Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi – Overview

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi is a nonprofit organization with a vision to improve the overall health of Mississippi. They are committed to offering great leadership and funding for different long-lasting initiatives to improve the community’s well-being.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Mississippi

Blue Cross Blue Shield has been a trusted quality healthcare provider since 1960. They offer federal employees, retirees, and their families multiple health coverage options.

Nationwide, over 55,000 pharmacies are in their network, where you can fill your prescriptions easily. Members also have the benefit of their mail-service pharmacy program. With this program, they deliver prescription drugs to your doorstep.

With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi, you can receive the following benefits –

  • You can receive free preventive care like flu shots, annual physical checkups, nutritional counseling, and career screening here.
  • They offer two free virtual visits with Teladoc for treatments, including minor injuries, sickness, dermatology care, mental health support, and other general conditions.
  • You may receive overseas coverage plans that can give you coverage when traveling or working outside the US.
  • They have multiple wellness incentives to motivate you to care for your health.
  • You may receive access to their preferred provider network that has more hospitals, doctors, and specialists than all other networks.

What is FEP?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi – What is FEP?

FEP, or Federal Employee Program, is the primary healthcare coverage offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi for their active federal employees.

FEP Dental

Eligible candidates and their families can receive the BCBS FEP Dental coverage plan at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi. Your oral health is very important to maintain your overall physical health.

The FEP dental program covers federal employees, eligible retired uniformed service members, and retirees. With this plan, you can receive three free cleanings every year.

You can receive the following benefits with BCBS FEP dental coverage –

  • Three free dental cleanings every year and free in-network preventive care
  • Their high options offer an ultimate annual benefit
  • No deductibles for some of their in-network services, including root canals and fillings
  • They offer access to health and wellness discounts with Blue 365
  • You can be a part of their large nationwide network with more than 488,000 provider access points
  • Some of their benefits may work overseas

FEP Vision

BCBS vision coverage offers multiple benefits to ensure your eyes are perfectly healthy.

This program is for federal employees, retirees, eligible retired uniformed service members with a TRICARE health program, and their dependents.

With the BCBS FEP vision plan, you can receive the following benefits –

  • Every member can receive comprehensive vision exams for free
  • A sizable, completely enclosed, private collection of frames
  • Some of their benefits work overseas
  • You can receive multiple health and wellness discounts from Blue365
  • A $200 frame allowance with our High Option, which fully covers the frames at around 90% of national shops
  • Here, you can connect with more than 117,000 providers, including Visionworks, Costco, LensCrafters, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Pearle Vision, Target Vision, and more.


If you are 65 or older, you can receive their Medicare service. Individuals who are under 65 but have certain impairments like renal failure or ALS can also apply for this program.

The initial qualifying period for most people starts three months before they turn 65. It expires three months after you turn 65.

If you don’t sign up for Medicare Part B when you first become eligible, you could have to pay a late enrollment fee.

Medicare can become your primary coverage option after retirement. However, you may receive additional benefits when you combine your Medicare plan with FEP coverage. Together Medicare and FEP can save you from multiple high-cost medical treatments.

For Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you can receive the following benefits –

  • Primary care visits
  • Surgery
  • ER
  • Physical Therapy
  • Specialist visits
  • Lab work

By combining FEP and Medicare, you may receive the following services –

  • Hearing aid
  • Acupuncture
  • Dental Care
  • Overseas Coverage
  • Routine foot care

Healthcare Providers at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi’s Medicare department has a healthcare provider network. These providers work according to the assignments and payments of the Medicare system.

However, you can visit any provider within the FEP network even if they are not connected to the Medicare network if you combine Medicare and FEP.

There are three different types of providers at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi –

Participating Providers

A participating provider is someone who accepts the assignments of Medicare. When you visit a participating provider, FEP may pay the difference between what Medicare pays and what you owe the provider. This rule is applicable for any services under the coverage of FEP and Medicare.

Non-Participating Providers

Non-participating providers are allowed to choose to accept the assignments of Medicare. However, they can see patients with Medicare coverage.

Providers who do not accept Medicare’s assignments can charge a limited amount for their services. They can only charge 15% over the amount approved by Medicare; this is called the limiting charge.

Opt-Out Providers

An opt-out provider is someone who does not participate in the Medicare program. The limiting price does not constrain them. Before choosing your provider, you must make sure if they are a part of the Medicare program or not.

You may have to sign a contract before taking any service from an opt-out provider. If you sign these contracts, you may not receive any coverage from Medicare.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi offers multiple healthcare coverages for people of different ages and backgrounds. With these coverage plans, you may receive the best healthcare at a very affordable price.

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