How Much is it to Have a Baby Without Insurance?

How Much is it to Have a Baby Without Insurance? – Overview

Approximately 3.6 million births were registered in the US in 2020, according to the CDC. The cost of childbirth in the country is higher than in many others.

Even if you have a normal and healthy pregnancy, you should be prepared to pay hefty charges for prenatal, labor and delivery, as well as post-partum care.

In addition, the reports suggest that more than 12% of women of childbearing age do not have health insurance coverage. This can create a significant financial burden for families at the time of childbirth.

If you are among these women and want to seek assistance with the cost of childbirth, then this article is for you.

Cost of Childbirth

How Much is it to Have a Baby Without Insurance

How Much is it to Have a Baby Without Insurance – How Much is the Cost of Childbirth?

There are multiple factors that influence the exact cost of childbirth expenses in the United States.

The total cost of childbirth without insurance coverage varies, depending on the state you live in, the cost of living there, and the type of delivery (Vaginal or Cesarean).

The average cost of childbirth without complications for a vaginal delivery ranges from approximately US$ 4,500 to US$ 10,000.

Including the costs of pre and post-pregnancy care, such as tests and evaluations, this cost could exceed US$ 20,000.

Getting a C-section is even more expensive in the US. It is more accurate to say that the rate of C-sections has increased significantly since the 1970s, but not by a factor of 500 times.

On average, the cost of a C-section can be anywhere between US$ 7,500 and US$ 14,500. The cost is significantly higher than for a vaginal delivery, but specifying ‘nearly 150% more’ may not be accurate for all cases.

Besides this, the cost is likely to increase further when you add the charges for tests, evaluations and possible complications.

Though the specific cost of childbirth varies according to the location, the cost can double when you do not have health insurance coverage.

The out-of-pocket expenses for childbirth can prove prohibitive most of the time. Hospitals are also likely to charge uninsured women more than they charge those with private or public health insurance.

Alabama is among the states with lower childbirth costs in the US, with averages around US$ 5,000 for a vaginal delivery and US$ 10,000 for a C-section, without insurance.

Women in Alaska face some of the highest childbirth costs, with amounts potentially exceeding US$ 10,000 with insurance and higher costs without insurance.

Expect these Expenses

On average, women need to visit their Ob-Gyn at least 12 times during pregnancy, before childbirth. These scheduled visits include tests and appointments, which can cost:

  • Doctor’s appointment – US$ 90 to US$ 500 per appointment
  • Ultrasound – US$ 280 to US$ 600
  • hCG Test – US$ 39
  • Amniocentesis – US$ 2,500
  • Blood tests – US$ 39 to US$ 63 each
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) – US$ 1,300 to US$ 4,800

After the delivery of your child, you may also incur post-partum care charges.

New mothers are likely to experience a wide variety of health problems following childbirth, such as infection, postpartum depression and cardiovascular problems.

Women with insurance spend around US$ 3,100 in the year following the birth of their child. On the other hand, women without health insurance coverage can expect to pay much more.

The Growing Cost of Health Insurance

Many adults without health insurance in the US cite affordability as a key issue.

Most of them don’t have access to insurance through their employers or are unable to afford the monthly premiums.

Even for workers with health insurance coverage, the additional costs prohibit them from taking full advantage of their health insurance plans.

According to reports, the worker’s share of premiums for family health coverage has grown by 40%, which is significantly faster than the rate of wage growth.


Some women who qualify for health insurance assistance may be unaware of the options. They may find the selection process too complicated and eventually quit trying to get a health insurance plan.

A significant number of young women in the US rely on their parent’s insurance plans, but exact figures may vary annually. Still, most of these women have to bear the cost of prenatal care out of pocket.

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