Dallas Biotech Company Dialectic Therapeutics Receives $14.4 Million Texas Company Product Development Research Award

A Texas-based Clinical stage biology company, Dialectic Therapeutics wins a $14.4 million grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. The company focuses on adopting new technology inventions to treat cancer patients. The Product Development Research award funds this money to this company for better cancer treatments for the citizens.

The grant’s money will be utilized by the Dialectic Therapeutics company to advance the clinical trials. The company has a dedicated clinical testing platform where they conduct tests of their newly invented treatments and more. The company is already developing a new cancer treatment product DT2216.

What is DT2216?

DT2216 is a new product that is being developed by Dialectic Therapeutics for cancer treatments. It is based on advanced Protac technology. This product acts as degradation of BCL-XL Protein. It is less toxic to platelets and has no side effects. It also improves the treatments by reducing the therapy time. Various research programs are being conducted by different institutions on the same kind of product to treat cancer patients with less toxicity.

Dallas Biotech Company Dialectic Therapeutics - What is DT 2216

Dallas Biotech Company Dialectic Therapeutics – What is DT 2216

The same company received a grant from CPRIT in the year 2020. And the newly awarded grant will add up to $3 Million as a Seed Award. The CRPIT focuses on supporting preclinical studies conducted by various research institutes.

The preclinical studies demonstrate how their new DT2216 product work. The product induces the degradation of B-Cell lymphoma extra-large. This induction either stimulates the return of cellular apoptosis or sanitizes the cells to boost the effects of Chemotherapy.

“We are honored to have received this TXCO Award from CPRIT and the state of Texas and are grateful for their continued support of Dialectic. This award will support the further development of our lead candidate, DT2216, including conducting a first-in-human phase 1 dose-escalation study, initiating phase 2 studies, and continued development of our chemistry, manufacturing, and controls” said Dr. David Genecov, Dialectic’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This financial support advances our primary goal of reaching cancer patients faster with a potential first-in-class anticancer agent targeting BCL-XL, the most commonly over-expressed antiapoptotic protein in cancer.”

“We are pleased to support Dialectic Therapeutics in the development of their exciting, novel cancer cell degrader technology,” said Dr. Cindy WalkerPeach, CPRIT’s Chief Product Development Officer, “we’re equally pleased that Dialectic is CPRIT’s first SEED awardee to successfully compete for a CPRIT TXCO award.”

Many research institutes are actively working on improving cancer treatments. However, due to a lack of funds, they can’t accomplish their project. CPRIT is providing different types of grants to such companies and research institutes. Every year they provide financial aid through grants to such companies so that they can accomplish their projects and bring new treatments to cure life-threatening diseases like Cancer.


CPRIT- Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas has awarded $2.9 Billion in grants to Research Institutions and organizations of the Texas state. Research Institutions and Organizations need to give details about their academic research, prevention, and product development research programs.

Dallas Biotech Company Dialectic Therapeutics - About CPRIT

Dallas Biotech Company Dialectic Therapeutics – About CPRIT

The institute has recruited 237 researchers to accomplish their projects. They have relocated 43 companies in Texas and generated over $5.7 Billion through public and private investments. They have provided over 7.4 million cancer prevention services to over 254 countries to date.

The funding is helping the research organizations and institutions with advanced scientific and clinical knowledge. Get more information about CPRIT from their official website.

About Dialectic Therapeutics

Dialectic Therapeutics is a Texas-based biotechnology company. The company focuses on creating and inventing new technologies to treat cancer. Their aim is to reduce the suffering period of patients with cancer.

Dialectic Therapeutics

Dialectic Therapeutics

The company is known for inventing unique services or we can say therapies to cure cancers effectively. Current treatments to cure cancer are full of toxicities and heavy doses of medicines. Dialectic Therapeutics work on a new product to treat cancer patients with fewer toxicities and no complications.

The company is working with other research organizations to strengthen its projects. The company has been awarded by CPRIT recently through Seed Award for Product Development and Research. For more information, visit their official website.


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