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Yale Medical School – Overview

Yale Medical School is a competitive university. The tuition fee for the year 2022-23 was $67,484. You might find it challenging to get into this prestigious university. However, it’s not impossible. The first thing you need is proper information about how to get into this medical school.

If you’ve been looking for ways to get into this university, you’ve reached the right destination. The Yale Medical School is globally known for its exceptional programs and is considered one of the most prestigious medical schools in the United States.

Let’s examine the different programs offered at this medical school, along with the eligibility and application process, so that you can move forward without any hassle.

Yale Medical Schools Programs You Can Go Forward

Yale Medical School

The programs offered at Yale Medical School

Several programs at Yale Medical School so that you can lead to the path of your desired medical career. The programs offered at this medical school include:

  • MD/Ph.D. program
  • MS/Master of Public Health program
  • Traditional 4-year MD Program
  • MD/Juris Doctorate
  • Physician Assistant (PA) program
  • MS/Master of Health Science program
  • MD/Master of Divinity
  • MD/Master of Business Administration

Besides the programs mentioned above, Yale Medical School also provides several dual-degree programs. These programs include MD/JD, MD/Div, MD/MBA, and MD/MHS. You can apply for such joint programs during or after your 2nd year in medical college. In addition, you could get assistance from the school’s advisors and relevant programs if you want to opt for one of the dual programs.

Cost Of Studying at The Yale Medical School

Studying at Yale School of Medicine involves various costs, but financial aid, including scholarships and need-based aid, is available to eligible students. However, you can get admission through a student loan if you have a financial need. The cost starts right upon your acceptance into this medical school, where you have to pay a non-refundable fee of $1000 to secure your place in the class. The total cost for PA PProgram 2022-23 in the Yales Medical School was $84,137 for 12 months.

However, the costs for different programs may vary based on different circumstances. On average, you can expect to use approximately $85,000-$95,000 for a year’s fee in Yale Medical School. Nonetheless, the fees are subject to change and may be more or less than this amount.

Eligibility For Yale Medical School

You would wonder how you would know if you are eligible for admission into this prestigious medical school. Well, worry not. Following are the basic requirements that you have to meet if you want to get admission here:

Basic Requirements

#1. 3 academic years (or equivalent) of attendance at an accredited institute of technology, university, or college.

#2. Completion of course in:

  1. 2 semesters in General Chemistry
  2. 2 semesters in General Biology or Zoology
  3. 2 semesters in General Physics
  4. 1 semester in Biochemistry (laboratory work recommended)
  5. 1 semester in Organic Chemistry

Further, your pre-medical courses should be completed in a UK, USA, or Canadian university or college. AP courses may count towards pre-medical requirements if accepted by the undergraduate institution and if additional upper-level coursework in the same subject is completed.

GPA And MCAT Scores Required to Get Into Yale Medical School

As per an article by Yale School of Medicine, the average median GPA of students accepted to the school in 2020 was 3.85, with a similar median science GPA of 3.84. As a result, the approximate GPA you must have to enter the school is 3.85 or more.

The median MCAT score for accepted applicants should be verified with the most recent admissions statistics from Yale School of Medicine. Hence, having a similar score may help you increase your chances of getting into Yale Medical School.

Steps To Apply For The Yale Medical School

Following are the steps through which you can apply to enter the medical school:

#1. Take MCAT

This is crucial for applying to Yale Medical School because you must show your MCAT score during your application. However, the MCAT score you share shouldn’t exceed 4 years old when applying.

#2. Send AMCAS Application

The AMCAS application is crucial for any medical school you are applying to. In the application, you must add that you are applying to Yale School of Medicine.

#3. Secondary Application

The secondary application is essential because it will help the admission committee decide on your further selection. You need to submit an online secondary application at Yale after your AMCAS. If your first application is approved, Yale Medicine School will mail you the secondary application invitation. The most probable chance of you receiving the invitation would be within two weeks of submitting the first application.

#4. Submit Letters of Recommendation

If your secondary application is accepted, you must submit a pre-medical committee letter. If you don’t have one, you must submit at least three recommendation letters. The letters will be accepted only if they are from individuals who are in a position to comment on your capabilities and achievements. They may be someone you worked under during your UG or PG courses or in any other professional setting.

#5. Interview

You will receive an invitation to the interview by mail. Ensure that you prepare in advance for the interview so there are no blind spots.


I hope this article helps you prepare to apply to Yale Medical School. It’s a prestigious university, and you may struggle to get in due to the highly competitive environment. Ensure that you apply to multiple medical schools to rule out the odds. Also, I need to be well-prepared for the application process and interview.

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