10 Best OB-GYN Books

Best OB-GYN Books – Overview

We have compiled a list of the most recommended Obstetrics and Gynecology books. These are a must-read for medical students, residents, interns, and certified medical professionals. The list includes pocketbooks that students, residents, and doctors can carry in their pockets at any point during their educational or practical work.

The list also consists of books meant for medical students on their OB-GYN rotation, for shelf exams, and those preparing for interviews. It also includes some books residents need for daily reading and reference.

These selected books are meant to guide medical students and OB-GYN residents and are essential resources in rotations and practice.

Top 6 OB-GYN Books

Best ObGyn Books

Top 6 ObGyn Books

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1 – Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Fifth Edition)

The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics publishes this book at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine. This is the 5th edition of this excellent resource material. This book is excellent for on-the-spot reference for any situation you may face in obstetrics, gynecology, high-risk obstetrics, reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology, and fertility. This book is also a highly effective tool for successful certification or re-certification exams.

Some of the major advantages of this book include the following:

  • Quick access to information through an easy-to-use format, similar to The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics.
  • Updated and new information on minimally invasive surgeries, new diagnostic tools, and the latest advancements in infertility, conception, genetics, and prenatal diagnosis.
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise of residents and attending physicians in obstetrics and gynecology at Johns Hopkins University.

2 – Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility: A Handbook for Clinicians: Pocket Edition (Sixth Edition)

The Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility: A Handbook for Clinicians; Pocket Edition is the 6th edition of the book. It was first published in 1990 and has been used by tens of thousands of medical students, midwives, nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers. This completely rewritten and revised version has comprehensive information about women’s healthcare.

This pocketbook is aimed at a wide range of medical professionals and covers all aspects of Obstetrics and Gynecology with over 500 tables, figures, and flowcharts. This makes it incredibly easy to recall any information.

3 – Hacker & Moore’s Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Sixth Edition)

The Hacker & Moore’s Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology (6th edition) is written by doctors Neville F. Hacker, Joseph C. Gambone, and Calvin J. Hobel. This book is the top choice for medical students and residents in ob-gyn across the United States. The reason is that this book contains a concise focus, comprehensive coverage, and an easy-to-use format.

The sixth edition contains updated clinical assessments and cases, including new Clinical Key boxes and completely revised text and images. These are updated to reflect the current knowledge on the diagnosis, evaluation, and management of a wide variety of ob-gyn disorders.

Some of the major reasons that make this book the top choice for medical students and ob-gyn residents are:

  • Comprehensive but concise, well-organized, highly accessible, and relevant information related to current practices in ob-gyn.
  • Full-color, high-quality design for maximum readability.
  • Online access to updated clinical cases, a plethora of self-assessment tools, obstetrics statistics resources, and a glossary of commonly used ob-gyn medical terms.

4 – Blueprints Obstetrics & Gynecology (Sixth Edition)

The Blueprints Obstetrics & Gynecology (6th edition) is a concise review of content that is needed for effective ob-gyn rotations and the Board exams. Every chapter in this ob-gyn guide is short but includes pedagogical features, such as keywords, tables, figures and key points.

The sixth edition has new features, such as an image bank and a For-the-Board section, which contains 4 clinical vignettes with 3-5 sequential item set-style questions at the end of each chapter.

In addition, this book also contains 100 bonus board-format questions with answers and rationales at the end of the book, with an additional 50 bonus questions provided online.

5 – Williams Obstetrics (23rd Edition)

The Williams Obstetrics (Twenty-third Edition) is considered to be an essential handbook for obstetric practitioners. It contains a wide variety of topics with immense details but is still easy to read by obstetrics at any level of training.

This book has long been considered an essential guide for residents and physicians in the obstetrics and gynecology fields. The simple figures and layout of the book are easier to read and comprehend and contain high-quality color figures and images.

Some of the updates and changes in the latest edition of this book include the following:

  • Over 1,100 new, precisely-rendered full-color illustrations.
  • Evidence-based medicine is highlighted in the text using icons for faster, more effective reading and comprehension.
  • Familiarizes readers with the latest guidelines in clinical care standards.
  • Improved tables and algorithms to clearly and concisely present Class-I evidence for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

6 – Williams Gynecology (Second Edition)

The Williams Gynecology (2nd Edition) is part medical text, part surgical atlas, and written by a renowned team of ob-gyn experts at the Dallas Parkland Hospital, the same authors who wrote Williams Obstetrics, the previous entry in this list.

This book is also extremely popular with residents and students alike as it contains a consistent tone, advanced clinical insights and high-quality illustrations. The second edition contains expanded and refreshing content that aligns with the most recent developments in this dynamic field.

Some of the most interesting points of Williams Gynecology include:

  • Full-color medical text and surgical atlas in one
  • 450 figures that clearly described operative techniques for gynecologists
  • Evidence-based discussion of disease evaluation to support the clinical relevance of the diagnostic and treatment methods described in the book
  • A new illustrated gynecological anatomy chapter, which is surgeon-centric and emphasizes critical anatomy for a successful surgery.

7 – The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia

The Labor Progress Handbook: Early Interventions to Prevent and Treat Dystocia is another excellent resource. It details several simple, non-invasive interventions that can prevent and treat prolonged or difficult labor. This is the 4th edition of the book and has been thoroughly updated. This is a highly illustrated textbook that initially describes how to customize care for pregnant women using complicated interventions. This is followed by more complex interventions to try if needed.

This new edition includes a chapter on reducing dystocia during labor with epidurals. It also includes new material on microbiomes, along with details of new counseling techniques that are meant for midwives who assist in traumatic childbirths.

8 – PCOS

PCOS is written by Jane Kennedy and addresses the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome problem. This book contains an exhaustive collection of non-dietary techniques for treating PCOS, which contrasts with most other books on this subject. This book extensively examines the research studies mentioned and advises on home remedies.

In this book, you will find how a specific type of bacteria can lower your PCOS symptoms by as much as 21%. You will learn about symptom-destroying supplements you should be taking, how to target a specific symptom, and the type of results you can expect. There is a plethora of fertility advice that states all the facts related to achieving pregnancy while suffering from PCOS.

You will also learn mental techniques to beat the stress and mood swings commonly accompanying PCOS symptoms.

9 – Blueprints Obstetrics & Gynecology (Blueprints Series) – 7th Edition

Dr. Tamara Callahan, M.D. writes Blueprints Obstetrics & Gynecology. This high-yield book covers everything you need to know about USMLE, shelf exams and your Obstetrics & Gynecology clinical rotations.

This book is an ideal resource for preparing for obstetrics & gynecology rotation and board exams. It is ideal for use during short study breaks while on clinical rotations. It has concise chapters detailing key concepts, therapies, and research in modern medicine. This book is also highly used by professional healthcare providers, including physician assistants, residents, nurse practitioners and osteopathic programs. It is an excellent source for preparing for USMLE Step 3.

10 – Gynecological Health Care

Gynecological Health Care by Kerri Durnell Schuiling has set the standards for evidence-based gynecological healthcare with its 4th edition. The textbook provides a holistic and person-centered approach to gynecological health care. It contains health promotion and management of gynecological conditions. It also provides students and professionals with a strong foundation in gynecologic care and offers extensive knowledge required in clinical practice.

This book contains additional chapters covering essential gynecological topics, such as prenatal and postpartum care, including physiologic and anatomic adaptations of normal pregnancy and common complications during pregnancy.


These are the best OB-GYN books for residents, students, and professionals. These books have been selected based on their effectiveness, ease of access to information, and availability. Make sure to check other similar books before choosing the best one.

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