Where to Donate Medical Equipment? 5 Sources

Where to Donate Medical Equipment

Are you wondering where to donate medical equipment you no longer need? Do you wish to help someone else use your old crutches?

You can’t return medical equipment, and disposing of it away seems wrong and wasteful.

The best solution for this is to donate medical supplies that are not required anymore but are in good working condition. A needy person who cannot afford new medical equipment can benefit from donated medical supplies.

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Numerous organizations today gladly take your old and used medical equipment and give it away to those who need it the most.

These organizations usually look to doctors, hospitals, dentists, and the general public for medical supplies.

We searched for organizations that willingly accept donated medical equipment and distribute it to those who need it most.

You can contact local agencies in your community who will be able to help you give away unused or unneeded equipment to those in need.

Where to Donate Medical Equipment in the US

Here’s a list of non-profit organizations and other sources where you can donate any unused or no-longer-needed medical supplies in the US:

1 – Med-Eq

Med-Eq is a US-based non-profit organization that distributes donated materials to charitable organizations for distribution to the needy.

You can visit their official website and the Individuals and Families Donation Page.

You will only need to enter some basic information, such as your location, the type of donation and whether the supplies can be mailed or need to be picked up.

The charity selected by Med-Eq will contact you directly for further instructions.

Donating to Med-Eq can receive a tax deduction from the charity organization, which is beneficial.

2 – Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E. delivers donated medical equipment to under-resourced hospitals, clinics, and health centers in developing countries.

The C.U.R.E. Kits program allows individuals traveling to developing countries to take pre-packed suitcases of medical supplies intended for hand delivery.

The organization runs distribution centers across the United States, where you can drop off unused or unwanted medical equipment to be shipped abroad.

The organization will provide you with a tax deduction receipt for your donation.

3 – Medshare

Medshare is a US-based humanitarian-aid charitable organization that works to supply surplus medical equipment to medical facilities.

The Medical Mission Team and Worldwide Healing Hands are the two major recipients of donated medical supplies from Medshare.

These two organizations have been working relentlessly to improve the quality of healthcare for women and children in under-developed countries such as Nepal, Chad, Haiti and Uganda.

If you have surplus medical equipment, you can visit the official Medshare website and complete the donation form online.

The organization provides a tax deduction receipt to donors for their donated medical supplies.

4 – Advocates for World Health

Advocates for World Health is a US-based nonprofit organization that collects and distributes medical supplies. This initiative aims to reduce waste and improve healthcare in the country and abroad.

The Advocates for Health organization redistributes essential medical equipment and medication to support impoverished and underfunded communities worldwide.

To complete the online donation form, visit the official website of Advocates for World Health, not the World Health Organization.

5 – Afya Foundation

The Afya Foundation collects surplus medical and humanitarian supplies, focusing on supporting healthcare facilities primarily in African and Caribbean countries.

It sends these essential medical supplies abroad to support existing healthcare programs in the Caribbean and African countries.

The organization also works to deliver supplies to healthcare professionals on humanitarian missions.


These are our top five picks of organizations that take donated medical supplies and redistribute them to benefit the needy in the US and worldwide.

Feel free to visit their official websites for more details and to learn about the donation process.

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