Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Michigan 2023

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Michigan LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Michigan

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Michigan – Overview

The thought of having eye surgery and being awake during it can be frightening. However, LASIK eye surgery is completely painless and simple.

Most insurance plans do not offer any coverage for LASIK. You can pay for your surgery from a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and different credit card finance plans. In Michigan, this may cost around $2200 per eye.

Here are a few organizations where you can get LASIK eye surgery in Michigan –

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Michigan

How much does LASIK Eye Surgery cost in Michigan?

1. Kellogg Eye Center Clinic

The price of LASIK surgery may differ depending on the type of surgery you want. Wavelight laser LASIK surgery has more accuracy and precision than a standard LASIK procedure. This procedure is flexible enough and can offer excellent outcomes.

The cost of general LASIK surgery at Kellogg Eye Center Clinic is around $2100 per eye and $4200 for both eyes. The price may rise depending on the customization and your requirements.

Kellogg and the University of Michigan Credit Union have partnered to fund LASIK surgery patients. They offer financing at 0% for 12 months. You can extend the financing option for 24 months at 9% APR. However, you must not pay application costs or early payment fees.

You can apply for this program at the official website of UMCU. Once you apply, within 24 hours, they will review your application and send you their approval or denial response.

Many businesses have FSAs, which let their employees set away pretax money for unforeseen medical costs. You can use this money to pay for medical expenses that are not covered by health insurance, like LASIK surgery.

This pretax money allows you to spend less while getting a better return on your investment. It is also critical to be aware that the IRS has implemented an FSA regulation requiring you to use this money within a specific time frame.

Refractive surgery at Kellogg Eye Center Clinic can be paid for through payroll deduction over 24 months for the University of Michigan workers.

2. Michigan Eye Institute

The workers at Michigan Eye Institute work closely with each patient to create a flexible and personalized strategy. At Michigan Eye Institute, they offer their patients different LASIK financing choices and price-breaking options.

You can rely on their highly skilled ophthalmologists to provide high-quality care, whether you are a candidate for LASIK eye surgery or one of its alternatives. LASIK at Michigan Eye Institute may cost between $2000 and $4000, depending on a variety of other factors.

Medicare and most big insurance companies cover different exams and treatments at Michigan Eye Institute. Here you can find some financial plans for your LASIK eye surgery program.

You can also apply for CareCredit for your LASIK eye surgery. It is one of the best patient programs available in North America. With the help of this card, you can easily choose to have corrective surgery whenever you need it the most.

You can utilize this program with 0% interest. The monthly payments are relatively low, and you do not have to pay prepayment penalties or up-front costs.

You can also pay for your LASIK surgery at Michigan Eye Institute via Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

3. Yaldo Eye Center

You can receive painless and secure laser eye surgery at Yaldo Eye Centre. They offer a speedy recovery with high-quality laser Lasik technology for their patients.

Yaldo eye center offers various options for your budget, including monthly finances to help you pay for your treatment. The workers at Yaldo Eye Centre are committed to giving each of their patients superior and individualized treatment.

Here, you need to pay up to $2,200 per eye for LASIK eye surgery. Traditional LASIK, on the other hand, may cost you slightly more than $1000 for each eye.

Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic, standard Lasik is a quick and outpatient operation that can correct the majority of prescriptions.

Depending on the severity of the refractive problem, a custom Lasik laser can cost 50% or more than a standard Lasik procedure.


The cost of LASIK may depend on multiple other factors, including customization, required pre and post-operational care, and the type of surgery.

However, you can find multiple financing plans, discounts, and installment payment options at different clinics and eye care centers in Michigan for your LASIK eye surgery.

Can I have treatment for both of my eyes at once?

Yes. Many patients choose to have both eyes operation in one visit to lessen their recovery time and go back to their regular lives. Getting both your eyes done on the same day can give you some discounts from the clinic from your clinic.

Can I drive myself home after having LASIK?

No, you can experience dry eyes or blurry vision after LASIK surgery. Therefore, you will need someone to drive you home after the surgery. However, many people can start driving the next day.

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