Best Overseas Medical Insurance

Best Overseas Medical Insurance – Overview

When you travel abroad, you want to have the best overseas medical insurance. This is essential to ensure that you will get prompt and effective medical care wherever and whenever you need it. There are numerous renowned international health insurance providers you can choose from.

To help make things easier, we have listed the top companies for overseas medical insurance:

Best overseas medical insurance

Best overseas medical insurance

1 – GeoBlue

GeoBlue offers the Xplore health insurance plan for US citizens living or traveling overseas and ex-pats traveling to the US. GeoBlue is an independent Blue Cross Blue Shield Association licensee, offering worldwide short-term travel medical and long-term insurance coverage.

The GeoBlue Xplore Plan is a premium health insurance policy with an extensive network. It allows you to easily file claims and receive international-standard telehealth services. Policyholders believe that the Xplore Plan is worth the extra money because it takes care of you when you get sick or injured. The company offers comprehensive coverage and has helpful staff.

  • Unlimited medical maximum
  • Most comprehensive insurance benefits
  • Deductible requirements for standard healthcare services vary by plan and provider. It’s important to review plan details for specific deductible information

To learn the insurance policy details, quotes, and benefits for the GeoBlue Xplore Plan, you can visit the official website at

2 – Cigna

Cigna Global Insurance remains a leading international health insurance service provider among international travelers and ex-pats. Cigna is a prominent option among international health insurance providers, offering comprehensive coverage globally, as it offers comprehensive medical and health coverage in any country.

The Cigna Global Plan offers flexible international health insurance benefits. It offers customizable modules for specific benefits, allowing policyholders to tailor coverage to their needs. Note that costs may vary based on the chosen modules. This is just one reason that makes Cigna star on our list of the best overseas medical insurance providers.

The Cigna insurance plans also have multiple deductibles and cost-sharing options that allow you to customize the cost of your insurance premium extensively. Cigna allows policy-holders to access advanced healthcare services and hospitals worldwide.

  • Choice of three insurance plans – Platinum, Gold and Silver
  • Comprehensive insurance that can be customized for specific needs
  • Round-the-clock customer service is available
  • Complete access to Cigna Global’s international network of doctors, clinics and hospitals

To find more details of Cigna Global health insurance plans, we urge you to visit the official website at

3 – William Russell

William Russell has provided health insurance for over 30 years and specializes in private insurance in 160 countries worldwide. William Russell provides health and medical insurance for individuals, families, and groups.

The insurance carrier offers four plan tiers, each designed for specific needs. These plans offer incredible benefits, including top-quality cancer care coverage or extensive preventive care coverage. The insurance plans are customizable, which also lowers their rates significantly. The company is also renowned for its highly personalized service and round-the-clock customer support.

  • Different plans cover inpatient and outpatient procedure
  • Comprehensive cancer coverage, which varies by plan. It’s crucial to review plan specifics to understand the extent of cancer coverage.
  • Every plan includes the benefits of Medevac Basic and an option to include Medevac Plus coverage.

To learn more details about this insurance company and its insurance plans for overseas travelers, you can visit the official website of William Russell at

4 – IMG

International Medical Group (IMG) is an international insurance company with the widest coverage options. This company offers insurance plans with numerous benefits. For over two decades, IMG has made its way to the top of the list of renowned international health insurance providers through its various overseas medical insurance plans, travel insurance benefits, and affordable coverage in most countries worldwide. IMG offers insurance coverage to residents and ex-pats in over 170 countries worldwide.

IMG ranks on this list of the best overseas medical insurance companies owing to its wide variety of plans, excellent preventive care coverage, and affordable pricing options that significantly lower your premium cost.

  • Four different plans and additional benefit modules
  • Choice of coverage reflects the geographical area of need
  • Allows you to choose your healthcare provider anywhere around the globe

To find out more details about IMG global insurance plans, premiums, and benefits, you can visit the official website at

5 – Aetna

Aetna is one of the most renowned insurance providers in the US and offers extensive insurance coverage to employers, NGOs, governments, and people. Aetna International has more than 1,000 employees serving its millions of policyholders in most countries across the world.

Aetna offers comprehensive overseas medical insurance coverage, which includes excellent benefits, such as 24-hour assistance, annual/short-term coverage, emergency dental treatment, inpatient/outpatient health care, emergency maternity care, emergency optical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, etc.

The excellent customer service at Aetna is trained to help first-time policy-buyers choose the best-suited plans according to coverage needs. The company allows patients to file claims through multiple methods, such as mobile apps, online dashboards, and email.

  • Comprehensive international coverage
  • Varied insurance plans
  • Optimal and affordable insurance options

To find out additional details of the various insurance plans offered by Aetna, you can visit the company’s official website at

6 – Now Health International

Now Health International is another leading provider of medical insurance for overseas travelers. It offers comprehensive insurance coverage to policyholders who are traveling abroad. The Now Health WorldCare Plan is one of the best medical insurance plans for travelers, as it offers comprehensive benefits, including medical cover for ex-pats in the US.

The Now Health International SimpleCare Plan balances affordability and comprehensive coverage, suitable for some expatriates’ needs. The company also scores an A-rating by A.M. Best.

  • Extensive medical coverage abroad
  • Affordable medical insurance plans
  • Comprehensive coverage and benefits

For further details of Now Health International insurance plans and policies, visit the official website at


GeoBlue, Cigna, IMG, William Russell, Aetna, and Now Health International rank on our best overseas medical insurance list. Comprehensive insurance coverage is essential whenever traveling abroad to ensure prompt and quality medical attention whenever and wherever you need it.

Read the terms and conditions of the insurance policies before deciding to buy.

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