5 Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey

Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey

Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey

Durable medical equipment suppliers in New Jersey have improved quality and services over the years. This improvement is because of the position in the health care index.

New Jersey stands firm at the 4th position in the list of states with the best health care in the US.

New Jersey is doing well, competing with states like Hawaii (number one), Connecticut, and California in the healthcare index. 

Such a high ranking in the list was made possible because of the Government of New Jersey.

If you fulfill the criteria set by the health department, a qualifying NJ resident is eligible for free or low-cost healthcare.

It is covered under their NJ Family Care health program.

The low cost of healthcare and Government schemes have made healthcare accessible to people.

However, finding durable medical equipment suppliers is crucial to making these schemes feasible and operational.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for durable equipment across the globe.

Medical equipment suppliers and manufacturers have also expanded their product portfolio to help with the growing demand.

Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey – Why is There a Need?

It is essential to acquire durable medical equipment as these will be used to treat people.

Irrespective of the medical condition, the product must be of top-tier quality and durable. One fault in the product can cause damage to a person, which might lead to severe health risks.

The medical equipment suppliers industry contributes to the world with its advancements.

These advancements in the industry are helping suppliers develop more specific and advanced products.

Some equipment has cutting-edge technology that comes in handy in cardiac monitoring, brain monitoring, sharing health data, etc.

List of Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey

1. Delcrest Medical Products Inc.

Since 1963, Delcrest Medical has contributed considerably as a durable medical equipment supplier in New Jersey.

They are the largest suppliers of home health products in the New Jersey area. Our wide range of medical products consists of:

  • Mobility products
  • Stair glides
  • Hospital beds
  • Lift chairs
  • Bath safety products and more

Moreover, Delcrest Medical is recognized by Medicare and satisfies the guidelines of Medicare Supplier Standards.

Along with durable medical equipment, Delcrest also offers health insurance plans. Furthermore, the company also provides a rental facility for most equipment.

Visit the website to learn more about the products.

2. Sunrise Surgical Supplies

Sunrise Surgical and Medical Supplies have been in the business of providing medical equipment for several years.

Catering to the needs of people and centers of Central Jersey, Sunrise Surgical has a wide range of products. They are well-known for their highly trained staff that offers friendly service paired with expert advice.

Sunrise Surgical Supplies are dedicated to offering educational information to their clients along with the product.

In addition to the sale of medical equipment, the company also provides rental services on several pieces of equipment. The list of products available on their website is:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Lift chairs
  • Knee walkers
  • Transport chairs
  • Scooters and many more
Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey - Know Here

Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers in New Jersey – The List

3. West Orange Family Pharmacy

West Orange Family Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy operating in West Orange, New Jersey.

The pharmacy has been working for years to offer quality service to the area’s residents. The store has equipment and medication for patients and pets.

The pharmacy is the preferred distributor of durable medical equipment, walking sticks, surgical instruments, wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches, canes, etc.

In addition to this, the pharmacy offers bed pads, adult incontinence, blood testing strips and glucose monitors, nebulizers, and several other medicinal supplies.

West Orange Family Pharmacy also offers vitamins, supplements, CBD oils, and other prescribed medicines. The pharmacy accepts insurance claims from Medicare, NJ Medicaid, and Family Care.

Visit the West Orange Family Pharmacy to learn more about the products and to buy them.

4. J&J Pharmacy

In 1952, J&J Pharmacy was in the business for over 70 years, opening its gates to the general public. J&J Pharmacy has been consistent with the quality of durable medical equipment supplied by them.

For years, they have been working with healthcare providers to offer superior quality products to hospitals and patients.

J&J Pharmacy sells medicines, vaccines, and other hard-to-find products. Moreover, they specialize in selling over-the-counter products and other medical supplies.

The store also has doorstep delivery to ask for a refill on the website, and their associates make the delivery. The wide range of products offered by them are:

  • Bathroom safety products
  • Breastfeeding pumps
  • Walkers, wheelchairs, and canes
  • Foot care products
  • Vitamins and medicines
  • Nebulizers and other accessories
  • Braces and other supports for physical injuries

Two different outlets in New Jersey make things more accessible for people as they cover a larger area.

5. Lincoln Medical Supply

Since 1950, Lincoln Medical Supply has delivered quality durable medical equipment to a famous medical store in New Jersey.

They are among the biggest suppliers of health-related products and services across the state.

The store has a team of customer service executives, billing associates, and therapists to help people with their needs.

Paul Reses, the CEO and COO of Lincoln Medical Supply have a Bachelor of Science and Pharmacy degree from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia.

Lincoln Medical Supply is a 3rd generation family-owned business that offers quality products and premium service.

They offer a wide range of products that includes:

  • Home oxygen cylinders and medical equipment
  • Wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters
  • Medical beds and mattress
  • Crutches
  • Fitted orthotic braces

The supplier also has a delivery service, i.e., the delivery executives can deliver products to your doorstep.

Moreover, the delivery technician would set up the equipment and tutorial on how the product works. Medicare and private health insurance plans are also accepted at the store.

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