What is HEERF Grant? Purpose and Qualification

What is HEERF Grant What is HEERF Grant

HEERF stands for Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. It is a government grant offered to those who cannot pay their school or college fees.

The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund was established by the Federal Government under Coronavirus Relief Fund and Cares Act.

Everything you need to know about the HEERF Grant is given in this article.

HEERF Grant: What’s the Purpose?

Institutions of higher secondary were the most affected departments during the pandemic period.

The institutions with students, staff, teachers, and parents had to go through the most difficult part of their life due to uncertainty.

The purpose of introducing the HEERF Grant under the Cares Act and other relief funds from the federal government is trying to help those students who need financial support for further studies.

HEERF Grant Eligibility: Who Can Receive The Grant?

HEERF Grant was established by the Federal Government for students to fund their education during the Covid-19 period.

Since the grant has limited funds, there are some criteria for those who want to receive the fund through HEERF Grant.

If the applicant’s application matches the set criteria by the department, then he will be eligible to receive the fund through this grant.

Students with on-campus course enrollment can apply for the grant. The further eligibility criteria are listed below:

  • The student must be the Citizen of the US or the Permanent Resident
  • Students need to match the required academic progress
  • Enrolled in one of the On-campus courses
  • Students must have FAFAS on file at the time of reviewing their application

How Can Students Utilize the Grant Money?

The grant money must be used for the expenses caused by the disruptions of campus operations due to pandemics.

During the lockdown period, many countries have started offering online education. The money received through HEERF can be used to buy electronic equipment and connectivity plans for distance learning.

Students can utilize the money to pay their rent and hostel fees, for purchasing books, medical or dental bills, for purchasing groceries, child care, transportation, and other utilities.

Students must provide detailed information about their expenses with legal bills for rent or for the items they purchase for their educational purpose.

If they are requesting additional funds under the same application, they must list the details about the purposes of requesting the additional funds.

HEERF grant money should not be used for paying healthcare insurance, or for paying car parking tickets, etc.

How do you apply for HEERF Grant?

The HEERF Grant for the year 2022-2023 is open now and students who want to apply for the HEERF Grant can now apply for the same.

The application can be submitted online. The entire procedure on how you can apply for HEERF Grant is given below:

The application procedure and criteria for Domestic Students and International Students are different. Students need to have an active UBIT name and password to enroll in this grant program.

  • First, you have to go to the official UB Scholarship Portal. Select the Opportunities tab from the homepage at the upper right side of the page. You need to search for the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund option from here.
  • Once the program is selected, students need to provide proper answers to questions asked by the system. Follow the on-page instructions displayed on your screen while applying.
  • At last, you will be asked to attach digital copies of all the required documents along with the application.
  • Finally, you have to click the Submit button to submit your application.

Note: You will be asked to complete the general application of the Portal. If you have not submitted the general application, you will be asked to do it before the portal approves it.

Domestic Students with FAFSA on file will be eligible for this application. If they do not have it on their file, their application will be rejected.

How Will Students Get the HEERF Grant Money?

The HEERF Grant fund is offered to eligible or selected candidates in two different phases. More details are listed below:

Phase 1: The HEERF funds are based on the application of the students. Students will be asked to fill in all the details in the application form about the funds they require to deal with their day-to-day life.

If the student fails to specify the required amount in the application form, then the money will be given as per the EFC.

Phase 2: This phase focuses on those who were unable to receive the funds in Phase 1.

A secondary list will be made for students from different categories and then the remaining money will be distributed.

What are the different Payment Options available for Students?

Students whose application for the HEERF grant is approved by the authority can select suitable payment options. The available payment options to receive the funds are listed below:

  • Full Payment to Students without any platform
  • Full Payment to UB Student Account
  • Split the total payment to both the accounts i.e., UB Student Account and directly to Student.

Eligible applicants will be asked to choose the preferred Payment Option while submitting the application or after approval.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I utilize HEERF Grant money for outstanding funds in my UB Student Account?

No, you can’t use the money received from HEERF Grant to repay your outstanding fund. In this case, the money will be given directly to students.

How many Phases are there for students to receive the HEERF grant fund?

There are three Phases i.e. Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 available for students who are eligible for receiving the HEERF grant fund.

From where can I get the official disclosure information about the HEERF grant?

You can find out the official disclosure information about the HEERF grant from the official disclosure page.

Head over to this page to know more about the documents, the funds, and everything about the HEERF grant for students.

The Bottom Line:

The Federal Government offers the HEERF Grant through the Financial Aid Office. The application procedure will be available for eligible students throughout the year.

Suppose you fall under the same category and looking for some financial support for your education purpose. In that case, you should check for the official details first and then follow the application process to submit your application for approval.

If you have any queries regarding this grant, feel free to let us know about it. We will try our best to help you resolve your queries.

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