Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma – Overview

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma is a customer-owned health insurance provider. It aims to provide affordable and quality healthcare for all and uses top-notch services from reliable healthcare providers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Oklahoma currently serves over 835,000 members in the state. It continues to provide ease of access to cost-efficient and extensive healthcare services for individuals, families, and groups.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Medical Insurance Plans

Here’s a quick peek at the top medical insurance plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Oklahoma.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Oklahoma Medicare Plans

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma offers complete Medicare plans. Though most Americans tend to join Medicare after they are 65, it is also available for younger people with specific disabilities and for those suffering from end-stage renal disease (those who experience permanent and complete kidney failure that requires dialysis or transplant).

Medicare is a nationwide health insurance program operated by the U.S. Federal government. It is separate from the Health Insurance Marketplace, which offers private health insurance plans. Medicare has four different types, each dedicated to specific coverage options.

Let’s check out the Medicare insurance plans offered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma – Medical Insurance Plans

Medicare Part A (Original Medicare/Hospital Insurance) – BCBS Oklahoma offers Original Medicare (Medicare Part A) in conjunction with the federal government and is also known simply as “Hospital Insurance”. Under Medicare Part A, coverage includes inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing facility care, hospice, and some home healthcare services.

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) – Medicare Part B is also called “Medical Insurance” and helps to cover the cost of substantial medical-related expenses, such as most outpatient care, visits to the doctor’s office and healthcare services, home healthcare expenses and also for many preventive healthcare services too.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) – Medicare Advantage is a combination of Part A and Part B along with additional benefits. This may often include Part D (coverage for prescription drugs). Under this health insurance plan from Medicare, you receive coverage for dental, hearing and vision care services along with fitness, wellness and health program cost coverage.

You can work with the extensive provider network to keep healthcare expenses to a minimum with Medicare Advantage. It offers pre-loaded flexible spending care to help balance out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, such as those incurred for dental, vision or hearing care services.

Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug) – The Medicare Part D plan is also called the “Prescription Drug” plan because it gives coverage for the majority of prescription drugs and helps alleviate out-of-pocket expenses.

You can find additional details and information about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Medicare insurance plans by visiting

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Individual and Family Insurance Plans

The BCBS Oklahoma also offers extensive insurance coverage to individuals and families alike through three different types of plans, namely:

Gold Plan – The BCBS Oklahoma Gold insurance plan is suitable for those who have significant medical needs, or have a dependent or spouse, or who plan to expand their family soon. With this insurance plan, you may qualify for a substantial premium tax credit depending on your income. Though you may have to pay a higher monthly premium, you will have lower out-of-pocket expenses.

Find more details about the BCBS Oklahoma Gold Plan by visiting the official website.

Silver Plan – The BCBS Oklahoma Silver plan is for individuals and families with a regular need for medical care. This plan lowers your out-of-pocket expenses significantly and you also qualify for a substantial subsidy in the form of a premium tax credit. This insurance plan is recommended for those who live with a spouse or have dependents. To find more information about BCBS Oklahoma Silver Plan, you can check out the official website.

Bronze Plan – The BCBS Oklahoma Bronze Plan offers less medical care coverage than others but has a lower monthly premium. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma’s individual and family health insurance plan also qualifies you for the premium tax credit. Consider your need for prescription drug coverage when choosing a plan, as plans vary in coverage. To learn more details about the Bronze health insurance plan provided by BCBS Oklahoma, you can visit the official link.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Pharmacy and Prescription Plan

BCBS Oklahoma also offers special plans that offer coverage for prescription drugs and other pharmacy benefits. The BCBS Oklahoma Pharmacy and Prescription plan may include access to a Preferred Pharmacy Network for some members. If this is included in your plan, then you can get your prescription filled at designated pharmacies.

Thanks to this plan, you must pay substantially lower copay and coinsurance amounts. Additionally, you can get a 90-day supply filled at any Preferred Pharmacy Network (PTN), or even choose to have your prescription drugs delivered right to your doorstep.

For more information about the BCBS Oklahoma Pharmacy and Prescription plan, you can check out the official link here

Blue Cross Blue Shield Oklahoma Dental Insurance Plans

BlueCare Dental offers comprehensive coverage for dental care services for individuals and families alike. The dental plan offers numerous benefits, including coverage for the cost of preventive care services, like cleaning, regular check-ups and dental x-rays, along with dental crowns, fillings, and bridge implant costs.

When you use an in-network dentist under this plan, you can expect to get discounts of 30% to 50% for dental care each time. The BlueCare Dental plan offers access to a network of dental care professionals and may allow visits to specialists without a referral.

To find more information about BCBS Oklahoma BlueCare Dental insurance plan, you can check out the official resource here


The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma has been the trusted health insurance provider for tens of thousands of people in the state. It offers a wide range of medical insurance products for individuals, families, employers and groups. You can find additional details about eligibility criteria and the enrolment process for BCBS Oklahoma insurance plans at the official website here

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