Where to get Grants for Veterans with PTSD?

What are the Grants for Veterans with PTSD?

Although post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is fairly common in the US, it is more prevalent among veterans who’ve faced the troubles of war firsthand.

According to research, nearly 30% of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan recently are diagnosed with one or another form of PTSD.

This psychological disorder arises when a person witnesses or experiences a terrifying event and causes sudden flashbacks accompanied by bouts of anxiety or fear.

PTSD not only affects the patient but can have adverse effects on their families and loved ones.

The mental disorder has been the cause of numerous marriage problems, separations, and divorces, as well as the source of behavioral and psychological changes in the spouse and children too.

Although the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), along with other health agencies, have made a significant breakthrough in detecting and diagnosing this disorder, there are still obstacles that prevent veterans from getting the care and treatment they need for PTSD.

Most PTSD treatment facilities are located in the cities, which leaves a large portion of the rural veteran population without adequate mental healthcare.

It is estimated that as many as 40% of war veterans in the rural regions of the US suffer from PTSD and often do not receive the quality and frequency of treatment they require to lead a normal, healthy life.

Lack of funds is also one of the major obstacles that prevent US veterans from reaching out to get treatment for their problems.

This is where grants for veterans with PTSD work wonders.

Are there any Government Benefits for Veterans with PTSD?

The Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes the challenges presented in providing adequate healthcare to veterans suffering from PTSD. Hence, the VA has been providing several benefits to veterans suffering from PTSD, such as:

  • Classifying PTSD as a service-related disability qualifies the veteran for financial compensation.
  • Providing honorably discharged war veterans with several additional benefits, such as evaluations, psychotherapy as well as family therapy. Such veterans can walk into any VA Medical Center and get treated by professionals who have trained adequately. Additionally, the VA also provides veterans suffering from PTSD disability with assistance for employment, recreation and housing.
  • Allowing treatment for PTSD using specialized intensive PTSD programs on an inpatient basis which are provided by other veterans so to ensures that these centers provide an extra layer of confidentiality to the patient’s case.
  • Opening large and small community-based outpatient clinics that specialize in providing treatments to veterans with PTSD.

How to get Grants for Veterans with PTSD?

There are several ways that a PTSD-diagnosed veteran can seek monetary assistance for getting their condition treated through advanced and top-class treatment methods.

You can choose to apply for federal or state-sponsored aid through various healthcare programs. However, there are strict criteria for qualifying for government-sponsored grants for veterans with PTSD. To learn more about federal and state-sponsored healthcare initiatives for veterans in your region, you can do the following:

  • Online search – A simple Google search will provide you with an extensive list of sources and sponsors where a war veteran can get monetary aid and seek treatment for their PTSD problem.
  • Physician – Your local physician is another good source to seek information about getting grants for veterans with PTSD. This is especially true if your physician has veterans among their regular patients.
  • Community Health Center – Your local community health center is another good source to seek help getting grants for veterans with PTSD. If, for any reason, your local health center is not equipped to treat the condition, you will be referred to the closest healthcare center with adequate treatment facilities.

In addition to federal and state-sponsored initiatives, several other sources also provide financial assistance for veterans suffering from PTSD to get adequate treatment. Some of the major non-VA initiatives that assist veterans suffering from PTSD are:

  • Medicaid / Medicare – If you qualify for this, your Medicaid or Medicare health program will cover career support and community-based services to help you get back on your feet.
  • Social Security Disability Income / Supplementary Security Income – These are great sources of funds to get treatment for PTSD for veterans in the US.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned information was helpful in knowing where and how to get grants for veterans with PTSD.

These are incredibly effective sources that can help you get the mental healthcare treatment you deserve for serving the country.

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