What is the World Health Organization? Primary Targets

What Is the World Health Organization – Overview

The WHO, or World Health Organization, was founded in 1948. It connects different nations, people, and partners to keep the world safe by promoting health. Their primary goal is to offer everyone a chance to live a healthy and happy life. They are entirely dedicated to the well-being of everyone, everywhere.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations. They have representatives from every member state of the US. Thirty-Four qualified state representatives with backgrounds in clinical or public health make up the executive board of the World Health Organization.

Every five years, they elect a Director at WHO. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was elected as a director in 2017, and his terms expired in 2022. He was reappointed as a Director on 24th May 2022. The World Health Organization, with different causes and maintains multiple working groups and committees.

The Values of the WHO

The primary values of the World Health Organization are professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity. The WHO workforce reflects the principles of universality and human rights. Their primary mission is to keep the world safe by promoting health and serving the vulnerable.

  • The WHO always puts the people’s health interests first
  • Take independent actions, and their recommendations are also independent
  • Believe in transparent, fair, and timely decision making
  • Across all specializations and roles, the WHO upholds the highest standards of professionalism
  • They believe in continuous development
  • Always try to innovate to respond the constantly changing world
  • The WHO is guided by the best available evidence, science, and technical expertise
  • They always practice the advice they offer to the world
  • They prefer to hold themself accountable for their every action and words
  • The WHO believes in honesty, and they engage with everyone in good faith
  • They believe in the power of achieving something together
  • The WHO believes in diversity
  • They maintain an engagement with all their partners and colleagues to strengthen the impact
  • They believe in open c communication and always focus on learning from each other
  • Their primary goal is to make everyone feel safe, empowered, respected, and well treated
  • They promote different sustainable approaches to health
  • The WHO always defends everybody’s right to health

Primary Targets of the World Health Organization

What Is the World Health Organization

What Is the World Health Organization – Primary Targets of the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is currently working on a five-year (2019 – 2023) strategy to improve the health of the entire nation. They have triple billion targets to fulfill by the year 2023.

The experts at the World Health Organization dedicate themselves to creating a disease-free world. They want to address all the environmental and social conditions that can affect the well-being of everyone.

Universal Health Coverage

Their target is to deliver benefits to one billion more people from their universal health coverage program.

  • Universal health program offers primary and preventive health care to everyone
  • They offer different health products and medicines according to people’s requirements
  • They have financial protection and sustainable financing for the people
  • They offer workplace training for their health workers
  • They also offer labor protection for their employees

Protection from Health Emergencies

The WHO aims to protect one billion more people from all health emergencies.

They want to prepare countries to detect any health emergencies, respond appropriately and achieve fast recovery. This health emergency includes disease outbreaks, pandemics, humanitarian crises, and natural disasters.

WHO wants to develop a global system that can do the following –

  • The system must be able to predict and prevent emergency risks
  • The system must offer support to communities and help them respond to any health emergencies
  • It must be able to assess the safety, availability, and efficacy of all the emergency heal products
  • It can deliver fair global access to resources and healthcare services, including therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics
  • It can also support on-the-ground care to protect the vulnerable

Health and Well-being

The WHO aims to deliver good health and well-being to one billion more people. They encourage all the communities to handle the root cause of any health problems. Their primary goal is to promote wellness and manage all the psychosocial, environmental, and physical health risks. The WHO wants to improve the environmental and social factors that play an essential role in maintaining your health.

  • They want everyone to receive clean water and clean air
  • They believe everyone should experience safe roads
  • They promote exercise and healthy eating
  • They want to prevent any injury or violence

Research Work and World Health Organization

The World Health Organization can bring all the global healthcare professionals and healthcare researchers together. Their primary goal is to promote research, especially in emergencies. It is necessary to organize quick research and figure out a way to prevent, respond and recover from highly pathogenic diseases or health emergencies, including pandemics and natural disasters. Researchers must gather and share available knowledge and evidence to find solutions in certain situations.

WHO Academy

The WHO Academy is the learning center of the World Health Organization. It can offer knowledge for anyone who desires to improve their health. WHO Academy is still under development. People from around the world, including healthcare providers, can take their online and offline courses.

The academy will offer personalized guidance to each of its students. With proper guidance, each one of these students will be able to learn to improve health and well-being in their community. The primary focus of this academy will be delivering learning in education, health, knowledge, and technology.


The primary goal of the WHO is to deliver health and well-being to everyone and promote wellness. Their research work and disease prevention programs can prevent, respond and recover ant health emergencies like pandemics, natural disasters, etc.

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