Home Improvement Grants in Minnesota

Home Improvement Grants in Minnesota

Home improvement grants help families with no income or a low income to do the essential repair of their homes.

Minnesota families have an average household income of $57,288 per year, and about 73 percent of the population has no pending mortgage on their homes. But, still, some households need financial help to repair their homes.

Those households can take the help of home improvement grants in Minnesota and reduce their burden to some extent. However, there are certain conditions that one has to fulfill to qualify for any of the home improvement grants.

Home Improvement Grants in Minnesota

Home Improvement Grants in Minnesota

Home Improvement Grants Minnesota – Who can get these?

A home improvement grant is monetary help from the government and private organizations for low-income families in Minnesota.

Do you know the reason why people go after home improvement grants? The main reason is that these grants come for free, and you don’t have to return the amount you receive under these grants.

The Office of Division Grants Management and Oversight (ODGMO) of Minnesota looks after all the home improvement grants and other programs in Minnesota.

Applying for any home improvement grant does not guarantee you will successfully get it. Fulfilling the eligibility conditions is essential for each home improvement grant.

To increase your chances of getting a particular home improvement grant, try to determine the eligibility conditions. Read the eligibility conditions thoroughly, and it will help you greatly.

If you are eligible, don’t waste a minute applying for the grant. The sooner your application reaches the granting authority, the more chances you have to get the grant.

Home Improvement Grants Minnesota – What are the Options?

1. Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together can help you out in getting your home repaired. It has been helping people in the repair of their homes since 1997. The organization aims to sustain healthy neighborhoods.

Not everyone is eligible for the repair of their home. The ones that can avail the facility of this program include:

– Families with children
– Active and retired members of the armed services
– Individuals with disabilities
– Older adults

The repair work includes:

  • Weatherization & Energy Efficiency Improvements
  • Safety and Accessibility Modifications
  • General Repair & Maintenance

You can apply for this program at rtmn.org.

For more information on Rebuilding Together Minnesota, visit rtmn.org.

2. Hearts and Hammers

Hearts and Hammers is a non-profit organization that provides free-of-cost exterior painting and home improvement assistance to senior citizens, disabled individuals, and members of the United States Armed Forces.

Volunteers from corporations, churches, businesses, and organizations take charge of completing the repair work.

The work done under this program includes:

  • Constructing an accessibility ramp
  • Railings repair
  • Exterior painting
  • Walkway repair
  • Gutter Repair
  • Doors/Windows repair
  • Landscaping Renewal

To get a grant under this program, fill out your application at heartsandhammers.org.

For more information on this program, visit heartsandhammers.org.

3. Weatherization Assistance Program

Under the Weatherization Assistance Program, the state government provides eligible Minnesota residents free home energy upgrades to help them save energy.

The final aim of this program is to make your home a healthy and safe place to live.

Once your home qualifies for this program, an energy auditor comes to your home to evaluate whether your home requires weatherization. The auditor will leave no stone unturned to make your home energy efficient.

They will seal air leaks, add insulation, and check all electrical fittings to ensure they are in working condition. Moreover, if you have any energy reduction ideas, you can share them.

Work done under this program:

  • Air leakage reduction
  • Repair or replacement of water heater, boiler, and furnace
  • Exterior wall and attic insulation

For more information on the Weatherization Assistance Program, visit mn.gov.

4. City Home Improvement Grants

The City Home Improvement Grant is a grant program for the residents of Blaine City, Minnesota. The grant is available for homeowners who have a home:

  • Having an assessed value of $350,000 or less
  • It must be at least 30 years old

The City Home Improvement Grants further have two programs:

– Front Door Program

In the Front Door Program, you can receive a grant of up to $5,000 to improve your home’s curb appeal. Include at least one beautification project of at least $1,000, which is essential for this grant.

– Major Remodeling Program

Under the Major Remodeling Program, you can get up to $7,500 to add a bathroom, complete a basement, or gut a kitchen.

To receive the maximum amount, you must include exterior upgrades such as a new entrance or landscaping.

To get more information on City Home Improvement Grants, visit blainemn.gov.

5. Project Safe Haven

The Project Safe Haven program is for Saint Paul residents. Under this program, the Saint Paul Fire Department sends a crew of four firefighters to your home to check the working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

They will install new smoke and carbon monoxide alarms if your home is without alarms. Even if there is a need for a StoveTop Fire Stop, they will install the same.

The firefighters also help you plan for an emergency escape (in case of fire) and provide cooking and fire safety tips.
For more information on this program, visit stpaul.gov.


People with limited income can benefit from home improvement grants to get the necessary repairs to their homes done. This post lists grants and programs with complete descriptions to make your job easier.

Home Improvement and Repair Grants US Map (by State)

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