Community Medical Group

Community Medical Group – Overview

Community Medical Group (CMG) is one of the foremost choices of respected healthcare providers. CMG is renowned as Florida’s top choice of Medicaid and Medicare healthcare providers. Here, the string of highly experienced healthcare professionals ensures to provide excellent care whenever you need it.

CMG operates an increasing number of medical and specialty care centers across Florida to provide the best treatment to every patient. Each CMG healthcare center has a staff of highly-competent physicians and experienced multilingual nursing staff.

The CMG healthcare centers are equipped with the most cutting-edge diagnostic and testing laboratories, all in a single, convenient location. Every CMG clinic is fully automated and has electronic health records.

Why Choose Community Health Group?

The Community Medical Group, as the name suggests, is focused on being a part of the local community. It aims to provide measurable, compliant and comprehensive healthcare services constantly to the community it serves. Its goal is to improve patients’ health with dedication, professionalism and compassion.

Community Medical Group

Why Choose Community Health Group?

CMG is the leading value-based medical group in this part of Florida. It is currently the leader in the emerging market and provides preventive medicine as well as social services to the community it serves. It is on a mission to provide communities with high-quality healthcare through measurable outcomes and comfortable patient experiences.

Community Medical Group is a partner of the renowned Office of Economic Self-Sufficiency organization. This helps the group to help families apply for Medicaid, Medicare, Temporary Cash Assistance, and Food Stamps, among other aids.

Besides this, CMG is also associated with and works closely with the DCF (Department of Children and Families) and has WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) offices in several of its locations across Florida.

Who Does Community Medical Group Serve?

Community Medical Group has 16 medical centers across Miami, two of which are specialty care centers. You can expect to get prompt appointments at any CMG location. You can choose to make the appointment for the same day or simply walk in to seek medical care.

If you need specialty medical care, CMG can schedule an appointment promptly. Patients are even called to remind them about upcoming appointments so they don’t miss them.

Patients are treated promptly at every CMG center. In-house professionals and laboratories perform all healthcare services. These include everything from regular physical examinations and specialist care all the way to laboratory testing and diagnostic services. This ensures that patients get comprehensive health care under one roof.

Apart from the competent specialty care services offered at CMG medical centers in Miami-Dade County, patients can also choose to visit the two in-house specialty care services recently opened at Opa Locka and Westchester.

Community Medical Group and Medicare

Affordable and accessible healthcare becomes more important as you grow older. Seeing the increasing numbers of retirees and seniors in the state, CMG offers several types of healthcare services designed for older patients.

At CMG healthcare centers, you can seek help with preventive care or choose chronic health management to retain your health and vigor. Here, physicians and staff strive to provide every patient with comprehensive medical, emotional, and social help.

Some of the convenient services offered to Medicare members at Community Medical Group healthcare centers include:

  • In-house specialists and physicians
  • On-site diagnostic and testing laboratories
  • Home delivery of medication is available
  • Multilingual staff fluent in English, Spanish, and Creole

Community Medical Group and Medicaid

Medicaid is the largest government-sponsored healthcare plan in the US. Tens of millions of Americans can receive prompt and quality healthcare thanks to it being affordable through Medicaid. Community Medical Group recognizes the need for high-quality and accessible healthcare services for all. In this regard, CMG offers comprehensive pediatric and adult healthcare services. These services involve treating newborns and geriatrics alike.

CMG aims to provide easy-to-access healthcare for the entire family. Its network of highly-credentialed medical professionals works to care for patients, regardless of their age. The group has a team of extremely experienced doctors, surgeons, specialists, and competent nursing staff to address healthcare needs with expertise.

CMG ensures to make seeking medical care a positive and encouraging experience for all patients. It does this by providing immense convenience to patients, such as:

  • In-house primary care providers
  • In-house specialty physicians
  • In-house diagnostic testing
  • In-house laboratory services
  • Home delivery of medications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Follow-up calls for feedback


Community Medical Group is the largest and leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services to several communities in Florida. It aims to provide affordable and easy-to-access high-quality healthcare services to state residents. It is part of several families, women, and child welfare organizations, besides being part of the Medicaid and Medicare network.

To learn more about the specific healthcare and specialty services Community Medical Group offers, click on the official link here:

Community Medical Group – FAQs

What insurance plans are accepted at Community Medical Group healthcare centers?

CMG accepts most leading insurance plans. These include Medicaid, Medicare, HMOs, and commercial insurance plans, such as Aetna Healthcare, Clear Health Alliance, Magellan Complete Care, Humana, Molina Healthcare, Preferred Care Partners, HealthSun Health Plans, My Florida Blue, Sunshine Health Plan, Simply Healthcare, WellCare Health Plans, and United Health insurance plans.

Can you choose PCP (Primary Care Physician) at Community Medical Group healthcare centers?

Yes, as soon as you have selected CMG as your primary healthcare provider, you can choose from the long list of highly-qualified PCPs at any location.

Will I always see my PCP?

When you select a PCP with Community Medical Group, you will see them at every scheduled appointment. In case you need immediate help with a medical need and your PCP is unavailable, then you will be seen by another equally-qualified physician.

What if I don’t have health insurance coverage?

CMG will help you find the right healthcare coverage. If you qualify for Medicaid, then CMG assists you with the application for coverage through their association with the Office of Self-Sufficiency and ACCESS centers.

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