LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Alabama

On average, LASIK eye surgery in the United States costs between $2,200 per eye (or $4,400 for two eyes). The average cost has remained relatively stable over the past decade, with variations largely due to the specific technology used and the surgeon’s experience.

Most surgeons charge more for customized LASIK surgery, such as bladeless LASIK eye procedure. In such cases, you should be ready to pay a few hundred dollars more per eye.

According to studies, the average cost of LASIK eye surgery in Alabama is $2,250 per eye. However, the actual cost of LASIK eye surgery in Alabama can be greater or lesser than the average, depending on several factors.

Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery in Alabama

Different factors affect the cost of any surgical procedure. For instance, the cost of the surgery will be higher if you get it done in an area with a high cost of living. The surgeon’s experience and reputation also affect surgery costs. A highly experienced and well-known eye surgeon will likely charge more for their services.

The initial eye exam and consultation visits are not usually charged but may be included in the total cost by some hospitals or eye clinics.

The pre- and post-surgical care process will also determine the total cost of LASIK eye surgery. If a complication arises related to the surgery, you may have to pay for the additional procedure out-of-pocket.

In addition, the type of technique and technology used to perform the eye surgery will also affect the final cost of the procedure. For instance, if the eye surgeon uses laser devices to perform the surgery, the procedure cost will be higher than average.

Besides this, the extent of correction needed in the eye will also affect the overall cost of LASIK surgery. Overhead costs, such as the type of equipment used (owned or leased) will also influence the final cost of LASIK eye surgery. Lastly, you should be ready to pay for follow-up appointments and corrective procedures (if required) for at least a year following a LASIK eye surgery.

Different Types of LASIK Eye Surgeries in Alabama

LASIK eye surgery is performed using various techniques and technology.

Bladeless LASIK (or All-Laser-LASIK) surgery typically costs between $2,000 and $3,000 per eye, similar to the average cost of LASIK surgery. Prices vary based on the surgeon’s experience and the specific technology used. It uses a femtosecond laser, a highly advanced piece of surgical equipment that is very expensive.

Custom LASIK eye surgery, which often involves wavefront technology, typically falls within the broader range of LASIK surgery costs, between $2,000 to $3,000 per eye and is recommended for patients with strong lens prescriptions, irregular eye shape, etc.

Conventional LASIK eye surgery costs are generally in line with the average cost of LASIK, typically ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 per eye, depending on the location and the surgeon’s experience. It is recommended in most cases and has the shortest recovery time.

Insurance Coverage for LASIK Eye Surgery in Alabama

While most insurance companies consider LASIK eye surgery an elective procedure and do not cover it, some may offer discounts or partial coverage through vision or health plans that include elective vision correction benefits. As is the norm, health insurance companies usually do not cover the cost of elective surgeries. However, some insurance companies have started offering coverage for LASIK eye surgery or at least a discount on the overall cost.

Large insurance companies commonly offer some coverage for laser vision correction procedures. For instance, your insurance provider may offer discounts on laser-assisted eye surgery with only specific healthcare providers. Following a vision correction surgery, you may even qualify for frame benefits for non-prescription sunglasses.

In contrast, health insurance companies will cover the cost of LASIK eye surgery when the doctor recommends it as a medically necessary procedure. Some of the instances in which insurance companies cover the cost of LASIK eye surgery are:

  • Eye injury—Some traumatic eye injuries require surgical treatment to save vision. In such cases, insurance will cover the cost of LASIK eye surgery if it is the only alternative left for the patient.
  • Corrective surgery—In rare cases, LASIK eye surgery can cause complications and affect vision instead of improving it. In such cases, the surgery is deemed necessary, and the insurance provider will cover its costs.


LASIK eye surgery in Alabama costs around $2,250 per eye or up to $4,500 for both eyes. Most insurance companies offer to cover the cost of LASIK surgery in Alabama if it is classified as medically necessary by your primary care provider/ophthalmologist. To learn more about this, you can talk to a representative of your insurance company and find out specific criteria for LASIK eye surgery coverage.


How do I determine whether I qualify for laser vision correction?

Most eye clinics and hospitals offer screening tests for their patients. These tests can help the experts determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK.

The experts also conduct a one-on-one session with you to understand your condition before finalizing LASIK.

How does the expert perform LASIK?

The experts perform LASIK eye surgery with the help of laser technology to reshape your cornea. A laser or a microkeratome creates a thin flap in the cornea, which is then lifted to allow another laser to reshape the underlying corneal tissue.

The flap allows access to the deeper layers of your eye. This procedure can change the way your eyes focus and improve your vision.

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