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Grants for Black Women – Overview

African-American women face many challenges when they plan to start their businesses or need funds to push them ahead. It’s difficult for them to find the resources to get financial support.

To help such women stand on their feet. Here, we have prepared a list of Grants for Black Women. These grants are specifically designed to support Black women entrepreneurs.

Recent data and studies indicate that Black women are among the fastest-growing groups of entrepreneurs in the US, and they lead a significant percentage of Black-owned businesses. This shows their enthusiasm for the business world.

Women are competing alongside men in this race. Many Organizations have emerged to support entrepreneurs seeking business funds.

Moreover, their interest in doing business is increasing year by year. Recent studies show significant growth in Black women entrepreneurship, but specific growth rates can vary by source and timeframe.

If we talk about the present scenario, this group of entrepreneurs, i.e., black women, have seen a drastic change in their businesses due to pandemics.

The pandemic period affected their businesses very badly, and to set up the businesses again, most of them are searching for resources from which they can get financial support.

Look at the resources or grants that can help black women financially. The list includes resources from different states and federal departments; one can choose the appropriate resources to apply.

Digest all the helpful information below about these resources before you apply.

30 Business Grants for Black Women 2023

Grants for Black Women

Grants for Black Women – Programs

1. The Amber Grant Program

The Amber Grant was started in memory of Amber Wigdahl, who was passionate about starting her own business but passed away before realizing her dream. The program aims to help women entrepreneurs fulfill their business aspirations by offering monthly grants.

To help such dreamers, the organization started a program to help such entrepreneur fulfill their dreams.

Every month, one winner is announced and given a $500 grant. At the end of the year, one of these monthly winners is awarded an additional $25,000, not $1,000.

In addition to the grant, entrepreneurs may seek further support through mentorship opportunities and potentially connect with angel investors as part of their growth strategy.

The application process for The Amber Grant Program is easy. Anyone can apply for this grant by giving a short introduction.

Apply for This Month’s Grant

2. The NABA Grant

NABA stands for the National Association of Black Accountants. NABA primarily offers scholarships to Black accounting students for their education. The association has distributed over $18 million through this grant program.

The funds are distributed among the brightest students who prove themselves before the core committee. The funds are given as a scholarship to all the selected students.

If we recall the previous data, the association provides over 70 scholarships to selected students yearly through this grant program. The prize money for the selected students may range from $1,000 to $10,000.

To apply for this grant program, the applicant must come from an ethnic minority. Since the grant money is distributed among the ethnic minority, black female students can apply for this grant within their academic studies to win the scholarship.

3. The New Voices Fund

The New Voices Fund was established with a focus on women of color entrepreneurs in various industries, not limited to those starting or expanding businesses, but also those seeking to grow their existing enterprises.

The founder of SheaMoisture started the program. SheaMoisture is a brand famous for skincare and healthcare products.

The funding program aims to provide financial assistance to women who want to establish or expand their existing businesses.

This way, black women can also apply for this grant program and start their businesses.

The program has over $100 million in funds to award. To receive the grant money, the applicant must have a strong business plan.

There is no bar for applicants as this program is open to all types of communities. However, they prefer it to be distributed among minorities more.

4. FedEx Small Business Opportunity Grant

FedEx is America’s most trusted transportation and e-commerce giant. FedEx offers the Small Business Grant Contest to provide financial grants and services to small businesses, with specific amounts and services detailed in contest rules.

The process is simple: Share your business story to be entered to win $25,000 in prize money.

FedEx is providing this opportunity to people with a solid business plan. The applicant must introduce themselves with their business model.

The finalists will have a chance to win the prize money, and after hearing their business stories, the audience will vote and select the winner.

5. Minority Business Development Agency

The Minority Business Development Agency is a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce that promotes the growth of minority-owned businesses. This agency primarily works for minorities and black women to provide funds and financial resources for their business development.

The program focuses on those who are just starting their business or have just started. The financial support would help them grow or establish the business properly.

