FDA Drug Shortage List

FDA Drug Shortage List – Overview

General public health depends upon various factors from which drugs play an important role. There comes a time when the state or the entire country has to face shortages of some drugs or medications. There could be many reasons why the drug shortage occurs. The Food and Drug Administration department has released the FDA Drug Shortage List.

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of treatments are done through drugs. The shortage of drugs can impact several other departments in the healthcare industry, such as medical procedures, operations, oncology treatments, health outcomes, and many others.

What Causes a Shortage of Drugs?

As noted above, there could be several reasons why drug shortage in a state or a country occurs. The primary reason behind the shortage of drugs is its quality problems. The secondary reason is the broken supply chain of raw materials. In some cases, the manufacturer discontinues producing drugs.

An agency works with both the manufacturing departments and the FDA to balance the supply chain and the production of such drugs. Both agencies work collaboratively to make the supply chain of drugs smoother.

Here’s the full list of the drugs that are currently unavailable in the market. The manufacturers are trying their best to bring these drugs back on the market. Due to some circumstances, they have to discontinue some of the drugs. Let’s check out the FDA Drug Shortage List as per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

FDA Drug Shortage List

FDA Drug Shortage List

FDA Drug Shortage List as per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

  1. Albuterol Sulfate Inhalational Solution
  2. Alprostadil Suppository
  3. Amifostine Injection
  4. Amino Acids
  5. Amoxapine Tablets
  6. Amoxicillin Oral Powder for Suspension
  7. Amphetamine Aspartate
  8. Amphetamine Sulfate
  9. Dextroamphetamine Saccharate
  10. Dextroamphetamine Sulfate Tablets
  11. Atropine Sulfate Injection
  12. Azacitidine for Injection
  13. Azithromycin Ophthalmic Solution 1%
  14. Bacteriostatic 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection
  15. Bacteriostatic Water for Injection
  16. Belatacept Lyophilized Powder for Injection
  17. Belladonna and Opium Suppositories
  18. Bumetanide Injection
  19. Bupivacaine Hydrochloride and Epinephrine Injection
  20. Bupivacaine Hydrochloride Injection
  21. Calcium Gluconate Injection
  22. Cefixime Oral Capsules
  23. Cefotaxime Sodium Injection
  24. Cefotetan Disodium Injection
  25. Chloroprocaine Hydrochloride Injection
  26. Chlorothiazide Oral Suspension
  27. Collagenase Ointment
  28. Conivaptan Hydrochloride in 5% Dextrose Plastic Container
  29. Conjugated Estrogens/Bazedoxifene Tablet, Film Coated
  30. Cyclopentolate Ophthalmic Solution
  31. Cytarabine Injection
  32. Dacarbazine Injection
  33. Desmopressin Acetate Nasal Spray
  34. Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
  35. Dexmedetomidine Injection
  36. Dextrose 10% Injection
  37. Dextrose 25% Injection
  38. Dextrose 5% Injection
  39. Dextrose 50% Injection
  40. Diazepam Rectal Gel
  41. Diflunisal Tablets
  42. Difluprednate Ophthalmic Emulsion
  43. Digoxin Injection
  44. Diltiazem Hydrochloride Injection
  45. Disopyramide Phosphate Capsules
  46. Dobutamine Hydrochloride Injection
  47. Dopamine Hydrochloride Injection
  48. Dulaglutide Injection
  49. Echothiophate Iodide Ophthalmic Solution
  50. Edetate Calcium Disodium Injection
  51. Enalaprilat Injection
  52. Epinephrine Injection, 0.1 mg/mL
  53. Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment
  54. Etomidate Injection
  55. Fentanyl Citrate Injection
  56. Floxuridine for Injection
  57. Fluorescein Strips
  58. Flurazepam Hydrochloride Capsules
  59. Furosemide Injection
  60. Gentamicin Sulfate Injection
  61. Guanfacine Hydrochloride Tablets
  62. Heparin Sodium and Sodium Chloride 0.9% Injection
  63. Hydralazine Hydrochloride Injection
  64. Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Ophthalmic Insert
  65. Hydroxyzine Pamoate Oral Capsules
  66. Ibutilide Fumarate Injection
  67. Indigotindisulfonate Sodium Injection
  68. Isoniazid Injection
  69. IV Fat Emulsion
  70. Ketamine Injection
  71. Ketorolac Tromethamine Injection
  72. Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder for Injection
  73. Lidocaine Hydrochloride and Dextrose Injection Solution-Premix Bags
  74. Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection
  75. Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection with Epinephrine
  76. Lithium Oral Solution
  77. Lorazepam Injection
  78. Mannitol Injection
  79. Mepivacaine Hydrochloride Injection
  80. Methyldopa Tablets
  81. Methylprednisolone Acetate Injection
  82. Metronidazole Injection
  83. Midazolam Injection
  84. Morphine Sulfate Injection
  85. Multi-Vitamin Infusion -Adult and Pediatric
  86. Neomycin Sulfate Tablets
  87. Nizatidine Capsules
  88. Oxybutynin Chloride Syrup
  89. Oxytocin Injection
  90. Paclitaxel Injection
  91. Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection
  92. Parathyroid Hormone Injection
  93. Pentostatin Injection
  94. Physostigmine Salicylate Injection
  95. Potassium Acetate Injection
  96. Potassium Chloride Concentrate Injection
  97. Remifentanil Injection
  98. Rifampin Capsules
  99. Rifampin Injection
  100. Rifapentine Tablets
  101. Ropivacaine Hydrochloride Injection
  102. Semaglutide Injection
  103. Semaglutide Injection
  104. Sincalide Lyophilized Powder for Injection
  105. Sodium Acetate Injection
  106. Sodium Bicarbonate Injection
  107. Sodium Chloride 0.9% Injection Bags
  108. Sodium Chloride 14.6% Injection
  109. Sodium Chloride 23.4% Injection
  110. Sodium Chloride Injection, 0.9% Vials and Syringes
  111. Sodium Phosphates Injection
  112. Sterile Water for Injection
  113. Streptozocin Sterile Powder
  114. Sucralfate Tablets
  115. Sufentanil Citrate Injection
  116. Sulfasalazine Tablets
  117. Tacrolimus Capsules
  118. Technetium Tc 99m Sulfur Colloid Injection
  119. Technetium TC-99M Mebrofenin Injection
  120. Technetium TC-99m Sodium Pertechnetate Generator
  121. Tirzepatide Injection
  122. Triamcinolone Acetonide Injectable Suspension
  123. Triamcinolone Hexacetonide Injectable Suspension
  124. Trimethobenzamide Hydrochloride Capsules
  125. Valproate Sodium Injection
  126. Vecuronium Bromide for Injection
  127. Verteporfin  Injection

The Bottom Line:

The above FDA drug shortage list keeps on updating. The status of these drugs changes once they are made available by the manufacturers. The drug shortage staff delivers data on such medicines and drugs.

The information is provided by the manufacturers of each drug. Most manufacturers share the data of their drugs regularly and that’s how the Food and Drug Administration department provides the data on the shortage of drugs.

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