How to Get Grants for Prescription Drugs Easily

Grants for Prescription Drugs – Overview

Prescription drugs are often expensive. This is the main reason many buyers tend to prefer insurance policies that offer to cover the cost of medicines. The regular cost of prescription medicines can be challenging. This is especially true if you are on multiple prescription medications.

There are several pharmaceutical companies, state/federal sponsored programs and nonprofit organizations across the US that offer assistance with grants for prescription drugs.

These assistance programs make it easier and more affordable to take care of one’s health. The funds from these programs have helped thousands of needy patients get their regular stock of prescription drugs without the attached expense.

If you cannot afford essential medication, then you may be eligible for grants for prescription drugs offered by corporations, organizations and government-sponsored programs.

Where to apply for grants for prescription drugs

Here’s a list of sources where you can apply for grants for prescription drugs in the US:

Where to apply for grants for prescription drugs

Where to apply for grants for prescription drugs

Patience Assistance Programs by Pharmaceutical Companies

To start the process for grants for prescription drugs from pharmaceutical companies, you must send an application to the drug company via mail. The application should contain details of your financial status.

You must visit the company’s official website and download the application form before submitting it online. Usually, your doctor/physician can guide you toward drug companies offering prescription drug grants.

Once the pharmaceutical company reviews your application, they will determine and notify you if you are eligible for the grant. Once approved, most companies tend to deliver a prescription drug supply to your home or doctor’s office. To renew the prescription, you or your doctor will need to apply for a refill a few weeks before your supply gets over.

To know more about such patient assistance programs by drug companies, we advise you to visit and learn the specific eligibility criteria and application details.

Pharmaceutical Company Rebates

As per the law, drug companies whose medicines are covered under Medicaid need to rebate a particular portion of the Medicaid payment to state governments and federal welfare programs that are engaged in helping people receive payment assistance.

If you do not have a deductible, or your prescription must be filled multiple times, you can get rebate benefits from the drug company.

Consult your physician to learn more about which drug companies offer rebates on prescription drugs.

State-run Assistance Programs

Around 1 out of 3 states in the US have active pharmaceutical assistance programs. These are usually designed for the disabled, the elderly, and those needing financial assistance. Though most states have ended their drug assistance programs since the Medicare Part D drug benefit and the closing of the Part D doughnut hole.

To know more about state-sponsored grants for prescription drugs, we recommend you consult your doctor or visit the Medicare official website for specific details.

Assistance Programs by Nonprofit Organizations

Numerous nonprofit organizations are engaged in providing grants for prescription drugs in the US. Some of the nonprofit groups that you can approach for assistance with prescription medicine include:

Partnerships for Prescription Assistance

This assistance program is sponsored by drug companies, physicians, patient advocacy organizations and civic groups. This program helps uninsured, low-income individuals to get low-cost or free branded prescription drugs.


NeedyMeds is a nonprofit organization with an extensive information database about patient assistance programs, state/federal assistance initiatives, drug discount offers, and free or low-cost healthcare. You can visit their website and search their database completely free of charge. Additionally, you will find immense information for thousands of similar healthcare assistance programs on the website.


This is an extensive online database of drug manufacturer-run programs that offer free or low-cost medications and copay assistance.

Center for Benefits

The National Council on Aging runs the Center for Benefits and shares information about assistance programs for disabled youngsters and low-income seniors.


This is yet another web-based resource database containing details for numerous programs offering prescription drug grants. The website will also offer detailed information on how to apply for the individual assistance programs listed on it.


This mail-order pharmacy is designed to help those with little or no insurance coverage get low cost or free prescription medications within the US.

Drug Discount Cards

Several states, retail pharmacies and nonprofit organizations offer drug discount cards. Some of these are even free, while you can get others for an annual fee or a low monthly charge. Buying only from reputable organizations, like NeedyMeds or AARP, is highly recommended.

Be careful, though, as many people report falling for fake discount drug cards. So, we advise you to do an in-depth inquiry before buying a drug discount card.


Numerous sources offer grants for prescription drugs in the US. You can choose from many state/federal funding programs, nonprofit organizations and offers from pharmaceutical companies to get affordable prescription medication.

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