6 IVF Grants for Veterans

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What are the Available IVF Grants for Veterans?

IVF grants for veterans allow the wounded veterans to become parents and fulfill their dreams by growing their families.

These grants can be helpful for veterans who have suffered service-related injuries that cause infertility.

Veterans protect and defend the country where they sacrifice so much in their lives.

It has been found that most of the veterans in the United States suffer combat-related trauma to a reproductive organ.

They have experienced some injury that affects fertility. The inability to have a child can be a devastating blow.

Fortunately, the IVF grants enable veterans with financial help in building their families.

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IVF Grants for Veterans – New VA Benefit

IVF Grants for Veterans – New VA Benefit

Earlier, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was barred from covering the expenses of medically necessary IVF for veterans.

Tricare, the military health care program, covers IVF for active-duty injured personnel; however, the benefit did not previously extend to retired military personnel – even wounded veterans.

The new law offers funding, where the VA is committed to helping veterans with the challenges that originate from issues with fertility and the conceiving of a child.

The range of services has now been provided by the VA throughout the treatment process. It includes access to fertility treatments and services such as counseling, blood testing, sperm testing, ultrasounds, surgery, medication, and much more.

The wounded vets could now be eligible for IVF through the VA. Most of the veterans faced genitourinary tract, spine, or brain that caused an inability to conceive naturally.

Since IVF allows fertilization outside the body, the procedure gives wounded veterans a way to achieve pregnancy even when reproductive organs are non-functional.

Veterans suffering from infertility due to service-connected conditions may be eligible for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

In addition to IVF, the veteran’s spouses are also eligible for infertility counseling and treatment options covered under the medical benefits package.

However, the coverage is determined based on an infertility evaluation at a VA medical center.

Infertility care is given either at a local VA medical facility or through referral to health care providers in the community.

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IVF Grants for Veterans – Get the Right Treatment

IVF Grants for Veterans – Get the Right Treatment

The life of veterans is uncertain where they might face life-long issues such as infertility. Therefore, IVF grants for veterans are offered to support them to find the proper treatment.

1. Bob Woodruff Foundation

The Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) initiated the VIVA—Veterans In Vitro InitiAtive fund. It offers financial assistance to affected veterans, covering their costs up to $5,000 associated with IVF treatments.

The program aims to help veterans, their families, and service members thrive.

For more information, visit https://bobwoodrufffoundation.org/ivf-fund-application/

2. Fertility Lifelines

The Fertility Lifelines offers financial assistance through its Compassionate Care Program. The program provides eligible patients savings based on income.

The qualified active or retired veterans from the US military are entitled to receive a minimum of 25% off. They can further be eligible for additional savings up to 50% or 75% off on EMD Serono’s fertility medications.

For more information, visit https://www.fertilitysavings.com/

3. CNY Fertility

CNY Fertility is one of the leading affordable IVF centers, offering care for veterans with reproductive issues. It typically runs half of what is charged by other IVF center and provide IVF coverage for eligible veteran applicants.

Besides, free sperm freeze services are offered to active-duty soldiers, allowing for future fertility.

For more information, visit https://www.cnyfertility.com/

4. Operation Baby Foundation

Operation Baby Foundation provides awards grants to military couples diagnosed with infertility.

The grant amount of up to $5,000 is awarded to beneficiaries so that they can overcome treatment costs and achieve their dreams of becoming parents.

For more information, visit https://www.operationbaby.org/grants

5. Nest Egg Foundation

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services is an academic affiliate of the UConn School of Medicine, is affiliated with Nest Egg Foundation. It provides life-changing financial grants to Connecticut residents to start a family.

Grants are offered for in vitro fertilization of primary infertility only.

For more information, visit https://www.nesteggfoundation.org/

6. Journey to Parenthood Foundation

Journey to Parenthood raises funds to help veterans with fertility treatments, adoptions, or surrogacy. These financial grants help them to lessen the expenses of the treatment.

Boston IVF offers comprehensive care that is essential to successful fertility outcomes. In collaboration with Journey to Parenthood, Boston IVF provides financial and educational resources for individuals and couples facing infertility.

For more information, visit https://journeytoparenthood.org/

IVF Grants for Veterans - Become Parents!

IVF Grants for Veterans – Financial Assistance to Get The Required Treatment


Beyond everything, veterans keep us safe. Unfortunately, they go through a lot in their own lives. Their services can even become the reason for their infertility, where they are unable to build their own family.

IVF grants for veterans allow and help veterans with the financial assistance to get the required treatment. Get the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a parent!

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