Top 20 Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology research and development has been boosted globally over the past decade or so.

Numerous small and large companies have made outstanding contributions to the discovery and development of various biotech solutions worldwide.

The leading biotechnology companies have decidedly expanded their R&D facilities for researchers. This has enabled them to get more precise and inclusive diagnostic test results.

They can provide a new perspective on things like drug development for the maintenance of healthy soils for the agriculture industry.

In this article, we have listed the top 20 biotechnology companies:

Top 20 Biotechnology Companies

Let’s check out the top 20 biotechnology companies

1 – TMRW Life Sciences

IVF clinics globally are managing and storing millions of frozen human fertility cells, or eggs and embryos. This number is expected to grow to tens of millions shortly.

Most clinics still use basic procedures and handle specimens by hand and even track patients using conventional paper logs.

However, TMRW Life Sciences offers the first automated platform for egg and embryo storage, management, and care, which is essential for IVF procedures.

It comes with integrated software and hardware to ensure that the embryos and eggs can be easily traced using advanced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

This also helps to maintain the cryogenic temperature to be maintained efficiently.

2 – Arctoris

Arctoris is a company that promotes data science and robotics to boost the drug recovery process. This is required to create new and additional data which can be used to create ideal models.

The company has developed a technology platform to gather programs in oncology and neuroscience from conception to preclinical studies with greater efficiency.

Arctoris has several collaborations in this field, including a partnership with IBM Research, the R&D arm of the US giant IBM.

This initiative is meant to bolster research in combining the automation of chemistry with the automation of biology.

3 – Strata Oncology

Strata Oncology offers comprehensive genomic profiling tests and focuses on identifying actionable mutations for personalized cancer therapy.

This allows us to profile different types of solid tumors so that cancer patients can be matched with relevant and more effective treatment therapies. The StrataNGS is unique as it can profile tumors from even a tiny tissue sample.

Comprehensive genomic profiling tests, like those offered by Strata Oncology, typically require detailed laboratory processing. Thus, this test can deliver treatment selection results to 50% and more patients.

4 – Argenx

Argenx is a popular drug development firm that is inspired by llama antibodies. In 2021, the company received FDA approval for its treatment drug for myasthenia gravis, a chronic autoimmune disease.

The drug is currently awaiting approval in other markets, including Japan and the European Union, with the decision expected this year. The drug is set to be a breakthrough in treating several other autoimmune diseases.

5 – DNA Script

DNA Scripts are one of those companies that work to find faster, more precise and efficient alternatives to the conventional chemical synthesis of DNA, called Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS).

This technique allows you to create longer and more sustainable strands of DNA than other methods.

The company also produces the Syntax System bench-top printer, which can quickly print any DNA on demand.

The company is part of several different conglomerates which are supervised by the IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) and develops a DNA-based system for data storage.

The company is also currently in talks with others to develop an on-demand vaccine for bio-threats.

6 – BioNTech

BioNTech is a leader in the European biotech industry and offers a large range of technologies. These include messenger RNA therapeutics and CAR T-Cell immunotherapies.

The company became widely known when it collaborated with Pfizer to launch the first commercial mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which eventually drove RNA therapeutics to the mainstream health industry.

in 2021, BioNTech has announced plans to establish mRNA vaccine manufacturing capabilities in Africa.

The company also has plans to get trial results for its COVID-19 vaccine and start clinical trials in malaria and tuberculosis.

7 – Emulate

Emulate became widely renowned in March 2021 when the company launched its Colon Intestine Chip. This technology has since allowed researchers to investigate inflammatory intestinal diseases.

In June 2021, the company launched its Emulate Brain Chip. This is a practical and feasible model of cell types present in the brain.

This technology allows us to easily investigate reasons for neuroinflammation and determine the efficacy of medicines in penetrating blood-brain obstacles.

The company also produces other types of organ chips.

These are made by combining different types of living cells in a special microfluidics chip that emulates the natural physiology and mechanical forces that any cell experiences in the human body.

These chips have the potential to replace animal testing in most cases of drug development and research.

This is an effective and efficient way to reduce the use of primates in drug testing, which also supports the FDA’s Modernization Act and the Humane Research Act.

8 – is a startup and develops offers precision engineering technology solutions for reprogramming human cells.

This way, the company can create cell lines for medical research that can consistently produce industrial-scale quantities and with a remarkable reduction in production time.

The company recently bolstered its life sciences section with millions of dollars as an investment. The aim is to continuously expand the range of cell lines that can be produced, which today consists of neurons and muscle cells.

9 – Lightdeck Diagnostics

Lightdeck Diagnostic offers a laser and microfluid platform combined with a cartridge-based testing system. It allows sample testing and results almost anywhere and within just minutes, with assured lab accuracy.

Last year, the company raised several million dollars from the US Department of Defense and Health and Human Services to boost the production of its COVID-19 antigens and antibody tests.

In the same year, the company also partnered with Hach, a worldwide leader in water systems, to deploy 10-minute water-quality tests for quick, precise, and quality-accessible water testing.

