Does CVS Take Tricare in 2024

Does CVS Take Tricare – Overview

Tricare offers multiple healthcare benefits to a specific group of individuals. To understand if CVS takes Tricare, you must understand what CVS and Tricare do.

What is CVS

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. is a purpose-driven American retail company. CVS focuses more on its millions of patients, customers, and members. Their primary goal is to make everyone’s lives healthier.

Does CVS Take Tricare

Does CVS Take Tricare – What is CVS?

With its digital channels, local presence, and dedicated colleagues, CVS can take several initiatives to improve the healthcare of the entire community.

CVS company generally works effectively on multiple healthcare problems in the country. They try to offer affordable, accessible, and human-centered care to fulfill the requirements of Americans.

What is Tricare

Tricare generally works like government-managed health insurance programs for the US military. Tricare connects medical resources with the military health system to protect and improve the healthcare system there.

They offer multiple healthcare programs for former and current service members and their families. Each of their programs offers different medical coverage with considerable benefits.

Tricare and CVS

Tricare retail pharmacy network has more than 56,000 pharmacy locations, including grocery chains, national chains, and independent pharmacies.

In 2016, CVS company left the Tricare network due to an unresolved negotiation. However, after five years of break, the CVS pharmacy returned to the Tricare network in December 2021.

CVS may give beneficiaries access to 10,000 pharmacy locations, including some target stores.

Does CVS take Tricare

Yes, CVS accepts Tricare. (1) CVS has multiple programs and offerings for military members and their families under Tricare coverage.

If you already have a prescription, transferring your prescription to CVS can take three simple steps. It will hardly take a few minutes to start the application process.

CVS Minute Clinic

The CVS Minute Clinic program is an exciting method for most users to utilize Tricare facilities. It is a type of healthcare facility for military personnel and their families. Their primary focus is to improve the healthcare process and increase efficiency.

Minute Clinic offers virtual care, health insurance, easy payments, and other healthy and comfortable lifestyle services. It is a very popular walk-in program that can deliver multiple medical options.

Minute clinics are available daily, which benefits military employees and their families because some are always on the go.

Most Minute Clinics accept Tricare to offer healthcare services. However, you must double-check if the selected Minute Clinic is on your Tricare coverage plan list. You can always find your local Minute Clinic listed on the official CVS website.

Vaccines and Tricare

Multiple CVS stores have been transformed into official sites for COVID-19 vaccination since 2020. Tricare-eligible beneficiaries can make COVID-19 vaccination appointments for free from the CVS website.

Dependants eligible for Tricare coverage can enroll for the COVID-19 kids vaccine from CVS without cost. Certain CVS stores also offer flu vaccination under Tricare coverage.

Glasses and Contracts

Tricare does not cover CVS’s eye care services. However, using the CVS application can save you a lot of money. The beginning price of the glasses here is around $79. You can receive some great deals on contact lenses as well.

CVS vision programs are quite pocket-friendly and easily accessible. You can always make an appointment through their application to check the status of your order.

CVS Pharmacy and Tricare Benefits

CVS joined the Tricare network in 2021. Tricare Pharmacy is not much different from standard insurance options.

Almost 15,000 independent pharmacies left the Tricare network in the year 2022. However, CVS still takes Tricare and offers multiple benefits. You can get different scripts covered by Tricare from your nearest pharmacies.

However, you can always check their official website if you are unsure about your insurance coverage.

For example, you must only show your insurance card and prescription to the pharmacist to receive an RX field. You can also upload a picture of your insurance card on the CVS application to receive the benefits.

They can always contact you via the application or phone number if they experience complications with your Tricare insurance or prescription coverage.

How to Use the CVS Application?

CVS has multiple programs or benefits to offer you. It is not just a place to refill your prescriptions. CVS can guide you through every step of your medical journey, from the common cold to any chronic disease.

However, it would help if you stay updated about your medical requirements. Keep checking the Tricare coverage options through the application.

CVS applications can help you manage your prescriptions and medical details, schedule an appointment, schedule your vaccine, receive an instant prescription refill, and receive medical deliveries at your doorstep.

You can also receive multiple discounts and save much money using the application. The CVS application is available at Google Play Store and Apple Store. Once you download and install the application, you must create an account with your phone number or email ID.

You may need to add more details, like your date of birth or gender. Next, you must upload a picture of your Tricare insurance card and start using the benefits.


CVS offers multiple benefits under Tricare coverage. With a Tricare insurance card, you can get certain services from your nearby CVS location and mobile application.

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