6 Florida Small Business Grants

6 Small Business Grants in Florida

Business funding opportunities provide financial assistance to grow your business. Running a small business is difficult, requiring financial backup to streamline things.

Suppose you run a small business in Florida and are searching for a resource to get financial assistance. In that case, we have compiled a list of all the available resources that offer financial support to small businesses.

The list contains free federal grants and financial solutions through private entities.

Small Business Grants Florida

How to Find Out Government Grants for Small Businesses

Several resources are available on the web from which you can easily get the right resources to fund your business.

Various government agencies offer free or low-cost counseling and advisory services to small businesses, including online resources and assistance. The grants.gov portal can help you find a suitable government grant for your business.

What is Grants.gov

Grants.gov is a centralized location where organizations can find and apply for federal funding opportunities. This platform gives you the best information about the grants open for you and from which you can seek financial help.

This website focuses on all types of grants and the required information. You can check out the list of grants, learn about the application process, and follow the instructions to apply.

The best thing about this website is it lets you filter out your searches. You can explore the grants, state-wise or as per your needs, right, by using the given filters.

The site carries a huge database with thousands of resources.

Let’s find some more resources for free grants or loans at low or no interest rates.

6 Types of Small Business Grants in Florida

1. Enterprise Florida Grants

Every state has an economic development sector. Enterprise Florida is the economic development center that manages the state’s economy.

Since small businesses are the backbone of the economy, the Enterprise Florida Grants are designed to facilitate access to funding opportunities for small businesses that need financial aid.

The State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) primarily funds states to support small businesses through loan programs.

State Small Business Credit Initiative lists all the grants open for small businesses in Florida. This portal updates regularly with new opportunities for all types of enterprises across the state.

2. Florida High Tech Corridor Grants

The Florida High Tech Corridor Grants are designed for startups or small enterprises seeking investors in high-tech infrastructure.

These grants are designed for development and research projects by small enterprises.

If your enterprise is related to research and development, then you should visit this portal for more information about their available grants.

The information about the application process, required documents, etc., is also given there.

3. Small Business Administration (SBA) Grants

The Small Business Administration (SBA) primarily offers small business loans, counseling, and contracting assistance, with limited direct grant programs.

The state-wise government grants are also available for Florida’s small enterprises.

This dedicated platform is designed for small enterprises that can receive financial aid through government and federal grants.

Visit their official portal for more information about the free federal grants for your business in Florida.

4. Rural Business Development Grants

The Rural Business Development Grants are open for those who want to run a business in rural areas in Florida.

The official USDA portal will provide all the required information about starting a business in a rural area of Florida and applying for financial aid.

These grants are for small enterprises in Florida with less than 50 employees.

Applicants with an annual gross revenue of not more than $1 million will be eligible to apply for the grant through their official portal. The portal provides the required documents, the application process, and everything else.

5. Business Contests

The FedEx Small Business Grants come in contests that mean small enterprises that want to avail themselves of funds for their businesses must take part in the contest.

Small enterprises in Florida can also apply for the FedEx Small Business Grant from their official portal.

The competition or the contest is all about how an enterprise explains its plans and what creative ideas they have for its business!

The selected applicants will be called up to receive the grant. The amount of the grants may vary as it is not decided.

FedEx reserves this money to boost the small enterprises and the state’s economy.

The FedEx Small Business Grants come every year for small businesses only! In the previous years, around 12 businesses received $250,000 in grants through these contests.

6. Florida Small Business Grants

The Florida Small Business Grants portal updates regularly with new grants and other financing opportunities for small enterprises.

This portal lists all the open grants for small enterprises with their official links.

Some government funding sources are listed along with free federal grants as the grants offered by private organizations.

Small enterprises can avail of financial support through low-interest or no-interest loans.

The Bottom Line

Small enterprises need financial assistance at crucial times and these resources always help them by providing the required funds.

The applicants must follow proper procedures along with the legal documents as per their criteria to become eligible candidates.

Explore the given resources and find a suitable platform for your business now!

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