6 Places to Apply for Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Are you looking to contribute to progress in medical and clinical science? Then, you can simply contact one of the numerous leading clinical trial patient recruitment companies.

These companies use different media to discover the best-suited patients for specific clinical trials.

According to the specific requirements of individual studies, the company helps find patients for numerous types of clinical trials in the US.

Companies for Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment

To help you make the right choice, we have listed the leading companies offering patient recruitment for US clinical trials.

1 – AutoCruitment

AutoCruitment is a digital recruitment platform for patients who wish to participate in clinical trials. The platform targets specific patient populations through digital advertising on over 1,500 channels.

AutoCruitment is a platform that helps find, recruit, verify and refer patients for clinical research studies.

AutoCruitment is responsible for helping researchers find suitable patients for clinical trials and medical device trials in all phases.

The agency’s unique patient recruitment method can accelerate recruitment processes, potentially reducing enrollment timelines by up to 5 months.

In addition, the agency offers several different benefits, including a 3-day startup time and risk-based pricing.

For additional details and information, feel free to visit AutoCruitment’s official website at https://www.autocruitment.com/about/.

2 – Clariness

Clariness is yet another patient recruitment agency for clinical trials. The company has been operating for over 15 years. It has excellent experience in patient engagement and recruitment.

Clariness offers a global patient portal for clinical trials called ‘ClinLife’, which is visited by millions of users annually.

Clariness offers services in the US and in more than 50 countries worldwide. These include Great Britain, Colombia, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, etc. among others.

For more details and information on clinical trial patient recruitment at Clariness, you can visit their official website at https://clariness.com/about-us/.

3 – BBK Worldwide

BBK Worldwide, with over 35 years of experience, offers a comprehensive suite of patient recruitment solutions for clinical trials.

BBK Worldwide focuses on engaging and educating patients, thus alleviating the administrative burden on trial sites and providing full support to trial sponsors.

The company also offers a unique Patient Experience Management System called the “TrailCentralNet” or TNC.

This system helps sponsors manage, enroll and engage patients throughout the trial duration. It is also helpful to enhance the patient’s experience of the clinical trial.

For additional information and queries, browse the company’s official website at https://www.bbkworldwide.com/.

4 – Antidote

Antidote, a patient recruitment platform, collaborates with over 300 health-based non-profits and advocacy groups to connect patients with clinical trials.

The organization aims to connect patients with suitable clinical trials.

Several leading services make Antidote an excellent choice to join a clinical trial.

These include targeted outreach using its vast network of patient advocacy groups and partners, clinical trial site support, and lab-verified referrals.

For more information and details about joining Antidote, feel free to visit their official website at https://www.antidote.me/about.

5 – Worldwide Clinical Trials

Worldwide Clinical Trials is a well-regarded patient recruitment agency for clinical trials.

The company has been operating for over 30 years and has managed clinical trials in over 60 countries worldwide.

The company focuses mainly on improving patient experience in clinical trials.

Clinical recruitment is just one of the more prominent services Worldwide Clinical Trials offers.

The company provides services for managing both early and late-stage clinical research.

These include deriving pharmaco-economic modeling and protein bonding for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the globe.

6 – ClinicalConnection

ClinicalConnection offers the PatientEdge Study Participant Database, which notifies enrolled members about relevant upcoming clinical trials.

The database is completely free to use and contains information on more than 750,000 patients who have enrolled in the program.

The company has been operational for over 12 years. It has become one of the leading and reliable sources of information for patient recruitment in clinical trials.

ClinicalConnection offers a vast range of services.

These include search features for patients, omnichannel digital media advertising of premium listings for sponsors, and assistance with web development for landing page optimization.

The company offers patient recruitment for clinical trials in the US and abroad.


These are only the top 6 sources for patient recruitment in clinical trials in the US. It is highly advisable to consult with your physician or doctor to ensure you are fit enough to participate in any clinical trial.

For detailed information on eligibility criteria and the recruitment process, visit the company or agency’s official website.

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