The Agency provides various other grants to communities with solid business plans.

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs can apply for the grant by applying for the appropriate program. The required information is given on their official website.

6. National Black Nurses Association

The National Black Nurses Association offers scholarships to students in nursing or related healthcare fields. The program welcomes students at all levels to apply for financial assistance through this scholarship program.

The program focuses on students who are pursuing nursing or are from the field of nursing.

The scholarship ranges from $1,000 to $15,000. Those who have yet to gain nursing admission can also apply for the scholarship program to get admission and pursue their dream.

7. Gates Millennium Scholars Program

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program provides scholarships for minority students for undergraduate and graduate studies, not directly for entrepreneurship. It aims to financially support students in achieving their educational goals.

The program was designed for minority students who lack funds for their education. By providing funds for black women’s education, this program encourages them to become entrepreneurs and start businesses.

8. American Association of University Women

The American Association of University Women focuses on minority women and those seeking funds to pursue their education and achieve their degrees. The association helps black women achieve their educational goals.

The association provides funds in the form of scholarships and fellowships to selected students. Applicants must meet the criteria to be selected and win the scholarship prize.

9. National Black MBA Association

The National Black MBA Association organizes a scale-up Pitch Challenge annually to provide funding opportunities to needy minorities.

The challenge ends with four winners: the first-place winner gets $50,000, the second-place winner gets $10,000, the third-place winner gets $7,500, and the fourth-place winner gets 1,000. The fourth-place winner is called the People’s Choice Award.

The association has set up criteria. Every applicant must meet the criteria to participate and earn this award. The first requirement is the association with this group. An applicant must be associated with the National Black MBA Association.

The company must have half its employees from black minorities. The applicant must be 18 years old and above. Moreover, the business ideas must be solid enough to survive in this competitive market.

10. SoGal’s Black Founder Startup Grant

SoGal’s Foundation runs on a Global Platform to bridge the gap between all the communities. It aims to provide funds to needy entrepreneurs with a clear focus and solid business ideas.

The foundation works to provide financial assistance to black women as a grant to help them establish their businesses.

The company partners with many major global brands to fund such grants. Under this grant program, they have $5,000 and $10,000 grant programs for black women.

SoGal’s Venture team is always there to help the awardees accomplish their goal. The team will help and support them throughout their business establishment and share a knowledge base to improve their knowledge in their preferred business category.

Moreover, the same Venture Team helps awardees and applicants find even more opportunities to fund their businesses.

Black Women with solid business ideas should approach the venture team to learn more about the resources available to fund their small businesses.

11. Congressional Black Caucus Spouses

The Congressional Black Caucus Spouses has set up various grant programs and funding opportunities for black women. The association works to provide scholarships to black women to complete their educational dreams.

Moreover, multiple grant programs under this association provide financial support to black women running their businesses. Some grant programs help black women start their new small businesses.

12. Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program aims to provide financial assistance to black women and women from other minorities to accomplish their educational goals.

The organization helps black women stand on their feet by making them independent. Abused black women who have left their studies for any reason can apply for this program to fund their education.

13. National Physical Science Consortium

This organization aims to provide educational scholarships to black females. Black Women who want to pursue a doctoral degree in Physical Science can apply for this scholarship program under the National Physical Science Consortium program.

The scholarships are designed to encourage black females to accomplish their career goals. Educated women can generate new business opportunities in the future.

14. United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund is one of the oldest organizations in the world when it comes to distributing grants among minorities.

Interestingly, this funding program is entirely run online, meaning an applicant can apply for this grant online from anywhere.

The organization has been helping black women live their dreams by assisting them to accomplish their goals. Moreover, the same organization provides additional funding opportunities to those in need from their official website.

15. GirlBoss Foundation

The GilrBoss Foundation Program was designed to empower women entrepreneurs. The foundation has supported businesswomen from all communities, including African Americans, to accomplish their dreams by providing the required funds.

