Research Grant Supports Sterile Medical Packaging Innovation 

Sterile Medical Packaging Innovation

Product labeling and packaging of medical devices are based on the standard set by the government for all the manufacturers.

Medical devices are fragile and for that reason, they need to ship and deliver with utmost safety.

According to the latest reports, medical device manufacturers and users will not have to reinvest in sterile packaging.

The sterile barrier system needs to be followed by the medical device labeling and packaging companies.

If the company follows this system, then the receiving end doesn’t require repackaging of the same device or product.

Once the device is delivered, the consumers can start their development work immediately.

Before they open the received package, they can recheck the standard of packaging. If there is any issue found, consumers can contact the manufacturer and discuss the same over the phone.

How does this new Standard help the manufacturers?

If we talk about the current scenario, medical equipment, and other products require re-packaging when they move from one department to other.

This new process would boost packaging innovation as it eliminates the need for repetitive packaging tasks. Each manufacturer has to follow the sterile barrier system for their packaging work.

This innovation directly impacts the outcomes of the patients in the medical industry. KIIP Group i.e. Kilmer Innovations in Packaging strictly follows the sterile barrier packaging system for their products. They aim to provide a reliable packaging experience.

The KIIP Group is working hard to achieve its goal. They have named this project Project Wicked Stability.

Interestingly, Project Wicked Stability won a whopping $9,500 financial fund from the Research Grant. AAMI’s Foundation has approved the research grant through their new fund named Kilmer Fund.

What is Kilmer Fund?

Kilmer Fund is a new fund system backed by the AAMI’s Foundation. The Kilmer Fund aims to accelerate innovations in packaging.

They provide direct financial aid to such manufacturers who are adopting new technology for their manufacturing projects.

Kilmer Fund has special funds for the research programs through Advance the Science of Microbiological Quality and Sterility Assurance.

Medical Packaging Innovation

Medical Packaging Innovation

Steve Campbell, the Executive director of AAMI’s Foundation has released a statement. He says, “Project Wicked Stability received unanimous and enthusiastic support from the Kilmer Fund Committee.”

“The submission was exceptional and the intended goals of the project admirable and in line with the mission of the Kilmer Fund.” We’re excited to see the research move forward”, he added further.

The key objective of Project Wicked Stability is to design a predictive sterile model. Their predictive sterile model would be for the sterile barrier materials for construction.

The only struggle that they might face during their testing phase is to collect the data of packaging through the predictive sterile model and merge them to make them open-source data for all MDMs.

It would be a game-changing step for the entire medical device packaging development.

The model could reduce the use of packaging materials and their resources. The same would speed up the delivery of medical equipment and devices.

Project Wicked Stability confirms that its model is being accepted by packaging manufacturers gradually.

The same would provide a new market to promote their products globally. They can deliver their medical devices on time with fewer resources for the packaging.

This ultimately boosts the manufacturing department which gives great ROI.

What is the Kilmer Fund

What is the Kilmer Fund

AAMI Foundation knows about the funds that they provide to organizations for their research programs.

They believe that the allotted funds are not used properly for the research program.

However, KIIP Group ensures that they will use the received dollars to pay for the costs associated with the predictive sterile model for packaging the medical devices. It also includes the testing phase.

Rod Patch, senior director at Wicked Stability says “We have some science behind a model related to our topic of stability.

To confirm that model is true and accurate, we would have to do some confirmation studies.

Those will take funding and [have] some costs associated with samples, testing, evaluation, results, and reporting.” This explanation ensures the better utilization of the search grant.

About Project Wicked Stability

Project Wicked Stability is the latest project of the Kilmer Innovations in Packaging i.e. KIIP Group.

They have set a broader goal for the innovative sterile packaging for medical equipment and medical devices.

They aim to improve the outcomes for patients and design innovative and sustainable packaging that requires no repetitive packaging tasks.

Members of Project Wicked Stability

  • Team leader Rod Patch, senior director, package engineering and product labeling, Johnson & Johnson, Vision
  • Jordan Montgomery, distinguished packaging engineer, Medtronic
  • Wendy Mach, senior manager, technical consulting, Nelson Laboratories
  • Jennifer Benolken, CPPL, MDM and regulatory specialist, DuPont
  • Henk Blom, Ph.D., VP of research and technology, PAXXUS
  • Dan Burgess, fellow, packaging engineer, Boston Scientific
  • Chris Sarantos, VP, product development, SmartStart Medical

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