4 Grants for Breast Reduction Surgery in the US

Grants for Breast Reduction Surgery in the US

The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund (BRAF) is aimed at supporting breast reconstruction awareness and education.

The BRAF and PSF primarily support breast reconstruction surgery and research.

This initiative is aimed at helping the financially weak to access world-class healthcare services.

The PSF offers grants for research in plastic surgery and breast reconstruction. These grants are aimed to fund US-based tax-exempt public 501(c)(3) charities.

These charities are selected based on their commitment to offering breast reduction surgery as charity care.

An active ASPS member should be included in the application. Besides, PSF prioritizes applications from organizations with restricted resources.

This grant for breast reduction surgery is awarded to charitable organizations that fulfill specific eligibility criteria.

PSF Grants for Breast Reduction Surgery

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the initiatives from PSF that offer grants for breast reduction surgery in the US:

1 – Combined Pilot Research Grant

The Combined Pilot Research Grant supports innovative research in plastic surgery.

These surgeries should be related to research, microsurgery, peripheral nerve research and stimulating basic research in plastic surgery.

The PSF, as well as the AAPPS, AAHS, ACAPS, AAPS, PSRC, ASMS and ARMS, collaborate to offer this grant.

These specialist organizations focus on developing surgeon scientists by increasing research funding.

This is aimed to support pilot studies that help investigators apply to national-level funding organizations.

Under this grant, successful applicants are awarded as much as US$ 10,000 for a year-long pilot project.

For additional details on eligibility criteria and the application process, feel free to visit the official PSF website at https://www.thepsf.org/research/grants-program/combined-pilot-research-grants.

2 – National Endowment for Plastic Surgery

The National Endowment for Plastic Surgery supports projects translating basic science research and clinical discoveries into clinically relevant tools.

These should be able to directly impact daily practice and patient care within the next couple of years.

Applications for this grant are selected according to certain criteria. These include the importance of the study question, demonstration of study feasibility using pilot/preliminary data, and soundness of the design.

The criteria also favor the quality of the investigative team and the use of correct analytic and statistical techniques.

Under this initiative, the PSF offers up to US$ 50,000 for projects lasting up to 2 (two) years.

For additional details on eligibility criteria and the application process, you can check this link https://www.thepsf.org/research/grants-program/national-endowment-for-plastic-surgery.

3 – Scott Spear Innovation in Breast Reconstruction Research Fellowship

The Scott Spear Innovation in Breast Reconstruction Research Fellowship focuses on breast reconstruction research.

This grant is established in memory of past ASPS President and Founding Chair of the Georgetown University Hospital Department of Plastic Surgery, Scott Spear.

The Allergan Foundation funds this grant for breast reduction surgery research.

The aim is to nurture and develop the expertise and training of young medical aspirants interested in breast reduction surgery.

Eligibility criteria for this grant for breast reduction surgery research include residents and fellows. This grant provides the salary support needed to undertake extensive research projects.

To apply, you will need to define a structured research training plan. You will also need to include a research project that aims at breast reduction (reconstruction) or breast cancer.

Under this initiative, the ASPS organization offers up to US$ 72,500 for year-long projects.

To find more details on eligibility criteria and the application process, you can visit the PSF website at https://www.thepsf.org/.

4 – Research Fellowship

The PSF motivates research investigators right from the beginning of their careers. The organization also supports medical researchers during residency and till they become well-established and expert plastic surgeons.

This grant for breast reduction surgery research aims to boost research and academic career development in plastic surgery.

Research Fellowships offered by the PSF support research across various aspects of plastic surgery, focusing on academic and research career development rather than specific procedures like breast reduction

The grant is offered only to a Fellow or Resident to help them obtain additional training and experience in research under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

To apply, you must describe a well-organized research training plan apart from a research project. This grant will only consider those recipients who have already received funding for research.

The grant committee prioritizes research projects, research training experience, mentor qualifications, commitment to mentoring and application potential.

Under this initiative, successful applicants will receive up to US$ 50,000 annually for year-long projects. This breast reduction surgery research grant should only be used for salary support.

For more details about the eligibility criteria and application process for this grant, please visit the official website at https://www.thepsf.org/research/grants-program/research-fellowships.


These are the top four sources for getting grants for breast reduction surgery research.

Always check all the eligibility criteria before applying for any grant. This helps to avoid wasting time in applying for non-eligible grants.

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