Blue Cross Dental Insurance

Blue Cross Dental Insurance – Overview

Blue Cross offers comprehensive dental coverage to help prevent other health issues from getting more serious. It offers several different dental health insurance plans for family members who are over 19 years and older. Besides this, Blue Cross dental care plans offer free dental care coverage to anyone below 19 years of age.

Oral health is extremely important. It is estimated that more than 90% of systemic diseases show oral signs and symptoms. Several studies have shown a relevant connection between key bacteria in periodontal disease and heart disease. Additionally, swelling in the mouth can cause inflammation all over the body, including the arteries, which can potentially cause a stroke.

So, when you visit a dentist, you are not only keeping a bright smile but also preventing the majority of harmful diseases. To ensure that maximum Americans have access to quality dental care, Blue Cross offers significant dental insurance coverage.

Blue Cross Dental Insurance Plans

Blue Cross mostly offers two types of dental insurance plans. Each of these dental cover policies includes comprehensive dental care services, including no-charge oral exams, x-rays and cleaning. Besides this, the company has a significantly high acceptance rate for new policy buyers.

Here is a closer look at the best Blue Cross dental insurance plans:

Blue Cross Dental Insurance

Blue Cross Dental Insurance Plans

1 – BlueDental Preferred

The Blue Dental Preferred dental insurance plan offers extensive insurance coverage, as well as significant liberty to choose any dentist you want. However, you must remember that out-of-pocket costs with this dental insurance plan are higher than normal, especially if you choose to get dental treatment from a non-participating dental care provider. However, as referrals are not required, you can seek dental care services at any location and from any dentist you choose.

Benefits of Blue Dental Preferred Dental Insurance

Blue Dental Preferred from Blue Cross offers the following benefits in line with the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

  • Two different options to make it more affordable
  • Extensive provider network with over 123,000 participating dentists all over the country
  • No charge for oral exams, x-rays, and cleaning when you visit an in-network dental care provider
  • Complete coverage for several types of dental care services
  • No referrals required
  • No claim forms must be filed when visiting an in-network dental care provider.
  • Guaranteed acceptance

BlueDental Preferred Plan Options

The CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the Blue Dental Preferred. It is a comprehensive dental care plan designed for those living in Washington D.C., Maryland and parts of Northern Virginia. To buy this plan, you will need to sign a contract of 1 year at least, after which you can choose to renew it automatically or terminate it if you want.

Under this, you can choose either the High Option or Low Option. The High Option plan offers lower deductibles with Preventive and Diagnostic services added to the benefits, without the need to meet deductibles. On the other hand, the Low Option plan has a lower premium cost but a higher deductible.

Besides this, you also get dental coverage for dependents up to 26 years of age. You can choose to pay for the plan quarterly or annually. This will need to be selected on the enrollment application. Once the application is received, Blue Cross will send a bill for the first premium payment, and you will need to make this payment to begin your coverage. Once you have successfully enrolled in the plan, you can also sign up for recurring payments using eBilling.

To apply for BlueDental Preferred dental care insurance plan, you can visit the official website here;jsessionid=127B6DC668AE38B08112F37FC59F6D3B.prsvc07a?allid=CAR27748.

2 – Individual Select Preferred Dental

Individual Select Preferred Dental plan is yet another excellent Blue Cross dental insurance plan. It offers coverage for not just routine dental care services but gives you a choice to receive the service from over 5,000 different certified in-network dentists spread all over Maryland, Washington D.C, and Northern Virginia.

Benefits of Individual Select Preferred Dental Insurance

This dental insurance plan offers complete coverage for preventive and diagnostic dental care services, which includes oral exams, x-rays and dental cleaning when visiting an in-network provider. The insurance coverage is meant for routine dental treatment from non-participating providers too, but you will need to fill out a claims form and incur higher out-of-pocket expenses in such cases.

However, you do not need to worry about claim filing when receiving care from an in-network provider. There are no annual deductibles to meet and no referrals required to receive dental treatment under this plan.

Individuals Select Preferred Dental Plan Options

The Individual Select Preferred dental insurance plan from Blue Cross Care First offers complete coverage for dental services required by dependents up to the age of 26 years.

To enroll, you can simply visit the official website here;jsessionid=127B6DC668AE38B08112F37FC59F6D3B.prsvc07a?allid=CAR27748.

Once Blue Cross Care First receives your application, you will be sent a bill for the first premium payment. The bill will have details of your selected dental insurance plan, the payment options selection, payment due date, and premium information. You can choose to make premium payments on a quarterly or annual basis.

If you choose to make annual premium payments, you must pay the full lump-sum amount at once. However, if you choose to make quarterly payments, then the total premium is divided into four quarterly smaller payments, which need to be made every three months.


Blue Cross dental insurance plans offer extensive dental care coverage, including no charge dental care for dependents who are below 26 years old. Besides this, it ensures guaranteed acceptance, in accordance with Affordable Care Act regulations, along with less expensive premium costs. To find out more details about Blue Cross dental insurance plans, you can visit the official website here

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