40 Most Common Nursing School Interview Questions

Common Nursing School Interview Questions Common Nursing School Interview Questions

Nursing School Interview Questions

Nursing school applicants need to appear for a personal interview to get admission.

These question-and-answer sessions could be conducted by either a school employee or a graduate of the nursing program.

The purpose of this interview is to assess your responses and the way you present yourself.

If you are scheduled to appear for a nursing school interview, then this article is meant for you.

In this article, you will get to know about every common nursing school interview question.

General Questions During a Nursing School Interview

These questions are designed to know you, the applicant, on a personal level.

These questions help the interviewer to understand your broader aspirations. Hence, it is essential to be ready for these general questions before your nursing school interview:

Common Nursing School Interview Questions - general questions

Common Nursing School Interview Questions – general questions

1 – What made you interested in a healthcare career?

2 – How would you describe your dream job?

3 – What is the reason for applying to this nursing school?

4 – What is the alternate career you would have chosen if nursing was not an option?

5 – What is your greatest strength?

6 – How do you feel about working with others?

7 – How do you feel about completing projects on your own?

8 – Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

9 – Tell me about your favorite teacher/professor and the lessons they taught you.

10 – If you could have dinner with three people, who would you choose and why?

11 – Why did you choose to nurse?

12 – Why did you choose this college to pursue an education in nursing?

13 – What are your core values?

14 – What are the qualities that could benefit your nursing career? Is there anything you would like to improve?

15 – What do you think are the most challenging aspects of a career in nursing?

16 – What would you do if you were to fall behind in a nursing class?

17 – How would you handle a situation with irate or hostile members of the patient’s family?

18 – How do you feel about mandatory vaccination for nurses and other healthcare workers?

19 – What would you do if you saw a medical professional acting unethically?

20 – What nursing skills do you find the most appealing?

Background and Experience Questions

These questions are designed to find details of your experience in healthcare. Some of the most commonly-asked background and experience questions in nursing school interviews include:

1 – Do you have any healthcare-related certifications?

2 – Have you ever worked at a job where you had to take care of someone else?

3 – How do you react when you receive bad news?

4 – Have you ever been in a situation where there was blood? How did you react to it?

5 – Has anyone from your family worked in healthcare? Are they your inspiration?

6 – Have you ever worked in an emergency at work? Describe how you handled it.

7 – Have you ever had to be admitted to the emergency room? Have you ever needed to stay for an extended period in a hospital? Did the experience motivate you to pursue nursing?

8 – Have you ever worked in a high-pressure work environment? How did you react to the pressure?

9 – What are some of the life experiences that influenced you to pursue a career in nursing and healthcare?

10 – What are the life experiences that have prepared you for a career in nursing?

Additional Questions During a Nursing School Interview

Although you are not expected to have in-depth medical knowledge, some questions showcase your thoughts on some healthcare subjects.

These are usually ethical questions and some general questions, such as:

1 – What do you think about the current status of healthcare in the country?

2 – How do you prepare to give someone bad news?

3 – What specialty would you choose for your nursing career?

4 – Do you believe that doctors and nurses should always offer an honest assessment before treatment? Or do you think additional optimism is beneficial when facing great odds?

5 – What can you personally contribute to the nursing profession?

6 – What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

7 – What do you know about a nurse’s responsibility?

8 – What are your thoughts on universal healthcare? Will this improve or harm the current healthcare and medical system?

9 – How would you ensure proper communication with a patient who does not speak your language?

10 – What is your personal care philosophy?

Conclusion for Nursing School Interview Questions

These are the top nursing school interview questions. The specific words may vary but the above-given questions cover almost every aspect of commonly-asked questions.

Make sure to prepare yourself as best as possible using online and other resources. Be confident and presentable during the interview.

The first impression lasts long so ensure to keep your answers clear and concise. Lastly, make sure that you explain yourself in the best possible way to avoid any misunderstandings.

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