Free Stuff for Autistic Children

Free stuff for autistic children is offered to make their lives easier. It also provides them with happy memories that make up for the tough times at a young age.

Everyone aspires and provides the best for their children. However, when raising an autistic child, the pressure becomes much more significant, as it leads to direct costs such as medical equipment requirements.

Fortunately, you need not feel alone at such times. Some great organizations provide support and assistance to the family with staff for autistic children.

Free Stuff for Autistic Children – Helping Children with Autism Thrive

No parent is ever prepared for anything for their child other than their well-being and happiness. An Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) especially can be frightening.

If you’ve recently found that your child has ASD, you may be worried and unsure how to help your child best.

One thing that you should know is that many treatments can help children overcome a wide variety of developmental challenges and acquire new skills.

From free federal government assistance to in-home behavioral therapy and school-based programs, support is available to meet the needs of an autistic child.

The free stuff for autistic children makes their lives easier, helping them grow, learn, and thrive.

Free Stuff for Autistic Children – Find Help and Support

Free Stuff for Autistic Children

Free Stuff for Autistic Children – Find Help and Support

Caring for a child with ASD demands a lot of strength, time, and money. The treatment involves providing solutions to a child’s unique needs and symptoms.

We all love free stuff, and when raising a child with disabilities, free stuff becomes a need where disability can be expensive.

Here is the list of the organizations that provide help to the family by focusing on products, services and money for children living with autism.

  • Free iPads, Apps and Speech Therapy

Autism kids usually face developmental difficulties. Free iPads, apps, and speech therapy are given to such kids to enhance communication, social and problem-solving skills.

Small Steps in Speech – It serves children with speech and language disorders. They accept applications and offer funds for supplemental treatments and therapies not covered by insurance, along with grants to purchase communication devices.

Danny’s Wish – Danny’s Wish allocates iPad awards to autistic kids. The received applications are approved and submitted to the lottery annually, where iPads are given out in April.

The Itaalk Autism Foundation – It offers an App Facilitator Program, providing children with the ability to communicate.

Autistic kids receive grant apps with a minimum cost of $25 and a five-year maximum. For more information, visit

  • Free Travel

Children with intellectual disabilities, such as those with autism, require special treatment through recreational activities and entertainment. Free travel opportunities increase the quality of life of an individual.

Angel Flight – A non-profit organization of pilots who believe in volunteering their services. They range transportation to places for families in need where they can get necessary medical care. For more information, visit

Autism Escapes – It is a non-profit organization that helps with air travel for those who want to get therapy for their autistic child.

Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation – When the treatment is available far from home, parents of an autistic child often struggle to find affordable accommodation.

The Believe In Tomorrow Children’s Foundation offers exceptional hospital and respite housing services.

If your child needs care from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, you can get a free stay. For more information, visit

First Hand Foundation – First Hand accepts grant applications for medical needs. It provides parking, gas money, and transportation costs for the child’s care, including medication, equipment and more. For more information, visit

National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass – A free lifetime pass to more than 2000 recreation sites is available to U.S. citizens with a permanent disability. Three fellow passengers can accompany them in the car.

  • Free Wheelchairs and Bikes

Children with special needs are unable to experience freedom and independence. However, with the support of wheelchairs and bikes, they can now improve their health status.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids – Wheelchairs 4 Kids provides wheelchairs, assistive equipment, and home and vehicle modifications to autistic children and their families.

Programs like Wheely Fun Days are also organized to take the kids out for fun adventures. For more information, visit

The Children’s Charity – This organization gifts manual and powered wheelchairs, adaptive bikes, walkers and other assistance equipment to children living with autism.

  • Free Books

Most children enjoy reading books that allow them to immerse themselves in the story. Autistic children are given access to free books.

National Library Service – The National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped offers a free library program with braille and audio materials given to eligible U.S. borrowers via postage-free mail. For more information, visit

Bookshare – it makes reading easier with an accessible online library for people with print disabilities. For more information, visit

Learning Ally – It offers audiobooks and learning tools to solve literacy problems. For more information, visit

  • Fun Stuff or Dream Fulfillment Programs

Various organizations fulfill the dreams of children with autism by providing them with their own things. Free stuff for autistic children is offered so that they feel happy and get the support that enhances their lifestyle.

Dream Factory: Dream Factory is a wish-granting organization that fulfills the dreams of chronically and critically ill children. For more information, visit

Make-A-Wish America – Make-A-Wish Foundation of America creates life-changing wishes for children having a ‘life-threatening condition’. The kids who fall between the age of 2.5 – 18 get their wish of a lifetime.


A disabled child needs special health care that can add to the costs. Various organizations help by providing free stuff for autistic children. These organizations also help families to meet the cost of expenses, no matter what their income. So, research thoroughly and good luck!

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