How to Get Cheap Medical Insurance

How to Get Cheap Medical Insurance – Overview

There are several different sources of medical insurance in the United States. The government, universities, and jobs provide health insurance. You can even buy health insurance from private insurance providers, using the exchange marketplace, or directly from the insurance company.

Free or subsidized medical insurance means that your monthly premiums are being paid (partially or totally) by someone else, usually an employer or the government. This is called subsidized medical insurance. A subsidy is there to help you avoid having to pay the full cost of the insurance. On the other hand, cheap medical insurance can be bought with insurance policies with reduced benefits.

Cheap Medical Insurance

Here’s our list of cheap medical insurance:

How to Get Cheap Medical Insurance

How to Get Cheap Medical Insurance – Cheap Medical Insurance

1 – Aetna

Correction is needed, as Aetna’s specific offerings and the extent of premium reduction through tax credits can vary; verify current details directly with Aetna. If you are eligible for the advance premium tax credit, your medical insurance policy’s premium rate is drastically reduced. If you buy an Aetna insurance plan, the premium could be US$ 0.

Though all insurance plans available in the marketplace can be bought at a reduced premium with tax credits, some may include insurance benefits that are not eligible for premium tax credit dollars.

Aetna medical insurance plans are excellent for urgent care for minor illnesses and injuries through CVS MinuteClinics. Anyone with an Aetna medical insurance policy can simply schedule or walk in for free MinuteClinics appointments and promptly receive the necessary care.

However, you must remember that if you buy a high-deductible medical insurance plan from Aetna, you must meet the deductibles before using the free MinuteClinics facility.

To know more about cheap Aetna medical insurance plans, visit the official website at

2 – Oscar

Oscar Health uses technology to streamline access and manage care, making it a modern option among health insurance providers. The company also offers higher value for money through its extensive coverage-carrying medical insurance plans. Oscar Health plans may offer competitive pricing, particularly appealing to individuals between 25 and 60 years old, depending on various factors, including location and coverage options.

Besides this, Oscar offers the lowest-cost bronze and silver health insurance plans compared to other providers. Additionally, insurance experts highly recommend Oscar as one of the US’s cheapest yet most extensive medical insurance plans.

The Oscar smartphone app provides access to virtual urgent care visits at no extra cost and is available 24/7. You can also check your plan benefits and review your team of healthcare professionals. In addition, Oscar offers a wide variety of health management programs for diabetes, heart disease, depression, weight loss, pain management, and even pregnancy.

The exact cost of a cheap Oscar medical insurance policy will mainly depend on your age, location, and whether you smoke or not.

For more details on cheap Oscar medical insurance plans, visit their official website at

3 – Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is another excellent source of cheap medical insurance in the US. The company offers medical insurance at very low premiums if you live in a state with Kaiser coverage. However, this may also mean you end up paying a higher deductible than the competition.

However, suppose you don’t require medical insurance too frequently. In that case, you can simply choose the Kaiser Permanente Bronze medical insurance plan, one of the cheapest available on the marketplace.

Besides the low cost, there are several other reasons why millions of people have chosen Kaiser as their medical insurance provider. For instance, Kaiser ranks high in relevant lists and surveys regarding extensive coverage at a lower cost. Besides this, Kaiser Permanente is well-regarded for its medical insurance plans, often receiving high ratings in customer satisfaction and quality of care.

However, a major disadvantage of Kaiser Permanente medical insurance plans is that they are available only in 8 states in the US.

To find out more details about Kaiser Permanente medical insurance plans, feel free to visit the official website at

4 – Molina Healthcare

Moline Healthcare is another ideal source for cheap medical insurance in the United States. Though Molina health insurance plans don’t always have the lowest premiums, they usually have a lower deductible than other health insurance providers. This is absolutely true for the Molina Healthcare Bronze insurance plan, which is available for less than half the price of the same coverage from other insurance providers.

Molina Healthcare offers medical insurance plans that can be cost-effective for individuals seeking more frequent access to preventive care, with a focus on lower premiums.

One limitation of Molina Healthcare is its availability, as the company provides coverage in a select number of states. To find more details on cheap Molina Healthcare medical insurance policies, you can visit their official website at


These are the top 4 cheapest medical insurance providers in the United States. We recommend you visit the insurance provider’s official website and carefully learn the terms and conditions and any criteria before signing an insurance contract.

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