Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana – Overview

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) is a Mutual Legal Reserve Company. It is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. BCBSMT is a division of the Health Care Service Corporation and serves over 300,000 members in Montana.

The company aims to make health care more affordable and accessible through innovation, build healthier communities, and deliver excellent services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana Health Insurance

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) health insurance plans offer extensive coverage and substantial benefits to help you lead a healthier life. Currently, Great Falls, Missoula, Helena, and Billings city residents have insurance coverage with BCBSMT.

Apart from health insurance, BCBSMT also offers several other benefits. Let’s look at some of the more prominent coverage benefits you can get with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana health plans.

Every BCBSMT health plan offers basic health insurance coverage and the following additional benefits:

Essential Health Benefits – BCBSMT health plans cover essential health care costs, such as expenses for services related to maternity, newborn/pediatric care, emergency, lab work, hospitalization, prescription drugs, mental health/substance abuse, disease management, and rehabilitative and wellness services.

Preventive Care Services – BCBSMT health plans also cover a variety of preventive healthcare services, including vaccines, wellness programs, screenings, and more. These services are offered at no cost when received from in-network providers.

Prescription Drug Coverage – BCBSMT insurance coverage also includes the cost of prescription drugs. Depending on the individual plan, you will either have to make a copayment (set amount) or choose to pay coinsurance (percentage of total cost) on your prescription drug expenses after meeting the deductible.

Telehealth Services – BCBSMT members get access to MDLIVE round-the-clock for non-emergency virtual visits. This also includes having your e-prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy. This is an excellent benefit if you must talk to your primary care provider about a wide range of non-emergency health problems.

24/7 Nurse Hotline (Bilingual) – BCBSMT also offers members access to a round-the-clock nurse hotline, which is a quick and affordable way to seek medical or health advice in English or Spanish.

Blue365 Discount—BCBSMT offers its members and their families significant discounts on healthcare products and services using the Blue365 program. For instance, you and your family can earn rewards such as gym memberships and fitness clothing at remarkably lower prices.

Well on Target Program—The BCBSMT also runs the Well on Target online portal and app. It is an excellent way to track your fitness and wellness goals and routines. It has several lifestyle and fitness trackers, and you can also seek advice from the professional coaching team.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana offer various health insurance plans for individuals and families on three levels. Let’s take a look at the three levels of BCBSMT individuals and family health insurance plans:

Gold Plans—The BCBSMT Individual and Family Gold Plan offers top-quality care and extensive coverage. These plans have a higher monthly premium but significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses. This plan is ideal if you want to pay less to visit your primary care provider. BCBSMT Gold plans also have the lowest deductible. For instance, the BCBSMT Gold plan for individuals and families typically offers a higher coverage percentage of healthcare costs, though the exact figures can vary by plan.

According to insurance experts, BCBSMT Gold plans are recommended for those who frequently need medical care or wish to grow their family soon. If you prefer lower out-of-pocket expenses but are ready to pay more in monthly premiums, then the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana Gold plans are ideal for you.

You can find further details and information on the Blue Cross Shield Montana Gold Plan at the official website here

Silver Plans – The BCBSMT Individual and Family Silver Plan offers extensive coverage for all your essential healthcare needs with top-quality care. There are options to choose from different Silver Plans, depending on how much your medical bills cost each month and the percentage of expenses you are ready to bear before letting your insurance cover take over.

BCBSMT Silver Plans have a lower monthly premium than Gold Plans. Silver Plans also have lower out-of-pocket expenses and let you make affordable monthly payments to receive coverage for you and your family. BCBSMT Silver Plans are designed to cover a significant portion of your medical expenses, with the plan paying a certain percentage and you covering the remaining out-of-pocket expenses.

You can find more details about the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana Silver Plans for Individuals and Family at the official link here

Bronze Plans – The BCBSMT Individual and Family Bronze Plans are the most affordable option for health insurance coverage. These plans offer all essential health coverage and quality of care but at a lower cost to you.

For instance, BCBSMT Bronze Plans have the lowest monthly premium but higher out-of-pocket expenses than others. These insurance plans are ideal if you are without dependents, have fewer medical needs, don’t take prescription medication regularly, and prefer to have low monthly payments.

BCBSMT Bronze Plans are structured to provide essential health coverage at lower monthly premiums. The plan covers a certain percentage of medical and healthcare expenses, and the member covers the remainder.

You can find more details about the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana Individual and Family Bronze Plans at the official resource here

Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana Medicare Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana also offers complete Medicare options. You can buy Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance), Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance), Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), or Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plan) from BCBSMT.

In addition to these, BCBSMT offers Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans to help fill the small gaps left by your Original Medicare coverage.

To learn more about Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana Medicare insurance options, you can check out the official website here


The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana is the state’s largest provider of non-Marketplace health insurance plans. BCBSMT offers a variety of health insurance plans for Individuals, Families, Groups, and Employers. It employs more than 600 people across the state to ensure tens of thousands of members have affordable and easy access to top-quality healthcare anywhere and anytime.

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