Gradient Grant Community Outreach Support Program

The Vision of Gradient Grant Community Outreach Support Program

In 2009, Chuck and Tami Lucius, founders of Gradient Financial Group, established the Gradient Gives Back Foundation to directly provide financial support to families at risk of losing their homes due to unexpected financial challenges. (1) The Gradient Gives Back Foundation was established to unite communities by helping deserving families stand up instead of being helped in dire financial situations.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has awarded lease or mortgage payments to numerous families all over the United States.

Since its establishment, Gradient Gives Back Foundation has awarded mortgage or lease payments to numerous families across the United States and continues its commitment to actions that make immediate and real differences in the lives of families who have fallen on hard times.

What is Gradient Gives Back

Gradient Gives Back is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization that supports the Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program. It contributes its immense resources to assist Americans.

The Foundation works to provide under-served, underprivileged, distressed, and deserving American families who are at risk of losing their homes.

Gradient Give Back Foundation has helped numerous families in various states, such as Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Kansas, Wisconsin, Utah, Illinois, Colorado, Oregon, Maryland, Nebraska, Tennessee, and New Jersey.


In 2009, Gradient Gives Back Foundation enlisted the help of Donald Trump’s original Apprentice and the highly philanthropic Bill Rancic to raise awareness in the search for poor, distressed, or underprivileged American families. Their primary focus was to raise awareness in the search for underprivileged, poor, or distressed families in America.

With Rancic as its spokesperson, the Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program spread far and wide. The foundation received more than two thousand applications that year.

Gradient Grant Community Outreach Support Program

Gradient Grant Community Outreach Support Program – Gradient Gives Back Foundation

What is Gradient Gives Back National Outreach Initiative

Gradient Gives Back is a program by the Gradient Gives Back Foundation, a Minnesota-based non-profit organization, aimed at helping American families at risk of losing their homes due to financial difficulties. The Foundation awards up to 12 months of housing payments to needy families.

The Foundation aims to relieve selected families of the significant monthly mortgage or lease payment obligation. This way, the Foundation helps to alleviate the family’s anxiety and help the family regroup to prepare for a future together.

This initiative makes it more feasible for families to get back on their feet with the support of the Foundation. With this help, the selected family essentially gets an opportunity to dedicate their limited resources and time to an in-depth job search or lets them focus on paying off their mounting medical expenses. Since its establishment, the Foundation has helped hundreds of families who have fallen on hard times.

Thanks to the incredible initiative, the Gradient Gives Back Foundation and its efforts have been broadcasted by leading local and national news networks across the United States.

What Is Gradient Gives Back Local Outreach Initiative

The incredible publicity generated by the Gradient Gives Back Foundation’s national outreach program, combined with remarkable interest from financial service professionals, has paved the way for the Foundation to start programs at the local level, too.

The Gradient Gives Back Local takes the nationwide program and delivers it to the beneficiaries directly at the local level. It is a proven platform that allows you the distinct opportunity to gain credibility by contributing to the communities you are a part of.

It is a remarkable accomplishment when you help a deserving family pay off 6 to 12 months of mortgage or rent payments within your local community.

Gradient Gives Back helps to place contributors at the front and center as leaders of their communities. Join this initiative now and become a renowned local community leader and inspiration for others to improve the community you serve.

Gradient Gives Back Christmas

Gradient Gives Back Foundation hosts its annual Christmas celebration in mid-December. Families who are experiencing a hard time are selected for this program.

The foundation wants to treat them with a Christmas dinner and presents. The primary goal of this program is to offer a joyful and merry holiday season to selected local families.

Community Programs Eligible for Gradient

Grant issuing agencies generally consider several eligibility factors before funding any community program. You can submit some documentation, including a grant proposal, to support your application.

You can always seek help from AAG grant specialists regarding the documentation process. You must be patient and very committed to your cause to be able to navigate all the complexities of this application process.

You can always seek some help to research and apply independently. Make sure that you have checked all the required boxes for your grant. Always try to follow up after submitting your application. Always keep in touch with grant-issuing organizations and agencies to stay updated.


Gradient Gives Back Foundation is a truly remarkable program by the founders. This initiative has helped strengthen under-served communities and transformed them into progressively growing areas.

You can also contribute to this initiative by joining hands with the Gradient Gives Back Foundation. Visit the official Gradient Gives Back website for more details.

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