Does Walgreens Take Tricare?

Does Walgreens Take Tricare Does Walgreens Take Tricare

Does Walgreens Take Tricare – Overview

Tricare is connected to multiple pharmaceutical companies all around the US. In this article, we will talk about the connection between Walgreens and Tricare.

What is Walgreens?

Does Walgreens Take Tricare

Does Walgreens Take Tricare – What is Walgreens?

Walgreens operates the second largest chain of pharmaceutical stores after CVS Health. It is an American company that specializes in health and wellness products, prescription refills, and photo services.

Walgreens was founded in the year 1901 in Chicago. The first headquarters of Walgreen was at Deerfield, Illinois. The Switzerland-based Alliance Boots merged with Walgreens on December 31, 2014. Together they formed a new company named Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Does Walgreens take Tricare?

When CVS Pharmacy left Tricare, Walgreens officially rejoined the Tricare pharmacy network with a goal to offer healthcare services nationwide.

Tricare users can always refill their prescriptions from Walgreens pharmacies. They do not have to pay any extra charges for essential healthcare services.

Walgreens offers its services to all Tricare beneficiaries, military retirees, and Tricare for Life users. The Tricare pharmacy network added around 8,000 Walgreens stores on December 1, 2016.

Different Walgreens pharmacies have joined the Express Script Inc. network with the purpose of serving Tricare beneficiaries across the United States.

Walgreens was connected to the Tricare pharmacy network before. However, they left Tricare due to some contract dispute in 2011. There were some problems with the reimbursement rate from the drug contractor Express Scripts of Tricare.

All the Walgreens stores left the Tricare network after this reimbursement issue. During this phase, the expected annual income of Walgreens company was around $5.3 billion from the system.

However, later the Walgreens company resolved all the complications with Express Scripts and rejoined the Tricare network. This time they wanted to work more closely to observe and improve the transition process and develop their services.

According to Express Scripts, more than 56,000 stores are covered by the Tricare network, including Walgreens, Rite, and supermarkets like Publix or Kroger. Tricare offers healthcare coverage for 9.6 million users all across the globe.

The objective of Walgreens is to offer updated healthcare services to increase the quality of the US security and Defence Department.

Their quality care and services can improve military operations and their system. Individuals who are entrusted with Walgreens services sustain their health and improve their lifestyles.

What Does Walgreens Offer to Tricare Users?

Walgreens offers multiple services for current and retired military workers and their families. However, you can always visit your nearby Walgreens store to understand more about your benefits.

At Walgreens, you can refill your prescriptions whenever you want. You can choose your convenient location from more than 8000 Walgreens stores all across the country.

Walgreens also has thousands of drive-through and 24-hour pharmacies that offer prescription refills.

You can also receive gentle reminders for your prescription refill via text message or email. Their mobile application can help you manage all your prescriptions in an easier way.

You can scan your prescription using this app and get a refill from the comfort of your house. This application allows you to set a reminder so that you can take your pills on time. With this application, you will be able to submit all your insurance information when required.

If you ever have any questions about your health or medical condition, you do not have to wait for your next appointment. Walgreens offers 24-hour chat support to solve all your questions and speed up the process.

How Can You Use the Walgreens Facilities?

There are three primary ways to receive services from Walgreens.

  • Download the Walgreens application or create an online account on their official website. You can inquire about all of their services and update your prescription there to get a refill.
  • You can always visit your nearby Walgreens store and enquire about your queries.
  • You can call your local Walgreens pharmacy and seek the answers you want.

Some Important Points About Walgreens

  • All the data rates and message charges are applicable every time you use these facilities.
  • You may receive an ongoing text when your prescriptions are ready to be refilled or picked up.
  • Generally, they use an automatic telephone dialing system to send all these messages.
  • Walgreens stores offer discounts for purchasing prescriptions. Every time you join the Walgreens Prescription Saving Club, you might be able to save close to 80% off of the club’s cash retail prices.
  • Nevertheless, you can not receive these benefits in conjunction with any other insurance policies or benefit programs.
  • Any insurance or coverage plan does not provide discounts for the Walgreens Prescription Saving Club Program.
  • You have to pay $20 per year for a single individual and $35 per year for your entire family to receive the membership of this plan.
  • With this membership, you can buy certain healthcare products at huge discounts.
  • However, the discount rate may vary every time, based on your purchase and the types of the products. No healthcare provider may charge you more than the range of your discounted prices.
  • The healthcare providers here do not receive any payments from the program. Only the members can give them a discounted price after receiving the service.
  • If you want, you can cancel your membership within a maximum of 30 days from the effective enrollment. In this situation, you will receive a full refund from the program.


Walgreens rejoined Tricare with the goal of providing healthcare services to military officials and retirees. Their purpose is to improve the healthcare system at the military department and promote health.

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