All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery Vacation

All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery Vacation

All-inclusive plastic surgery vacation has become more common in recent years. Firstly, let’s understand the term – plastic surgery.

People often refer to some celebrities as ‘made of plastic.’ In this context, they have a transformation process to change or alter their bodies.

We need to understand that when we use the term ‘plastic surgery,’ it is not the material plastic. The term ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery derives from the Greek word ‘plastikos,’ meaning to mold or shape.

This word comes from the ancient Greek word ‘plastikos,’ meaning mold or give form. A surgeon performs the surgery on a person who wishes to change the appearance of any specific body part.

The plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery process includes reconstructing facial and body tissue defects that occur due to trauma, illness, or birth disorders.

With over 7.4 million cosmetic surgeries per year, the USA tops the list of countries with the highest number of cosmetic surgeries.

Introduction to the World of Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery and facial reconstruction process have been a part of several ancient texts from Egyptian and Roman cultures.

Harold Gillies is a pioneer in modern plastic surgery, particularly in reconstructive surgery. Check out – Harold Gillies Cosmetic Surgery Grants Program.

After treating the soldiers of war, several people started opting for plastic surgeries to improve their looks.

With the advancement in technologies and techniques, it has become a booming business in today’s world. Plastic surgery is a vast field with several subspecialties that a person can opt for in medical school.

These fields of sub-specialties are:

1. Aesthetic Surgery

2. Burn Surgery

3. Craniofacial Surgery

4. Ethnic Plastic Surgery

5. Hand Surgery

6. Microsurgery

7. Pediatric Plastic Surgery

All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery Vacation – Overview

A high rate of cosmetic and plastic surgeries has made the USA one of the best spots for such practices. The high-tech equipment and several doctors to carry out different procedures are the cause of attraction.

People from across the globe have seen the best results from their favorite celebrities, and they want the same.

Over the years, the cosmetic surgery market has seen a high rise in the number of clients. Most of these clients fly in from different cities and countries to get the best cosmetic treatment done.

Keeping this in mind, travel agencies merged with the cosmetic world and introduced vacation packages.

The doctors and resort owners have joined hands to launch several all-inclusion packages to make it easier for the client.

All-inclusive Plastic Surgery Vacation - Find Here

All-inclusive Plastic Surgery Vacation – Complete Information

How to Book an All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery Vacation?

Before booking an all-inclusive plastic surgery vacation, it is essential to get a consultation from a doctor.

Discussing which area of your body you are willing to improve is a critical part of the process. It’ll help you understand things in a better way.

A patient can visit the center and get a physical consultation and examination, making it easier for them and the doctor to understand.

If this is not possible, the facility can arrange for a virtual consultation with the doctor. The consultation is essential as the doctor can help you understand the procedure better.

Once the consultation part is over, the patient coordinator of the facility contacts the patient and talks about the packages.

Along with the procedure packages, the coordinator talks about the pre and post-procedure care accommodations. A list of hotels and resorts is offered to the patient from whom they can choose one.

The doctor schedules the dates and other information as the patient decides on the surgery procedure package and the hotel/resort stay.

However, before the procedure, a series of tests take place, giving surgical clearance to the patient.

Here is a list of All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery Vacation (Packages)

1. ARC (Aesthetic Reconstructive Center) Plastic Surgery

With its offices in three locations in Florida, Aesthetic Reconstructive Center (ARC) is a plastic surgery center located in beautiful North Miami, Florida. The ARC center is near the Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale.

The hospital offers packages like mommy makeover, liposuction, breast augmentation, and many other services.

In addition, the hospital also caters to the needs of males, like male breast reduction, hair transplant, and male rhinoplasty.

2. Fly-in Program – VIP Travelers Program by ARC

In case you want your travel to be stress-free, the center also offers an all-inclusive package – The fly-in Program.

This package includes the cost of surgery, accommodation, travel to and from the airport, appointments, and return flights.

3. Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery

With its headquarters on the West Coast of Florida, Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery is among the leading surgical centers.

The fly-in program offered by the center has made it easier for out-of-town patients to get the surgery done.

For instance, if a patient is visiting from another town, Premiere Center offers the facility of video consultations.

The doctors and the patient coordinators talk about the surgery a person wants, and then they further talk about the packages.

The center offers packages that include the price of the surgery and the accommodations of the patient.

Along with these packages, the center also has the facility of 0% financing, making the surgeries accessible and affordable. The list of hotels that are available near the Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery are:

1. Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, Tampa (Florida)

2. The Westin Tampa Harbour Island, Tampa (Florida)

3. Tahitian Inn, Tampa (Florida)

4. Embassy Suites Tampa, Downtown Convention Center, Tampa (Florida)

4. BECA (Breast Enhancement Centers of America)

With the drastic increase in plastic surgery cases in the past few years, many centers have opened up to provide the service.

BECA centers have become the choice of many international clients for plastic surgery procedures.

The team of surgeons is experienced and internationally renowned and offers several procedures.

The staff at the centers takes care of all the people traveling from out of town. They manage the initial consultation, schedule the surgery, and book the hotels to make the trip easy and efficient.

BECA has partnered with The Four Seasons Hotel & Tower in Miami. The center’s staff makes the travel arrangements from the airport to the resort and back.

The team at BECA prepares for your postoperative travels and visits as well. Along with Miami, BECA centers are present in Beverly Hills, California, and Atlanta, Georgia.

5. Dr. Leonard Tachmes Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Leonard Tachmes has been working as a certified plastic surgeon since 1994 in Miami and Manhattan. Unlike other plastic surgery centers, Dr. Tachmes offers a one-on-one consultation session to the patients.

While serving the needs of the locals, Dr. Leonard offers a fly-in program for clients who live outside the state.

Surgeries start from $4,300, including three three-night hotel stays, and go up to $12,500 with a seven-night stay.

6. Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery

The Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is one of the best centers in Naperville.

The center also offers surgical procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, etc., and non-surgical procedures like botox and hair restoration.

The center is available in the Naperville and Chicago areas, and a patient can contact the center for package reservations.

A patient can consult with the team about the body part they want to alter. Moreover, the center offers packages that include the price of the surgery and a stay in the city before and after the surgery.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, altering your body to get the surgery done can be a challenging task, and a person has to be sure to make such changes.

A patient should consider going for an all-inclusive plastic surgery vacation.

This vacation would help them think it through and recover in a new and better environment with medical assistance nearby.

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