Johnson and Johnson Grants

What Johnson and Johnson Grants are Available?

Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’s oldest and largest healthcare and consumer goods companies.

Apart from offering varied baby care and first aid products, the company is a global entity in offering financial aid for the progress and advancement of healthcare services around the globe.

Johnson & Johnson is renowned for offering the best healthcare and cosmetic products and is highly active in providing grants and financial assistance to the deserving.

Johnson & Johnson offers grants primarily for healthcare projects and initiatives, not directly for medical treatment of individuals or scholarships for students.

About Johnson and Johnson Grants for Patients

The Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. (JJPAF) is a separate, non-profit organization that helps eligible people receive financial assistance for medical treatments, especially if they do not have insurance coverage.

Under the grant, the patient can receive prescription products donated by Johnson & Johnson-owned companies.

According to the company, every patient requires a different approach to treatment.

This makes getting medical treatment harder for those whose health insurance policy does not cover certain treatments or if the patient has no insurance coverage.

Prescription coverage is one of the most important aspects of health insurance and those without prescription coverage are unable to afford the often expensive prescription medicines or aids.

This is where the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Program (PAP) comes in as the perfect solution.

The Johnson & Johnson PAP initiative is a non-profit organization that helps patients without insurance coverage to receive prescription medication for free through donations from its numerous subsidiaries.

Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, provides medication through the program.

Eligibility for Johnson and Johnson Grants

As with any funding organization, specific criteria and guidelines dictate the type of applicants who are eligible for the patient assistance program from Johnson & Johnson.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a Johnson and Johnson patients assistance program grant, you need to visit and answer the questions detailed below:

  • What medications from Johnson and Johnson-operated companies has your doctor prescribed you?
  • How many members are in your family?
  • How much is the total annual income of your entire family?
  • Are you a resident of the US or any US territory?
  • Are you receiving treatment from a US-licensed doctor?
  • Are you being treated as an outpatient?
  • Do you have insurance coverage, Medicare or Medicaid coverage?

If you think you are eligible for the grant, you will need to download and complete the application.

Alternatively, you can call the organization directly to request a mail application by calling 800-652-6227.

Once you have received and filled out the application form, you will also need to add a few more details, including:

  • Copy of your most recent 1040EZ or 1040 tax form
  • Details of health insurance (if any)
  • Signing the application form
  • Requesting your doctor to validate and sign the application form

Once you’ve performed these steps, you must mail the application form back to the address printed on the application form.

The processing time for applications to the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation may vary, and applicants are notified once a decision is made.

If your application is approved, the organization will inform you where you can pick up the prescription medication or if the prescription medication can be sent directly to your home address.

Under the grant, eligible candidates receive free prescription medications for up to 1 year and the candidate has the option to renew their application annually.

Benefits of the Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Program

These are the express benefits and advantages of successfully receiving prescription medication through the Johnson & Johnson patient assistance program:

  • Eligible patients in the United States or US Territories may receive specific prescription medications covered by the program, subject to JJPAF’s list and availability.
  • Candidates can apply for the grant completely free of charge with just one application.
  • Candidates can receive prescription medication for free for up to one year and may re-apply to renew their prescription medication grant annually.
  • Hospitals receive free prescription medication for uninsured or underinsured patients under their care.


The Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Program is an excellent way for underinsured or uninsured patients to successfully receive essential but expensive prescription medications that would otherwise not be possible through conventional means.

It is an excellent initiative and has helped thousands of deserving patients.

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