Laser Eye Surgery Cost in California

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in California – Overview

Several factors affect how much LASIK corrective eye surgery costs in your area. Health insurance may not cover it, but some financial plans and discounts are available from various organizations.

Standard LASIK surgery costs vary widely, often around $2,000 to $2,500 per eye. Advanced techniques like all-Laser Wavefront-guided LASIK can cost significantly more.

The average cost of LASIK eye surgery near San Diego, California, varies from $1,250 to $5,300 depending on your clinic or hospital and the type of surgery.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in California 2023


LA Sight offers excellent treatment at a remarkably affordable price range. Their primary goal is to deliver high-quality personalized LASIK treatment at a lower price and help their patients achieve a hassle-free vision.

The standard LASIK process utilizing the Wavelight laser may cost around $1,600 per eye. However, all-laser LASIK using the Visumax and Wavelight lasers may cost around $1,950 per eye.

At LA Sight, you can clear your bills with cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You may have to pay additional finance charges if you select an extended payment option, such as Care Credit.

The constant lifetime cost of glasses and contacts includes frames, doctor visits, and solutions. LASIK is a reasonable one-time expenditure that may result in long-term savings of thousands of dollars or even more.

LA Sight works with Alphaeon Credit, a program designed to assist with financing elective lifestyle care such as vision correction, cosmetic treatment, and cosmetic dentistry care. They also collaborate with Care to help individuals who require financial help to receive their treatments.

Depending on your tax rate, using an FSA or Flexible Spending Account to pay for laser eye surgery can save you money. Your benefits manager can help you determine whether your workplace offers Flexible or Health Spending Accounts.

You can use this amount to pay for LASIK eye surgery and other medical procedures. Many individuals pay for LASIK surgery with their Health Spending Account or HSA. These accounts were developed to encourage consumers to save money for retirement and medical costs.

You can also find certain insurance coverage plans and discounts for your LASIK eye surgery at LA Sight.

2. UCSF Health

The UCSF Laser Vision Center provides advanced vision correction surgery using the most recent methods and tools. These include all-laser LASIK, a procedure that does not require a surgical blade, and customizable Wavefront-guided LASIK, which offers more accuracy than conventional LASIK procedures.

UCSF Health’s LASIK eye surgery may cost between $2,000 and $4,000 per eye, reflecting a range of factors, including the technology used and patient-specific requirements. The LASIK surgeons at their facility are mostly ophthalmologists with fellowship training and board certification.

Our three primary goals are to give our patients the finest surgical treatment possible, progress the area of refractive surgery via research, and educate them about their surgical and nonsurgical vision correction alternatives.

Here, you can receive instructional materials, individualized consultations, and free evening courses on vision correction surgery.

3. Macy Eye Center

According to the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, many LASIK patients achieve 20/40 vision or better, but the exact percentages can vary across studies.

The experts at the Macy Eye Center in Los Angeles, California, perform the LASIK procedure for a competitive price with the best in the business. This life-changing treatment typically costs between $2,200 to $4,400 for each eye at Macy Eye Center.

The patient satisfaction percentage for LASIK is the highest of any elective treatment at 96%. LASIK is a long-term vision correction procedure that can help you stop worrying about your vision.

While many patients achieve stable vision after LASIK, individual outcomes can vary, and some may require enhancement procedures. The initial expense of LASIK may not appear that pricey after all when contrasted to the lifetime expenditures of corrective glasses.

4. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente offers LASIK eye surgery in Northern California, including Redwood City, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, and Walnut Creek.

At Kaiser Permanente, you can receive treatment from highly skilled and board-certified refractive surgeons who are familiar with your medical background and specific requirements.

The primary goal of LASIK eye surgery is to reduce your dependence on contacts and glasses. Standard LASIK can cost between $1600 and $2200 per eye, depending on your location and other factors.

You can pay for your service with cash, money order, credit card, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), or Medical Savings Plans (MSP).


Multiple good eye care centers and clinics offer high-quality LASIK treatments at an affordable price. You can select your clinic depending on your requirements, surgery type, and budget.

Do insurance companies offer coverage for LASIK in California?

While most standard vision insurance plans do not cover LASIK, some insurance plans may offer discounts or negotiate rates for refractive surgeries through specific networks or benefit programs. Also, some organizations and clinics in California provide different financing options, installments, and discounts to help you with the surgery cost.

What increases the cost of LASIK?

The kind of surgery, the patient's needs, and the location can affect how much the LASIK operation will cost. The cost of LASIK can vary based on the technology used, such as the specific type of laser.

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