Since 2014, the GirlBoss Foundation has distributed over $130,000 in grant money to female entrepreneurs. The same foundation also mentors businesswomen with strong business ideas.

The uniqueness of this foundation is its knowledge base. The foundation encourages black women to get more information about business opportunities, tips, guides, and more to select the best business model.

Grants for Black Women

Grants for Black Women – Grants

16. National Council of Negro Women’s Grant

The National Council of Negro Women’s Grant is for the black community’s advancement in business. Black female entrepreneurs with solid business ideas and a passion for starting their companies can get funding opportunities from here.

Since funding opportunities for black women are limited, they face difficulties starting their businesses. However, The NCNW Foundation and many such organizations are there to help black women stand on their feet.

They also provide health care services at affordable rates in black communities, including for children and adults. This article covers everything you need to know about this organization.

Visit the official website

17. National Congress of Black Women

The National Congress of Black Women is a committee designed to empower black women. It’s a nonprofit organization that actively works for the betterment of the black community, especially black women with business minds.

The program helps thousands of people annually by providing various services and advice. It also runs an education program for youth of all communities, including African Americans. Moreover, it offers multiple resources for students and business people according to their requirements.

The organization provides funding opportunities and other expenses such as educational, cultural, health-related services, and much more for black communities. Black Women should approach them to get funds for their business.

Visit the official website

18. First Women Grant Program by iFundWomen (Applications Currently Closed)

The First Women Grant Program is open to women working in different industries. Black businesswomen can also apply for this grant to win a prize of $10,000. To participate in this grant program, a female has to present a video or imagery to describe their business.

The grant program provides various options for businesswomen to choose their preferred category. After seeing each participant’s video, the core committee will decide the winner.

Moreover, businesswomen can choose mentors who can guide them and provide funding opportunities to boost their businesses. For more information, visit their official website.

19. Lowe’s Small Business Grant for Minority and Black-Owned Businesses

Lowe’s is one of the reputed home improvement companies in the country. The company offers small business grants to help people start businesses by offering financial assistance. It offers a $25 million budget for rural Americans, including black-owned businesses and black women.

With Lowe’s Grant, small businesses can utilize this amount to pay rent and utilities. The exact amount can be used to pay outstanding debts to vendors and meet payroll. The owner can utilize this amount for other expenses, such as upgrading technology and immediate operational costs.

The company receives applications in rounds. You have to submit your application to receive the grant. If your application is rejected, you can re-apply for the funding in the next round.

Visit the Official Website

20. Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers provides career opportunities to women engineers from different fields and industries. The organization has been providing grants and other funding opportunities to underprivileged ones.

The organization welcomes female engineers from all communities, including blacks. Black female engineers can explore the available funding resources and other related information to empower their careers. From the same fund, women engineers can start and establish their businesses.

Visit the Official Website

21. Black Women’s Blueprint

Black Women’s Blueprint is a non-profit organization that actively works to empower black communities. The organization provides funding opportunities and other resources to help black communities live better.

Black female entrepreneurs can work with this organization to increase funding by inviting new investors. The organization provides black communities with healthcare services, groceries, and other essentials.

22. Verizon Grants for Women

Verizon, America’s leading telecommunication company, provides funding opportunities to black women to recover their businesses. Small businesses need additional funds to survive in their initial stage.

Verizon is offering a $500,000 grant under the Verizon Small Business Recovery Fund. (1)

Small businesses are worst affected during the pandemic. To help such enterprises stand again, Verizon has launched the Verizon Small Business Recovery Fund with big grant money. For more information, visit their official website.

23. Ford Foundation Grant for Black Women

Ford is a reputed independent organization known for creating grants for different types of communities and their needs. The Ford Foundation has raised $15 million for the Black Feminist Fund for black women entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the foundation works tirelessly to add more resources for black communities. During the pandemic, black women were the most affected, and many organizations have come forward to help them rebuild their businesses.

