5 Best Medical Alert Devices

Medical alert devices are truly life-saving products. These are highly recommended for seniors, the mobility challenged, and others vulnerable to emergency health problems.

To help you make the best choice, we’ve listed the best medical alert devices for different needs. These devices have been selected from the lot because of their dependability and affordability.

Top 5 Medical Alert Devices to Buy

Here’s our list of the top medical alert devices to buy:

Top 5 Medical Alert Devices to Buy

Top 5 Medical Alert Devices to Buy

1 – Medical Guardian (Recommended for Active Seniors)

Medical Guardian ranks on this list because of the A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The Medical Guardian alert device offers quick response, is easy to use and has excellent customer service.

Medical Guardian is a well-designed product with a vast selection of built-in and add-on features.

Active seniors can choose between three separate on-the-go devices, which include longer battery life and hi-tech location detection.

Highlights of Medical Guardian

  • US$ 29.95 (at-home systems) / US$ 39.95 (on-the-go systems) package costs
  • 1,300 to 1,400 feet device range
  • AT&T, Landline, or Verizon Cellular connections
  • US$ 10 / month for the Fall Detection feature
  • Extensive indoor range
  • Location tracking for caregivers (some devices)
  • TMA 5-Diamond Certified monitoring center
  • Water-resistant

To learn more details about Medical Guardian, you can visit the official website at https://www.medicalguardian.com

2 – Aloe Care Health (Recommended for those with Mobility Challenges)

The Aloe Care Health alert device is another excellent choice, especially for those with mobility challenges. It comes with advanced quick-response motion, air quality and temperature sensors.

The device also connects you directly to the central monitoring center. This helps the monitoring center caregivers to look after you more effectively.

Plus, it allows multiple caregivers to stay connected simultaneously, which is extremely crucial in emergencies.

The Hub is the central piece of the Aloe Care Health device. It has some of the most advanced sensors to ensure your safety and comfort. The Hub, central to the Aloe Care Health system, integrates advanced sensors for safety and comfort, supporting effective monitoring

These features can be monitored by your caregiver using a complementary smartphone app.

Studies show that individuals with mobility challenges are at a higher risk of falling. Hence, the Aloe Care Health device has additional security features to ensure a prompt emergency response.

The advanced motion sensors in the device are an additional advantage.

These quickly transmit alerts to your caregivers in case they detect any changes in your usual movement patterns. The device is also placed in an SOS for help if the movements suddenly halt.

Highlights of Aloe Care Health

  • US$ 99.99 (equipment fee/free shipping for new customers) charges
  • US$ 24.99 (on-the-go systems) / US$ 29.99 (at-home systems) package costs
  • 200 feet device range
  • AT&T Cellular connection
  • TMA 5-Diamond Certified monitoring center
  • Motion, air quality, and temperature sensors for remote monitoring
  • Wall-mounted fall detector for bathrooms
  • Location, Detection for constant monitoring by caregivers
  • 30-day risk-free trial period available

3 – MobileHelp (Recommended for those who are Restricted to Home)

The MobileHelp alert device is best suited if you spend most of your time at home. This amazing medical alert device offers not two but three at-home systems, each with great features.

The first system, MobileHelp Wired, was designed for those who use landline phones. It packs a range of over 600 feet and comes at a considerably lower monthly price.

Using the Classic System, you can also boost the range to 1,400 feet. This system uses a dedicated MobileHelp cellular connection at affordable monthly charges.

The third system, called MobileHelp Touch Classic, is an advanced and efficient tablet. It has the usual medical alert features, such as an emergency help button to alert the monitoring center.

It also lets caregivers track their movements in real time and gives medication reminders.

Highlights of MobileHelp

  • US$ 19.95 (at-home systems) / US$ 39.99 (on-the-go systems) cost
  • 600 to 1,400 feet device range
  • AT&T Cellular and Landline connections
  • US$ 10 additional per month for the Fall Detection feature
  • Offers free trial period
  • Provides attractive referral program
  • Various systems and features to choose from
  • Medication reminders are also available
  • Different options for couples

To learn more about the MobileHelp alert device, visit the official website at https://www.mobilehelp.com/.

4 – Lively (Recommended for those with Weakened Fine Motor Skills)

A lively medical alert device is highly recommended for you if you suffer from Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and similar conditions.

These conditions affect fine motor skills, which makes it gradually difficult to hold small objects, such as conventional medical alert devices and smartphones.

Hence, the Lively medical alert system could be the right choice for you.

Lively is equipped with advanced features that enhance efficiency. It is compatible with both smartphones and flip phones.

The smartphone-based alert system has more features and is helpful for those struggling with using their fine motor skills normally.

The Jitterbug Smart2, Lively’s smartphone alert device, has internet connectivity.

You can also use it to send texts, click pictures, etc. It has senior-friendly features, such as voice typing and enlarged text fonts.

The Lively Wearable can be bought for an additional monthly fee. It is designed to be worn around the neck and has a bold emergency help button.

It can also automatically detect falls and send an alert immediately to the monitoring center.

Highlights of Lively

  • US$ 24.99 (on-the-go systems) / US$ 14.99 (Jitterbug phone plans) costs
  • Verizon cellular connection
  • US$ 10 for Fall Detection with Mobile Plus / Free Fall Detection with Wearable 2
  • Easy to navigate smartphone cum medical alert device
  • Excellent referral program
  • The built-in camera in the smartphone
  • Various accessories to choose from
  • Schedule appointments or rides with Lyft through a personal operator

To learn more about additional features and extra costs for Lively, you can choose to visit its official website at https://www.lively.com/.

 5 – Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical alert systems are best suited for those on a tight budget. However, this does not mean that they come with fewer features. This medical alert system provides reliable service at a greatly competitive price.

Bay Alarm Medical alert devices include a Smartwatch option. It can also be bought as a decorative pendant with a discrete but easily accessible help button.

The reason for this system’s immense popularity is that it comes with a pre-lock guarantee.

Highlights of Bay Alarm Medical

  • US$ 19.95 (at-home systems) / US$ 29.95 (on-the-go systems) costs
  • 1,000 feet device range
  • AT&T and Landline connections
  • US$ 10 per month additional for the Fall Detection feature
  • Extremely affordable with low monthly fees
  • Risk-free trial offered
  • TMA 5-Diamond Certified monitoring center
  • Caregiver tracking option available
  • Smartwatch available as a wearable medical alert device

To learn more about the additional features and plan prices, visit the official website at https://www.bayalarmmedical.com/.

Medical Alert Devices Comparison Table

DeviceMonthly feeEquipment feeActivation feeRange (at-home systems)
Medical GuardianUS$ 29.95US$ 124.95 None1.400 feet
Aloe Care HealthUS$ 24.99US$ 149.9 +None200 feet
Mobile HelpUS$ 19.95US$ 7.99US$ 99.95600-1,400 feet
LivelyUS$ 24.99US$ 49.99 +US$ 35Not Available
Bay Alarm MedicalUS$ 19.95US$ 99 +None1,000 feet


These are the 5 best medical alert devices to buy. Each medical alerting system has been chosen for its unique features and plans.

Make sure to talk to the company representative to ensure that you make the right purchase.

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