Does Walgreens Deliver Prescriptions?

Walgreens Prescriptions Delivery – Overview

Walgreens Boots Alliance, or WBA, is a healthcare pharmacy and retail leader. They serve millions of patients and customers every day. It is a trusted global innovator with around 315,000 team members and 13,000 locations. They have a variety of medications that are used to treat different ailments.

Walgreens has products you can buy without a prescription and products you can only buy with prescriptions. They have multiple restrictions on selling prescription drugs to prevent the misuse of medication.

Different Product Categories Offered by Walgreens

Walgreens delivers products to its customers in different categories.

  • Holiday shop
  • Beauty
  • Contact lenses
  • Cold, cough, and flu
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Home healthcare solutions
  • Medicines and treatments
  • Fall and winter
  • Personal care
  • Grocery
  • Games, toys, and books
  • Gift cards
  • Household essentials
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Sexual wellness
  • Kids and baby
  • Pet Essentials
  • Home goods
  • Walgreens brand
  • Halloween
  • Electronics and office
  • Caregiver essentials

Deals and Offers

They offer several offers and deals for their customers.

  • Weekly online deals
  • Weekly Ad
  • Sale
  • Clearance
  • Walgreens Brand
  • Auto-Reoder and save
  • Walgreens cash rewards

Does Walgreens Deliver Prescriptions?

Yes. Walgreens offers two different prescription delivery services. It takes 1 to 2 business days to deliver a prescription when ordering an eligible prescription. General prescription shipping with Walgreens is free and offers the option to receive text messages when the order is ready.

For non-Rx prescriptions, it takes 5 to 10 business days for the order to be delivered, free of charge.  This option is not available in the state of Mississippi. Shipping times may take longer to deliver due to prescription type, weekends, holidays or other limitations.

How Many Delivery Options Does Walgreens Offer?

Does Walgreens Deliver Prescriptions

Does Walgreens Deliver Prescriptions – 4 Delivery Options

Overnight and Expedited online shipping are paid services that can deliver the prescription within two days. Standard online shipping can offer free shipping. With this standard shipping, you can receive your order within five days.

How Can You Get Free Prescription Delivery From Walgreens?

The delivery services at Walgreens offer free delivery for their customers.

  • Standard online shipping
  • Walgreen Express TM delivery

Walgreen Express TM delivery takes more than two days to deliver your prescriptions. However, this delivery service is fulfilled by FedEx.

Standard online shipping takes more time to deliver. You can receive your prescriptions within ten business days with this particular service.

Does Walgreens Deliver All the Prescriptions?

No. Walgreens does not deliver all the prescriptions. However, you can find most prescriptions there. People can easily misuse prescriptions. They do not deliver specific prescriptions that contain controlled substances. You need to store these controlled substances in a particular environment. They also do not deliver products financed by insurance or healthcare programs.

You can always contact your nearby Walgreens pharmacy to clarify any doubts. You can call them to find out whether or not they can deliver the prescription you require.

How Do You Get Walgreens Delivery?

First, you must file your prescription via the Walgreens Online Pharmacy Solution. Next, select the “Ship to You” option from the “Checkout” page. You can choose your preferred online shipping option according to your requirements. You can select based on how long you are willing to wait and how much you will pay for the delivery.

After choosing it, you can finalize your order and pay using your preferred method. However, the procedure can be a little different for ordering via Walgreens Express Delivery.

The Best Way to Enroll in Walgreens Express Delivery

The process used by Walgreens Express Delivery differs from that of the other delivery options. The majority of the time, FedEx handles this delivery method. This procedure is not overly complicated. It is straightforward.

You must first sign up for Walgreens Express to use this delivery service. You must text ‘JoinRX’ at 21525 to join their SMS text message notification service. This way, you can enroll yourself for this delivery service and allow yourself to access it.

How to Know if Your Prescription Is Ready or Not?

You can always check the status of your prescription by visiting the Walgreens website. Once you open the website, you must go to the “Order Status” page.

You can always visit their website and sign up for regular updates about your prescription via email and text. This is a much better option than checking the order status frequently.

This way, you will be able to know as soon as your prescription is ready. You can save time by avoiding the hassle of manually checking the status.


Walgreens has multiple methods to deliver prescriptions according to its customers’ requirements. You can choose your preferred delivery method depending on how long you are willing to wait and how much you can pay.

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