10 – Carbios

Carbios is focused on developing innovative plastic production and recycling methods to manufacture eco-friendly plastics.

Using advanced enzyme technology, Carbios has succeeded in achieving 100% recycling of PET plastic waste in manufacturing bottles.

Last year, the company established its PET recycling plant, which has been completely operational since September 2021.

Currently, the company is starting construction of an industrial-scale unit with a 40,000-ton PET per year PET recycling capacity.

11 – Benchling

Benchling has been operating in the research and development field since 2013 and became a household name in complex RNA therapeutics through its collaboration on designing, analyzing, and developing these techniques.

The company is the first of its kind, purposefully providing a third-party cloud solution in the R&D industry.

The company’s platform has over 700 customers, including big pharmaceutical companies like Regeneron, Pfizer, Editas and Gilead, along with 200,000 researchers in more than 7,000 top research and academic institutes. Benchling helped one in four startups in 2020 and 2021 with their platform.

12 – Compass Pathways

Compass Pathways is yet another top biotechnology company. It is involved in developing psychedelic treatments for clinical depression.

This treatment is based on psilocybin, the main stimulant in magic mushrooms. The substance is known to have long-lasting therapeutic effects and potentially has fewer side effects than conventional antidepressants.

In 2021, Compass Pathways completed phase II-B of its development and showed the effectiveness of the substance in treating patients with clinical depression.

The company plans to use this treatment method in patients suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

13 – Myriad Genetics

Myriad Genetics developed the first test for BRCA gene mutations in 2021. This mutation is known to increase the risk of breast cancer.

The company launched its first polygenic breast cancer risk assessment score aimed at women from diverse ancestries, ethnicities and populations.

The goal is to address long-standing disparities in detection and treatment results for non-Caucasian patients.

14 – CRISPR Therapeutics

CRISPR Therapeutics is involved in developing treatments based on a gene-editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9. This extremely advanced program is a gene-edited stem cell therapy aimed at treating blood disorders, such as sickle cell anemia or beta-thalassemia.

The company achieved positive preliminary data from its existing clinical trials.

15 – Biome Makers

Biome Makers agri-tech company, uses DNA sequencing, intelligent computing and bioinformatics to analyze the soil micro-biome of farmland.

It references more than 27,000 soil micro-biome samples of over 60 different crops. This helps to deliver data-centric insights about the health of agricultural soil to ensure optimal growth of different types of crops.

Biome Makers offer a more detailed report of agricultural soil than conventional chemistry-based soil testing methods.

The company’s technology allows farmers and manufacturers of agricultural products to measure the impact of soil micro-biome on biological inputs and fertilizers.

This helps manufacturers and farmers to implement specific soil management practices.

16 – CureVac

CureVac is a renowned name for developing a COVID-19 vaccine based on mRNA technology in collaboration with GSK. Last year, the company started focusing on second-gen mRNA candidates that can help to generate a stronger immune response against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

CureVac’s development timelines for vaccine candidates, including phase I trial commencements, are subject to change based on research outcomes, regulatory review, and strategic priorities.

17 – Safetraces

Safetraces is known for its involvement in developing DNA-based tests for airborne diseases. The system used innovative, patented DNA-tagged aerosol tracers to identify, measure and visualize abnormalities in air flow, ventilation and filtration in indoor spaces.

It can safely stimulate respiratory emission and occupation exposure to infectious aerosols, including COVID-19.

The company has recently collaborated with renowned clients, including the Port Authority of NY/NJ, the California Department of Corrections, etc.

18 – DNA Script

DNA Script focuses on enzymatic DNA synthesis technology and developing the Syntax system, a benchtop nucleic acid printer, to enable on-demand synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides in laboratories, which could potentially reduce reliance on third-party suppliers for some applications.

The company aims to equip all laboratories with DNA printers.

Last year, the company raised millions of dollars in a Series C financing round to boost the commercialization of its convenient DNA printer.

19 – Bridgbio Pharma

Bridgebio Pharma uses an innovative “portfolio model” for drug development. In 2021, the company got its first two FDA approvals for therapies aimed at bile duct cancer and some rare medical conditions.

BridgeBio Pharma’s achievements in receiving FDA approvals for their therapies are significant. The company is currently engaged in conducting more than 20 additional drug trials.

20 – EnteroBiotix

EnteroBiotix is a startup involved in the development of treatments that can target the human microbiome. This is a link common to a large range of medical disorders.

The company works by transferring gut microbes from a healthy individual to a patient suffering from medical conditions that affect the brain and the liver, including cancer.

EnteroBiotix’s funding rounds support its operations and research into microbiome-based therapies. The company completed the construction of its major manufacturing facilities.


This is the list of the top 20 biotechnology companies worldwide. These are small and large businesses that have become renowned in the biotechnology R&D industry for their innovative and ground-breaking achievements.

To know more about individual companies, you can simply visit their specific official websites.

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