at the college learn alongside students aspiring to be doctors, dentists, and other allied health science professionals.

The college is renowned for being among the first to offer the Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurse model, which allows concurrent enrollment to students in nearby community colleges. East Carolina University’s College of Nursing has received recognition for its quality, which can be verified for the most current status on the National League for Nursing’s website or ECU’s official College of Nursing page.

Here, students can access the immense Learning Resource Center, which has advanced educational software specifically programmed to teach nursing skills. Eight Concepts Integration Labs are also available, where students learn basic evaluations and procedures in a safe and supportive environment using the latest technology.

To learn more about the nursing courses and enrollment procedure at ECU College of Nursing, you can check out their official website at

4 – University of North Carolina (Wilmington)

The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s School of Nursing is one of the best learning institutions in New Hanover County. Nursing students here are known for offering health education and screenings at popular community events and the Myrtle Grove Middle School. It is one of the best ways for nursing students to witness the positive impact that an active nurse can have on the overall community.

The School of Nursing is part of UNC Wilmington’s College of Health and Human Services. It is located in the sophisticated McNeill Hall, which has a 10,000-square-foot simulation learning center. Here, students are trained in various medical situations using the most advanced technology, such as a virtual hospital and ambulatory care service.

Upon completing their basic learning, students get opportunities for clinical rotations at hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, and numerous community health centers across coastal southeastern North Carolina.

To learn more about the admission criteria and enrollment process in UNC Wilmington’s School of Nursing, visit its official website at

5 – University of North Carolina (Greensboro)

The UNC Greensboro School of Nursing is one of the oldest and most prestigious nursing education institutes in the state and trained female World War II veterans with a diploma to serve in the nursing corps.

Currently, nursing students are taught at four buildings across the UNCG campus. The School of Nursing Simulation Center for Experiential Nursing Education in the Moore Building has customized simulation systems and five high-fidelity simulators.

The new and immense Nursing and Instructional Building has 14 classrooms, nine research suites, and 39 high-tech labs. Clinical rotations are offered at Caswell Family Medical Center and other prestigious healthcare facilities across northwestern North Carolina.

To learn more about the admission criteria, enrollment process, and other details for UNCG School of Nursing, visit the official website at


This is our list of the best nursing schools in North Carolina. These nursing education institutes have been ranked according to the variety of nursing courses offered and other facilities that ease access to nursing education, such as scholarships and grants. It is highly recommended to contact the specific nursing college or school and learn all the details you need before applying for a spot to earn your nursing degree.

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