List of Medical Supply Companies

List of Medical Supply Companies (USA)

Healthcare Industry is rapidly growing across the US. According to a recent survey, the medical supply companies in the USA are growing faster compared to any other industry.

With an ongoing pandemic, the demand for medical supplies and devices is very high. Most companies have started their subsidiaries to get maximum benefits from it.

Today, we are presenting to you the list of Medical Supply Companies in the USA. The following list includes industry leaders with years of business experience in the same field.

The American medical equipment companies have to follow certain rules and regulations to ensure the best products manufacturing.

They have to deliver the long-lasting medical equipment described in their products’ descriptions.

If you are searching for resources to support your company or office by providing the required medical instruments and equipment, then the following list will help you to pick the most reliable medical supply company.

Best Medical Supply Companies in the USA

1. 3M Healthcare

3M is undoubtedly the most popular multinational company in the global market. The company’s healthcare sector is providing useful medical equipment to keep everyone safe and healthy.

They believe in providing good health to everyone with their quality healthcare products.

List of Medical Supply Companies - 3M Healthcare

List of Medical Supply Companies – 3M Healthcare

They work with industry leaders and research various subjects to deliver the best quality products.

They offer different types of medical equipment such as ECG Electrodes, 3M Face Mask, Biological indicators, Attest Auto reader, Hand Antiseptic, Antifungal Cream, and many more.

The company is working hard to produce world-class healthcare products for the masses.

2. GE Healthcare Systems

GE Healthcare Systems is the world’s leading healthcare provider with its new range of OEM Medical Systems. With the full system setup, they also deliver the best system configuration.

With the help of the latest Artificial Intelligence Technology, they have designed world-class OEM systems for the healthcare industry.

List of Medical Supply Companies - GE Healthcare Systems

List of Medical Supply Companies – GE Healthcare Systems

They are known for their advanced Ultrasound systems with full service and supply for parts and accessories.

Healthcare providers can make use of these systems to treat patients suffering from life-threatening diseases.

The latest lung ultrasound scan system recently developed by GE Healthcare System has gained massive popularity across the globe.

They have extended their helping hand to fight the global pandemic together by manufacturing such advanced devices.

3. Hill Rom Holdings

Hill Rom Holdings is yet another popular healthcare or medical supply company operational not only in the US but across the globe with over 10,000 employees.

This company aims to provide better healthcare to the patients inside and outside the hospital with their medical instruments and devices.

List of Medical Supply Companies - Hill Rom Holdings

List of Medical Supply Companies – Hill Rom Holdings

They offer a range of products that includes smart beds and bed surfaces, monitoring of patients, care communications, non-invasive respiratory therapy, the workflow of surgical, safe patient handling and mobility, communications while taking care of the patients, etc.

Apart from this, they also offer different types of services and solutions to patients who need special treatments and healthcare support.

The team analyzes their condition and provides the required help.

4. TZ Medical

TZ Medical’s tagline speaks a lot about the company’s working functionality in this competitive market. They offer innovative product solutions to treat and support patients.

The company has recently introduced its range of new products designed with the latest technologies.

List of Medical Supply Companies - Tri-tek medical

List of Medical Supply Companies – Tri-tek medical

If we talk about the range of its products, it includes an ARC-adjustable radial cuff, cobra board, comfort halo, Microcatheter, Stand tall, and many others.

The company designs only innovative products that you may never see in any other healthcare supply company.

The company has recently extended its business in many countries across the globe.

As per their latest report, they have partnered with different healthcare companies in more than 100 countries to supply and deliver their innovative products.

5. Tri-Tek Medical

Tri-Tek medical is known for its range of medical gas equipment. The company stands as the best company in the USA in manufacturing and setting up medical gas equipment.

Tri-Tek Medical has a monopoly on delivering the best of services once they set up their systems in hospitals and other healthcare homes.

The company manufactures innovative medical equipment such as pipeline products, conversion kits, hyperbaric, Ez backfeed products, interchangeable outlet fronts, emergency preparedness, etc.

Being a Customer-service Oriented Company, Tri-Tek Medical has become everyone’s favorite.

They are active in this field since 1989 and deliver quality products and top-notch services across the USA.


One has to be smart enough to handle their supply chain. If the medical supply company is unable to manage its supply chain, it can’t see the success they want.

The above-listed medical supply companies are top on the list just because of their aim of delivering the best quality products with satisfactory and on-time services.

Every medical supply company has seen constant growth since the attack of the global pandemic.

They have expanded their production department as the demands for their products are increasing rapidly. Time will tell us more about this industry and its growth, stay tuned!

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