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Palms Medical Group – Overview

Palms Medical Group is a nonprofit healthcare service provider. It is focused on offering high-quality, affordable primary and preventive healthcare services. The group offers a comprehensive range of evidence-based healthcare services for adults and children alike.

Palms Medical Group operates numerous healthcare centers across North Florida and offers same-day appointments, flexible hours and bilingual staff to ensure optimal and comfortable healthcare services for all patients.

Besides primary care, Palms Medical Group also offers other healthcare services, including pediatric, geriatric, behavioral health, dental services, and complementary alternative medicine, such as chiropractic care.

Palms Medical Group healthcare facilities are equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, including labs, radiology division and pharmacies under one roof, to ensure efficient and prompt care for patients.

Palms Medical Group is a federally recognized community health center and accepts most public and private insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid patients. Additionally, Palms Medical Group-operated healthcare providers also accept uninsured patients for treatment.

The group offers financial assistance to uninsured patients on a sliding scale based on their income. At Palms Medical Group, everyone is eagerly accepted and cared for, irrespective of their financial, health and insurance status.

Palms Medical Group is focused on providing patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) to serve patients even better. It is dedicated to top-quality healthcare services and has an extensive team of highly qualified and extensively experienced physicians, doctors, nurses, surgeons, specialists, and support staff. All these combine to care for every patient’s needs with efficiency.

Palms Medical Group Wellness Services

Palms Medical Group offers several wellness services along with medical services. Some of the most prominent patient-empowering initiatives at Palms Medical Group include:

1. Eating Right

This is an initiative by the United States Department of Agriculture. It is an online dietary and physical activity assessment tool that gathers information on the quality of a person’s diet, their physical status, related nutrition instructions and links to nutrient and physical activity resources.

2. Quit Smoking

The Palms Medical Group also offers several programs for de-addiction that help a person to quit smoking successfully. The Suwannee Area Health Educator Center Quit Smoking Now program, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Smoking and Tobacco Use program and the American Lunch Association’s Quite Smoking program are offered at Palms Medical Group healthcare centers.

3. Diabetes Education

The Palms Medical Group collaborates to offer the National Diabetes Education Program, which guides patients suffering from diabetes on how to lead a normal, active and healthy life despite their condition.

Palms Medical Group Services

Apart from wellness programs, the Palms Medical Group also offers an extensive range of top-quality healthcare services, which include:

Palms Medical Group

Palms Medical Group Services

1. Family Medicine

The Palms Medical Group’s Family Medicine division offers comprehensive and affordable primary care to adults and children, even those without insurance. The Family Medicine and Internal Medicine departments are dedicated to adult healthcare.

They offer a wide range of diagnostic, treatment, and preventive services, including health screenings, adult immunization, chronic disease management, nutrition counseling, sexually transmitted disease (STD) diagnosis and treatment, vision and hearing evaluation, and care for acute illness on a round-the-clock basis.

2. Pediatrics

The Pediatric division at the Palms Medical Group healthcare centers provides exceptional care for children and handles diagnosis and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. This division offers a plethora of pediatric services, including free mandatory immunization, childhood immunization, hearing and vision testing, ADD/ADHD evaluations along with well-baby exams.

3. Dentistry

The Dentistry division at the Palms Medical Group centers provides complete dental care services. Here, children over 3 years and adults receive exceptional dental health services from board-certified dentists and extensively experienced orthodontists. Here, patients receive a wide variety of dental services, including sealants, limited oral exams, periodic oral exams, comprehensive oral exams, dental cleaning, fillings and tooth extraction.

4. Behavioral Healthcare

The Behavioral Healthcare division at Palms Medical Group operates the renowned Behavioral Healthcare Program. The division has on-board two full-time and two part-time LCSWs (licensed clinical social workers) to offer counseling services to adults and children. The full-time LCSWs at Palms Medical Group are completely focused on identified counseling, assessment, and screening needs of PMG patients.

The part-time LCSWs at Palms Medical Group Behavioral Healthcare Program work in collaboration with the Graduate Medical Education Program (GME) using the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) facilities. Additionally, the group collaborates with Meridian Behavioral Healthcare to offer adults the best counseling and psychiatric care.

5. Prenatal Care

The Palms Medical Group’s Prenatal Care division is focused on offering the most effective maternity care in the community. It partners with midwives who deliver at UF Health Shands Hospital, using individualized care during pregnancy and for pregnancy-related complications.

6. Pharmacy

The Pharmacy division at Palms Medical Group offers services for new, refill and transfer prescriptions, along with commonly used over-the-counter medications. The division is conveniently located in most Palms Medical Group healthcare facilities, with skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on board to ensure proper drug selection, dosage, and education on the proper usage of medications.

This pharmacy service is available to all patients who the Palms Medical Group healthcare facilities in the state are treating. Here, patients receive exceptional discounts and special programs through the 340b drug program, which is exclusively for Palms Medical Group’s patients.

7. X-Ray Lab

The X-Ray Laboratory service at Palms Medical Group is in-house and effectively helps save time and resources for the patient and hospital. All x-rays are sent for evaluation to certified and skilled radiologists for proper diagnosis.

Besides this, the Palms Medical Group also participates in training medical residents. Here, residents who have graduated from medical school learn invaluable lessons in care and compassion through extensive training and experience-centered programs in internal medicine and family practice.


The Palms Medical Group is the leading integrated healthcare system in Northern Florida. It offers a wide array of healthcare and wellness services, including pediatrics, family medicine, prenatal care, dentistry, and behavioral healthcare, along with x-ray labs and chiropractic services that ensure exceptional quality healthcare for all.


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