Visit the Official Website

24. Visa Grant for Black Women

Visa, an American Financial Services provider, partnered with the iFundWomen organization to offer $10,000 worth of grants to black women. Black-owned businesses searching for funding opportunities to boost their companies should apply for this grant.

Not just funding, but Visa offers free coaching and many other resources exclusively for black women who own and run businesses. This program will provide $10,000 to 10 participants. For more information about this grant, visit their official blog.

Visit the Official Website

25. SBA Grant for Black Women

Black Women who own food trucks and restaurants or are involved in other food businesses or services can get the SBA Grant. The SBA Grant for Black Women is exclusively designed for Black women associated with the food industry.

Restaurants and Food Businesses were worst affected by the pandemic, and this grant is designed to help black women re-establish their businesses. It is for everyone who owns a food business.

Those who need this grant money must narrate their business story and how their business was affected during the pandemic. The grant is open to not just black women, veterans, and other minority communities who can also apply for this grant.

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26. The Red BlackPack Fund

Women who own businesses now have many opportunities to fund their businesses. The Red BlackPack Fund is exclusive to women entrepreneurs who own businesses.

This grant is open to all women entrepreneurs, including nonprofit organizations. The organization accepts applications and selects the winners, who will receive the required funds and a $5,000 grant prize.

27. Black Girl Ventures

Black Girl Ventures is yet another platform for black women entrepreneurs with solid business ideas. Black women who want to start their businesses or need additional funds for their ongoing businesses can apply for this grant.

Moreover, the same platform offers mentorship, coaching programs, business ideas, and more to aspiring businesswomen from black communities. Black Girl Venture lets black women explore different funding resources and helps them meet with other like-minded people to grow together.

Visit the Official Website

28. SARE Grant Management System

The SARE Grant Management System is exclusively designed to empower farmer communities in rural areas in America. The program provides funding opportunities to black farmers and women working on farms with their family members.

The Grant Management System receives applications online through its website. The same platform helps black farmers access various funding opportunities and external resources.

Visit the Official Website

29. San Francisco Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund

The San Francisco Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund program was created to help women entrepreneurs looking for funding opportunities to establish their businesses. It is a joint project of MEDA. This program provides mini-grants to eligible candidates.

The fund must be utilized for small businesses and their upgrades. Under this program, a mini-grant worth $5,000 is given to women entrepreneurs. The same organization encourages other organizations to collaborate with it to improve opportunities for women entrepreneurs, including black women.

Visit the Official Website

30. Cartier Women’s Initiative Program

Cartier Women’s Initiative Program is another program designed to empower women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs from all communities, including blacks, can participate in this funding program.

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Program helps black women and other women entrepreneurs looking for funding opportunities to apply for this grant program. Eligible candidates will also get free coaching to start new ventures.

Visit the Official Website

The Bottom Line:

Women, empowered by their resilience and innovation, are increasingly impacting the business world. Supportive initiatives and grants are crucial in bridging the opportunity gap and fostering a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. The scenario shows that the number of women entrepreneurs is growing rapidly in the US.

Black Women have fewer opportunities than white ones, and for that reason, they always search for resources to get financial support over the web.

The above list helps black women accomplish their educational or business goals by getting financial support.

These programs offer additional business opportunities, mentors, financing resources, etc.

Grants for Black Women – FAQs

Q1. What are One Million Black Women’s Impact grants?

The primary goal of the One Million Black Women Initiative is to positively influence at least one million Black women’s lives by 2030. For two years, 50 Black women leading organizations may receive a general operational fund of $50,000 to $250,000.

Q2. Are black women eligible for business grants?

In the US, multiple Business grants are available to offer financial assistance to black women.  Some of these grants are only structured for Black women entrepreneurs, whereas others are designed for minorities, Black business owners, or all business owners.

Q3. What can black business owners do to address the opportunity gap?

Minority neighborhoods were the first to suffer from job losses and company closures. Recognizing the opportunity gap is the first step in closing it for Black-owned businesses. The next step is to give voice to the experiences of marginalized entrepreneurs.

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