What are the Blue Cross Blue Shield Telehealth?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Telehealth

Waking up late at night with a situation that needs medical attention is undoubtedly unnerving for anyone.

Inconvenience due to odd work hours, expensive and often slow emergency care centers, and crowded emergency rooms drive patients to seek more efficient and convenient means of receiving prompt healthcare.

If it’s not an emergency, you don’t have to drive to the ER at your hospital. So, what are your options in such a case?

Telehealth Improves Healthcare Services Tremendously

Telehealth is the ideal solution for such situations. As smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops become increasingly common, they also provide an efficient and quick way to get diagnosis and treatment at remote locations.

Telehealth has been in use for decades. It is a perfect collaboration between medicine and communication technology. Telehealth allows you, the patient, to conveniently access quality healthcare through video conversations with a professional physician.

Telehealth is an accepted mode of health communication in all states across the U.S.

This is especially true for rural and remote areas where patients must drive for hours to reach a healthcare clinic.

This technology allows patients to access medical care anywhere and anytime.

Over the past several years, telehealth has become an integral component of traditional healthcare services, as it can serve patients after conventional work hours.

While initially more focused on rural and remote areas, telehealth was also used in urban settings for various healthcare services from its earlier days. Telehealth technology has significantly improved access to quality healthcare for patients, especially those in underserved areas.

Telemedicine, another name for telehealth, has progressed significantly today and connects patients with specialists and general physicians.

This technology allows patients from isolated and remote areas to get diagnosed, treated, and guided with excellent patient care.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Telehealth

Healthcare service providers always try to determine the best way to reach patients. This prompted an immense boost in the country’s use of telemedicine.

However, as the pandemic slowly lessened, patients have asked whether the Blue Cross Blue Shield telemedicine services will be active once the pandemic ends.

To ease these doubts, we’ve listed the Blue Cross subsidiaries that are willing to provide telemedicine services to their patients henceforth:

1 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

The Tennessee Blue Cross Blue Shield announced in May 2020 that they permanently cover telehealth services.

The state’s largest insurance company includes member-to-provider and provider-to-provider consultation within the services across the state.

2 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

According to a press release from January 2021, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas subsidiary will offer telehealth under permanently covered benefits. Under this plan, the insurer will cover code lists from the American Medical Association and CMS.

3 – Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program announced its plans to make telemedicine visit coverage permanent as part of its benefits package in a news release in October 2020.

This program will offer cover for virtual visits and remote medical evaluations.

It also covers management services with primary care providers and specialists, which will be included in the general benefit.

4 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota extended its members’ virtual care benefits.

Under the extension, the insurer will cover virtual care for behavioral health services, speech, physical and occupational therapy, and medication management.

This benefit is available for all Medicare, individual, and fully insured commercial insurance policies.

5 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

The Florida-based Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiary has also made telehealth a permanent part of its insurance package.

An announcement in March 2021 by the CEO explained that even after the pandemic, the subsidiary will provide telehealth service medicine as part of its standard insurance package.

6 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of California

The Blue Cross Blue Shield California subsidiary announced their telehealth services are offered to their members under specific plans at $0 cost.

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We advise you to visit their official website to learn the details of your state’s Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiary’s telehealth service.

Telehealth has been the biggest revolution in healthcare in recent times. The technology is set to transform the entire healthcare industry soon.

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