Financial Help for Child with Type 1 Diabetes

Financial Help for Child with Type 1 Diabetes – Overview

Financial help for children with type 1 diabetes is required to meet the costs of higher medical bills. It protects sick children by offering them excellent medical care.

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, a situation where the pancreas makes no or little insulin. Insulin is a crucial hormone that helps glucose, or sugar, get into cells for energy.

Without insulin, too much sugar stays in the blood. Current treatments for Type 1 Diabetes include taking insulin via injections or an insulin pump, alongside other management approaches like blood glucose monitoring and diet adjustments.

It is a daily struggle where a child goes through countless finger pokes to monitor blood glucose.

The treatment usually involves higher medical bills due to drug prescriptions and outpatient care. Thus, a child affected by type 1 diabetes needs financial assistance to deal with the high expenses.

Financial Help for Children with Type 1 Diabetes – What is Included in the Cost of Treatment?

Having a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes may come as a shock. A person living with type 1 diabetes, often diagnosed in childhood and previously called juvenile diabetes, will require insulin and supplies regularly throughout their life.

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Life-saving insulin usually comes with a high cost. Besides insulin, other things add to the cost of treatment. Therefore, families affected by type 1 diabetes need more financial assistance as the expense of caring is enormous.

  1. Lancets – These are the sharp, small objects used to prick the skin to draw a small drop of blood for testing glucose levels.
  2. Test Strips – These are small disposable strips that monitor blood sugar levels. They are the key components as they allow us to determine if the child is deteriorating or improving.
  3. Needles and Syringes – A variety of needles are required to inject insulin. Each needle can only be used for one injection to ensure sterility, and multiple injections require purchasing multiple needles, which increases costs.
  4. Alcohol Swabs – Injections are sensitive, and you must ensure that the area is clean before injecting insulin. Cleaning with alcohol swabs avoids complications by disinfecting the surface.
  5. Glucagon – Glucagon is used as an emergency treatment for severe hypoglycemia when blood sugar levels become dangerously low. Glucagon is administered to help the patient regain the average sugar level, taking it back to the non-emergency level.

Purchasing these supplies requires significant funds; the cost of lancets and test strips varies widely based on the type and frequency of testing.

Additionally, the glucose monitors and insulin pumps will cost hundreds of dollars. Without insurance, these medical requirements could drain all finances.

Glucagon kits can be expensive, and having them available for emergencies is crucial, separate from normal glucose management. Adding up all these expenses requires good financial sources.

Financial Help for Child with Type 1 Diabetes – Settle the Medical Needs

Medications can be a burden even for those who earn a lot. Financial help for children with type 1 diabetes provides support to walk through a painful and trying journey.

This assistance also helps families to cover the medical costs of this unfortunate incident.

  • Lilly Care

Lilly offers resources and programs to help people with the cost of insulin. The aim is to offer solutions that lead to reasonable insulin access. For more information, visit

  • Insure Kids Now!

The US Health and Human Services Department, through its ‘Insure Kids Now!’ program, offers access to health insurance for children under 19. Get your child’s health care with routine preventive care. For more information, visit

  • GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding offers great financial relief for parents who need support for their children’s medical expenses.

When government assistance is limited, GoGetFunding empowers you to raise money for critical medical expenses. Share your story and receive donations from the public.

  • The Children’s Diabetes Foundation

The Children’s Diabetes Foundation offers several programs to help families with diabetic children.

The mission of this foundation is to improve the quality of life of children living with type 1 diabetes. For more information, visit

  • United Healthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF)

The UHCCF provides financial assistance to families to improve the quality of life of their children.

Their mission is to help diabetic children and their families access medical grants. For more information, visit


Financial help for children with type 1 diabetes gives them a chance to live and enjoy life without constant worries.

It offers a sense of peace in the fight against Type 1 diabetes. So, cover your medicines and supplies and enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

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